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Law of Action | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello my beautiful friends,

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

Today we’re continuing our discussion of the 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation, or as I like to call them… the guidelines for manifestation. If you’re just now tuning into this blog series I recommend going back and reading the previous two posts, the Law of Divine Oneness and the Law of Vibration first. Before we jump into the 3rd law of this series, let’s cover some ground work….

Are the 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation Backed By Science?

No, not yet. As I’ve said in previous posts, these manifestation “laws” are NOT the same as the mathematically proven laws yet, so they do require a bit of trust and faith. I'm not going to try and tell you that these laws and gravity are on the same playing field because the formulas behind these laws, assuming they exist, haven't been found yet. Perhaps in time I’ll be able to update this section with a definitive “yes”!

But for now, let’s accept a little faith is involved and jump in to the third of the twelve laws: The Law of Action.

The Law of Action

The Law of Action is probably the least talked about of the twelve spiritual guidelines, but it is by far my favorite because it really resonates with my inner (logical) Virgo.

The Law of Action requires that you DO SOMETHING to manifest the things you want. Yes, it’s that literal! This law states that you cannot manifest the things you want without TAKING ACTION, or better said, without putting your thoughts to action.

Manifestation requires taking steps, or actions, toward success. Manifestation is not magic—though it can feel that way. ;)

Many people who learn of manifestation, especially via 'The Secret' or 'What the Bleep Do We Know?", believe that the Universe will allow you to manifest the things you want by simply thinking and wishing for them. If it truly were that easy, way more people would be singing the praises of manifestation! Instead, a lot of people make a few wishes, sit around, and then throw their hands up in frustration when nothing changes (um... duh?)!

Manifestation requires action and sometimes the action required might be the thing you're avoiding, putting off, or too afraid to try.

The Law of Action requires us to let go of our comfort within the status quo and embrace the vulnerability of trying while risking failure.

To manifest the things you really want, you have to take a step forward to meet the Universe halfway. You’re co-creating WITH the Universe—not demanding an outcome—and you have to start the chain reaction by making the first move. Moving forward and taking action shows the Universe that you're ready to try and fail, no matter the cost.

You can think of it like an energetic exchange of money, as if you are your own 401k with a company match (via the Universe): You have to believe in yourself enough to start investing for your future before the Universe will meet you halfway to match your contribution (and help you grow).

So, prove to the Universe that you're a good investment, that you're good for the money. Like any long-term growth strategy, this could take time depending on how aggressive or conservative you are. It's a mental investment and you wont achieve overnight success. Give yourself the gift of time and reset your expectations. The Universe knows better. You have to give yourself abundant space and permission to fail forward and to do "the thing" despite your fears, for however long it takes.

It's not about taking a step in the “right” direction, just forward. There is no "right" or "wrong" direction. No one's success is linear and side steps are always lessons to help you on the way to greatness, so you don’t make that same mistake at a more critical time down the line. As Gabby Bernstein says, “The Universe always has your back” and it will make sure you're continuously on the right track, no matter how crooked it is, as long as you’re committed to continually moving forward.

All of this is a part of the trusting and surrendering to the Universe. To manifest, you have to let go of resistance. Nothing says “I’m ready to try and fail forward” than taking a leap of faith not knowing how things will turn out. It’s like jumping out of an airplane and hoping your parachute will function properly. This is ultimate trust in the Universe! These are the kind of decisions that change lives and you're the only one who can make the choice to try. You get to make that decision for yourself. No one else. Most regrets come from NOT trying, and very few come from trying and failing.

The Importance of Emotions on Manifestation

Emotions are very important when it comes to the Law of Action because how you feel generally dictates what you do, for most people. In other words, your thoughts determine your emotions, which determine your behaviors. As we know from previous episodes, bad habits and negative mindsets can lead missed opportunities.

As an example, if you feel positive and excited, you're more likely to go to networking events or meetup with friends. If you feel annoyed or apathetic, you’re more likely to skip public functions or avoid that impromptu happy hour that your boss is hosting. Neither of these scenarios are right or wrong because sometimes self-care is prioritizing rest and recovery, but it's important to be consciously aware of the choice we're making. A question you can ask yourself is: “Am I letting my emotions drive my decision right now, or do I genuinely need some rest tonight?". Empowered decisions come from internal awareness.

Our emotional state directly impacts the actions we take. When we’re happy, we tend to engage in the kind of actions that the Universe can use to generate more opportunities for us.

Using the Law of Action to Manifest

Out of all of the spiritual laws, using this law to manifest is probably the easiest. All you need to do is to take ONE step toward one of your goals.

If you want a new job, apply for one, update your resume, or let your network know. If you want a million dollars, start thinking through all the ways this could happen and take a step toward one of them. If you want to manifest your soul mate, join a dating app, say "yes" to social nights out, or open yourself up to new hobbies with groups.

The "what" of the action doesn't matter. As long as it is a step forward toward progress, the Universe will feel your shift and your new commitment. Keep going. This law requires consistency.

Ever heard of the expression, "Rome wasn't built in a day"? That's because the Law of Action dictates a consistency of several actions occurring over a period of time to lead to an end result.

Caution: be careful of any "manifestation gurus" who say you can manifest without action in our world. The Universe requires an energetic exchange to deliver. While “action” doesn’t have to mean physical movement, it does indicate a change of state (mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).

As much as I wish you could sit on your couch and say “I’m manifesting one million dollars” and have it happen, it won't. Trust me, I’ve tried ;)

Work toward your goals by setting intentions, working on becoming the person who has this wealth, making space for opportunities that can generate this kind of money, working on your identity, etc.

If you want to be successful singer, you have to put yourself out there singing; If you want a better relationship, you have to take the first step to become a better partner; If you want more success at work, you have to show up as someone who considers themselves worthy of success.

Manifestation does not work without the Law of Action. In many ways, I think this is intentional. Whether or not we take action is a test to see how much we actually want the things we're working toward or wishing for.

What do you REALLY want, and what actions are you taking to get there?

I hope you enjoyed today's post. If you did, please check out my podcast version or share this post on Pinterest! If you leave a review, DM me on Instagram @ModernManifestation to let me know and I'll send you a copy of my manifestation meditation as a thank you.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y'all next Monday! Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.

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