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Big Picture of Manifestation and the 12 Spiritual Laws

Hello hello my beautiful friends!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog, Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

The inspiration for today’s post came from some of you saying that you are overwhelmed with the idea of remembering all of the universal laws, how they all work together, and how to utilize them to your benefit. So, I’m going to give a high-level overview to hopefully tie it all in for you. And, at the end, I'm going to address some big picture manifestation philosophy also.

Ok, let’s jump into a quick overview of each and remember, each of these laws expand upon one another. Instead of thinking about these in a linear fashion, think of these laws as different points within a spiderweb. They’re all interconnected and pulling for one another to create the entire network.

Law of Divine Oneness

Encourages us to focus on our interconnectedness with creation; Every thought, action, and event is connected. We are one with source and our individual selves as well as our collective consciousness is what creates the experiences that shape our world. In other words, the same divinity in me is also in you—no matter your religious or non-religious beliefs. And, we are all connected.

Implementing: When you send love and compassion to others, you are also sending it to yourself (and the same can be said with hate), so quite literally, treat others as you want to be treated and you can manifest the kinds of relationships you want.

Law of Vibration

States that everything has a vibrational frequency because everything is constantly in motion—and every object, thought, emotion, opportunity, friend, boss, everything and everyone in our lives is attracted to us based on our own frequency or cellular motion.

Implementing: Become mindful of the frequencies you tend to operate at and attract so you can alter your habits accordingly.

Law of Action

Also known as the Law of Inspired Action, this states that you cannot manifest the things you want without doing something, or better said, without putting your thoughts to action. Manifestation requires taking steps toward success. And not just a plan of action, but inspired action—the things you know in your heart you’re supposed to be doing.

Implementing: Ask yourself what you’ve always wanted to do, felt compelled to do, but you’ve put it off because you’re afraid? A daily question you can ask yourself is, “does this action, decision, or indecision serve my highest self? Does it bring me closer to or further from fulfillment”? Practice this enough and you will get to a point where you can according to the will of the Universe without second guessing. This is the power of being in flow.

Law of Correspondence

Focuses on our internal environment; We manifest what we feel. We create our reality from within. Patterns in our lives are likely reflection an internal belief.

Implementing: When you find yourself in similar bad situations, ask yourself what the pattern is trying to teach you about yourself, or what you can heal within yourself to avoid this in the future. This law encourages you to uncover limiting beliefs.

Law of Cause and Effect

States what goes around comes around. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you want to manifest a better life, you have to create a catalyst for change.

Implementing: Become mindful of the kinds of actions and reactions you’re putting out into the world, because you will receive the same back.

Law of Compensation

States that you will be compensated for everything that you do. All the effort you give, the actions you take, the things you say, how you feel, all of this will determine how you’re being compensated. What you give, you get in return.

Implementing: Determine what rewards you want to manifest for yourself and then go out into the world and find ways to give a similar reward to others. The difference between compensation and cause and effect is that compensation is the giving of change and cause and effect is the result of the change.

Law of Attraction

Focuses on our ability to attract things to ourselves that align with who we are, or our vibration; We can become a vibrational match for the things we want to bring closer to us.

Implementing: Focus on how you can raise your vibration by monitoring and changing any negative inner dialogues or thoughts, meditating often, and by focusing more on bringing more things into your life that feel good and refreshing. The difference between the law of vibration and the law of attraction is that vibration just is and requires mindfulness, law of attraction is how to shift that vibration.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation

States that energy is constantly moving and transferring. This transfer of energy allows us to transform excitement into ideas, love into creativity, anger into physical exertion; Using this law, we can transform the constant states of energy within us to work for us. This is also the cycle of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Implementing: Harness positive emotions while you’re experiencing them and transfer that vibration to art, a painful memory, or anything else that can use a boost of positive energy. And, distance yourself from those who bring your energy down.

Law of Relativity

States that everything in life is neutral—there is no right and wrong. With this perspective in mind, we know everyone will experience challenges in life as a way to encourage growth and transformations—as a way to level up. This isn’t good or bad.

Implementing: Learn to appreciate the obstacles in our way and view them with more love and compassion; allowing us to raise our awareness and vibration. In other words, stress less and appreciate the ride, because it doesn’t say anything about you as a person.

Law of Rhythm

States that everything is cyclical and change is always around the corner. This rhythmic law represents the effortless flow of things, the cyclical nature of life around us.

Implementing: We can learn to appreciate ALL phases of life, even the ones that are here to force us to grow; allowing us to raise our mindfulness and vibration. In outworks, let go and let Source. Go with the flow.

Law of Polarity

States that polar opposites of the same always exist, but the difference is in the expression of one over the other. This law represents the potential for another reality to come to fruition, no matter where you are.

Implementing: We can learn to appreciate the good AND the bad because they're one in the same. When we focus on the opposite of our situation, we can gain perspective and lessons that will help us gain clarity.

Law of Gender

States that each one of us has both masculine and feminine energies within us, and our goal in life is to strike balance between the two. This law represents the ability in each of us to pull from both knowledge and knowing. The person who masters both their masculinity and femininity will align themselves with the things they want to manifest.

Implementing: Note where you’re leaning too heavily into one energy or another, and find ways to creatively bring in the opposite energy.

There you have it! All 12 laws....

Big Picture Manifestation Rules

The next thing I want to talk about is just big picture Manifestation because this also ties in with the idea of desiring to know all of the laws.

When you can understand this, and you really embrace this idea, you will start to find things clicking into place so much easier. Here it is: experiment. Use your best judgement, your intuition.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media and people are saying things like: if you want to manifest you can’t drink alcohol, you can’t eat meat, you have to cut out every single person in your life that’s toxic, you have to be an entrepreneur, you have to… [Fill in the blank]. I don’t agree with ultimatums or blanket statements.

If you feel like you can manifest the things you want and still drink a bottle of wine at night, order Chinese food, and binge season two of Bridgerton…(aka, me) then more power to you! If you believe what you're doing works, then you are right.…that’s it. What you believe, is true for you.

Experiment with different manifestation techniques, ideas, mindsets, and find what works well for you. This whole blog is based on what has worked well for me or others that I have met. All of these ideas are just for you to try on and see how they fit with you.

I love that visualization really helps me step in to the confidence I need for the future I desire, but I know there are plenty out there who don’t like visualization. It doesn’t work as well for them. They have other things and techniques that they’ll use. And that’s OK.

With manifestation, there is no right answer. Anyone who ever tries to tell you that they have the only way to manifest the things you want, or the best way, or the only book you’ll ever need for Manifestation… They’re full of shit!

Manifestation encourages creativity, exploration, experimentation. So, don’t worry about knowing all the laws, don’t worry about trying a new technique that’s really trendy, don’t worry about forgetting to journal, meditate, show gratitude… manifestation does not operate in the black and white world of right versus wrong. Manifestation is the culmination of who you are becoming, the mindset you’re forming, the identity you are embracing.

As long as whatever you are doing feels good and right to you, and it feels in alignment, then you are on the right path. That's Kathrin Zenkina’s mantra, “You are always on the right path” and that is so, so true. Another quote I love is Gabby Bernstein’s, “The Universe always has your back”, also true. Your journey is your own, and whatever you find works for you, is your truth.

Don’t worry about not doing all the things, all the time.

Can you do one thing? Can you try on one thing that might make you happy?

This journey is about finding the things that work well for you, implementing them, finding the things that you can do consistently to help you get to where you want to be, and then maintaining that.

We’re all in this journey together, we’re all rolling rowing in the same direction. You are your own master manifester. And, you get to get creative and customize your life experience. I hope that gives you a sense of agency over your own manifestation journey. There’s no such thing as doing it wrong, there’s no such thing as a fucking it up, as long as your intention is right.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles!

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