Law of Vibration | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello everyone! Today we are discussing the 2nd of the 12 laws of the Universe… the Law of Vibration. There will be a little bit of overlap between these 12 laws, or as I like to call them, guidelines, so you may notice some similarities between them as we progress! Ok, let’s get into it.

What is the Law of Vibration?

The Law of Vibration law states that everything has a vibrational frequency—Every object, thought, emotion, job, house, friend, movie, restaurant, EVERYTHING has a vibration that it emits and receives. But what does “vibrational frequency” actually mean? You can get really spiritual here and say it is a spiritual attraction, but like I said in the last episode, I’m going to keep these explanations more grounded.

Vibrational frequency is the rate at which vibrations and oscillations occur within something. The frequency, measured in hertz, tells you how fast or slow a pattern of vibration is. If something vibrates quickly, we would say it has a higher vibration, or a high frequency. If it oscillates more slowly, we would call that a lower vibration, or a low frequency.

What is Vibrational Frequency?

When most people talk about another’s vibration, it’s usually meant to refer to a person’s “being”. How they’re coming across, the feeling you get from them, or their spiritual signature. All this is fine and I’ve come to believe in a lot of this, but for the purpose of today, the vibrational frequency I’m referring to happens at a cellular level—it’s contingent upon the oscillations of your atoms. Or, quite literally, a person’s energy—their protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Our bodies are made up of 99.999999% of empty space. In fact, all matter is mostly made up of space; and the mass we do have, is energy. If we condensed every person’s body so that we didn’t have any space between our molecules—our bodies would be the size of a piece of dust. If we did this to the entire species, we would fit into the volume of a sugar cube (reference link below). We intentionally have all of this space within our bodies. This space allows for atoms to oscillate, electrons to pop in and out, waves to function, and this is where the quantum world takes place—in the space between mass. The majority of our body is made up of quantum particles that we don't fully understand yet. To date, we've only REALLY studied less than 1% of our bodies because we've only focused on the physical part, the part that IS. Because we’re physical beings, we can understand mass, matter, atoms quite well because these things operate in a way similar to how we experience our physical reality; however, it is hard for us to understand the empty space that creates the majority of our body because space isn't tangible; We can't see or hear it, we can only feel it intuitively.

Quantum Physics and Manifestation

The way the quantum world functions is still largely unknown to us. It's still a new field of study. In the quantum world, if you throw a ball at a wall it might reappear from behind you and hit you in the back of the head. These electrons can be everywhere and nowhere all at once and they only become a 100% probability in space when there is an observer. And, we still don't know why this is the case. The wave-particle duality has been used to explain manifestation, but the truth is that manifestation experts don’t really know how it works. The scientists don't even know how it works! However, many manifestation gurus believe that the answers to how these laws work can be found in quantum physics.

My opinion is that manifestation is a type science we haven’t found a formula for, so I tend to agree with this latter group who believes quantum physics will eventually explain manifestation. Time will tell! Or, we may NEVER find the answers. Manifestation may always require at least an ounce of faith, and perhaps that's why it works. Maybe there is some infinite source out there waiting to be connected with us through spirit and co-create with us.

The Law of Vibration operates in the world of space, or more exactly, within the oscillations in space that we experience at an atomic level. Fun fact, in the field of science this is called the study of cell seismology.

The Law of Vibration and Our Intuition

The Law of Vibration is also closely tied to our intuition and is responsible for those “gut feelings” like the prickling sensation you get when you stand next to someone who is “off”, the feeling in your chest when you know something is wrong before it happens, choosing to take a different route to work and missing a huge crash, these are all examples of the Law of Vibration connecting with you on an atomic level before anyone’s words or actions do. So what sends this message before our physical reality does? The answer likely lies within our space. Quantum physicists are currently studying entanglement of atoms, which happens when atoms share information across large distances. This could explain why you might intuitively know something before it happens to a loved one or before a huge disaster—your atoms could be communicating.

Have you ever walked into a room after a huge argument and feel the heaviness, the sharp quality of the room, without seeing anyone’s faces or hearing any voices? This is the Law of Vibration at work. You can vibrationally detect where things are without physical cues. This understanding is also responsible for the people you’re attracted to. If you've ever met someone you just didn’t like but couldn’t quite figure out why, the Law of Vibration may have been at play. You may not have been a match for their vibration, aka their cellular, state.

On the positive side, this law can also be felt anytime you walk on a beach or go hiking and feel peaceful, loved, and calm. The vibrations of the atoms in the environment around us significantly impact what we feel. Energetically, nature is very strong and has a positive impact on our bodies. So if you take nothing else away today, remember this: find time to be outside.

Vibrational Frequency of Emotions

Let’s take a minute to talk about emotional vibrations. I hear people asking about emotions and frequencies a lot. To be clear, there hasn’t been any science that an emotion in and of itself has a vibrational frequency, however, how we experience an emotion changes our blood chemistry, temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. All of these physical changes can be measured and have an impact on the vibration of our cells, the energy within our atoms—this causes a change in what we call frequency.

When we talk about using our emotions as a tool to manifest the things we want, we’re talking about getting into alignment with the higher frequency of positive emotions, or getting your body to emit more energy at an atomic level. In other words, how can we get your body to the physical state of that emotion? To experience the heart rate change that can be measured? The blood pressure change? Your mood? This physical state change is why manifestation isn’t as easy as thinking of something and getting it. You can think all day long, but few people can embody the same physical emotion they would experience if they actually had their desires, before they get them. You have to feel the emotion first, and receive second. You will manifest what you’re a vibrational match for. If you’re operating on a lower frequency, you will continue to bring that into your life unless you change your emotional and physical state.

And because this law indicates that we attract people and things that have similar vibrations, this law has inspired many well-known phrases like misery loves company, cut from the same cloth, and two peas in a pod. So, be careful who and what you spend majority of your time with! This law is the reason why you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Summary of the Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration teaches us that we all have a vibrational frequency at an atomic level, and we can change our vibration to match the more positive frequencies of things and people around us. When we learn to do this, we’re better able to regulate our emotions, exit fight or flight mode, and relinquish things like perfectionism. We can embody the vibrational frequencies of the things that we want to attract more of.

Thank y’all so much for hanging out with me today! Have a fantastic rest of your day, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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