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Law of Vibration | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello, everyone,

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog! Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

Today we are diving into the second of the 12 spiritual laws (or guidelines) of the Universe— the Law of Vibration.

If this is your first post of the series, welcome! If you're interested in the remaining guidelines, the rest are linked at the bottom of this post. You can also tune into these conversations via my podcast.

Ok, let’s get into it.

What is the Law of Vibration?

The Law of Vibration law states that we can attract anything we want by resonating at the same vibrational frequency of our desires.

Everything has a vibrational frequency (measured in Hz)—every object, thought, emotion, job, house, friend, movie, restaurant, EVERYTHING has a vibration that it emits and receives. But, what is vibrational frequency?

When I refer to vibrational frequency, I'm talking about the rate at which our atoms (electrons, protons, and neutrons) are oscillating within our cells. Atoms are the building blocks for all matter; therefore, they create our physical reality.

Everything and everyone is made up of cells. The frequency of something tells you how fast or slow a vibrational pattern is. If something vibrates quickly, we would say it has a higher vibration, higher energy, or a higher frequency. If it oscillates more slowly, we would call that a lower vibration, lower energy, or a lower frequency.

Our bodies, like all matter, are made up of 99.999999% of empty space. If we condensed every person’s body so that we didn’t have any space between our molecules, our bodies would be the size of a piece of dust. If we did this to the entire species, we would fit into the volume of a sugar cube (reference link below).

Since we're mostly space, we've only REALLY studied less than 1% of our bodies (the physical part). But we are more space than matter, so how is this other 99.999999% impacting us? How are we interacting and impacting with one another?

The Law of Vibration is important to manifestation because we are more space than matter and this law operates in the world of space. Therefore, focusing on the energetic part of ourselves is so much more efficient for creating change than working to change matter around and within us.

Change the vibration of our cells, change your reality.

Let's talk about how to change this vibration. But first, a little about our intuition...

The Law of Vibration and Our Intuition

Have you ever noticed that certain people make you feel light and expansive so that you can spend hours with them and still feel recharged; while other people make you feel heavier, more constricted, and drained? This is your body tapping into your intuitive capability to pick up on other people's emotional states. At one point, this tool was really useful for survival when we needed to gauge the danger of a situation, but many of us have lost sight of this gift.

The Law of Vibration asks us to reconnect with this gift, this ability to pick up on energetic qualities because it is closely tied to our intuition and is responsible for those “gut feelings”.

Quantum physicists are currently studying entanglement of atoms, which happens when atoms share information across large distances over space and time. This entanglement could explain why we intuitively know certain things about one another. Either way, learn to trust it and lean in.

To practice, start paying attention to the prickling sensations you get with some people, the feeling in your stomach before saying "yes", the nudge to take a different route to work, these are all examples of the Law of Vibration connecting with you on an atomic level before logic kicks in.

We all have free will, but if you choose to lean into these intuitive nudges, your life can unfold in a very different way. Choose to notice, and you will become more aware of what is right for you. More often than not, these nudges lead me closer to the things I want...

Living life disconnected from our intuition is like wearing a blindfold with headphones in, playing music so loud that we can't hear anything else. Meanwhile, the Universe is banging on our window... trying to get our attention, so it can point us to the door that will take us to our desires... Instead, we turn up the music and use our hands to feel along the walls... hoping we find the right door as we go!

Take the blindfold and the headphones off, and listen.

How to Use the Law of Vibration to Manifest

To use this law to manifest what you want, we need to master our emotions and tune into our intuition. In other words, we need to embody the feeling that we already have what we want and we intuitively follow the nudges that will get us there. What you feel, you attract. That is what makes the Law of Vibration so important.

However, we can't embody high-level feelings if we're resonating with low-level emotions. So, let's talk about emotions, their vibrational frequency, and emotional regulation.

Emotions are the chemical residue of an experience, and they carry their own frequencies by changing our blood chemistry (hormones), body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure.

When this physical change occurs, emotions (energy in motion) also change your energetic state of being due to the mind - body - soul connection.

To use our emotions as a tool to manifest the things we want, we need to get our mind and body into alignment with positive emotions by getting our bodies to a higher frequency (emitting more energy at an atomic level).

To get our bodies to emit more energy (to attract a higher frequency), we need to address the backpack of sh*t you carry with you.

Imagine that you're hiking up a mountain (life) with an empty backpack (high energy). Each anxious or scarce thought you experience is a rock (low energy). When you do not have the tools to break the rock up in the moment, you simply throw it in your backpack "for later". How easy would it be to hike up the mountain (life) with all of these rocks (low energy)?

This is what it's like trying to manifest the things you want, using the Law of Vibration, without working on letting go of the emotions (energy) that are holding you back. To get to the top of the mountain without resistance, we need to dump out our backpacks.

If you're struggling to "feel the feelings" before you're there, you will need to explore inner work. If you're like me, you may have already heard this a thousand times. Consider this another nudge from the Universe ;) You can't out manifest a weighed-down mindset.

Doing the inner work requires experimentation because every body is different and we all have our own unique traumas. We can experiment with things like nervous system regulation, shadow work, energy work, limiting belief transformation, ancestral trauma release, past live regressions, etc. to see what might be in your way.

You can think all day long, but to manifest what you want, you need to embody the experiences you want, before you have them. Feel first, received second. You will manifest what you’re a vibrational match for.

If there is an area of your life that you're looking to create change in, take note of the people, places, and things that you interact with daily. More than likely, they're a reflection of your own expectations.

According to the Law of Vibration, you truly are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with....!

Summary of the Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration teaches us that we all have a vibrational frequency that's attracting the reality we experience. To change our reality, we need to up-level to a more positive frequency.

Using tools to become healed beings allows us to tap into our intuition more clearly and embody the vibrational frequencies of the things that we want to attract.

Thank y’all so much for hanging out with me today! Have a fantastic rest of your day, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.

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Really happy that I found this thread, really put a difference in my mindset

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Bre Brown
Jan 24, 2023
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I’m so glad you found this also!

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