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Law of Cause and Effect | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello and welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog (aka show notes)! Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

Today we are resuming the summary of each of the 12 universal laws/guidelines (also known as the spiritual laws)!

Before we five into the fifth law, let’s go over the laws we’ve covered so far:

  1. Law of Divine Oneness: We are all interconnected

  2. Law of Vibration: Everything has a specific vibrational energy that attracts similar vibrations

  3. Law of Action: Action must be taken in order to manifest

  4. Law of Correspondence : Your external reality is a reflection of your internal feelings

Now, let's jump into the fifth of the 12 laws!

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every cause, there is an effect (pretty straightforward)! Or similar to Newton's third law, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

If you move your hand through the air, you are causing molecules and the space around your hand to respond. If you turn left instead of right, you will have a different experience. If you apply for a job, you are giving yourself an opportunity to be considered.

Every single thing we do causes an effect. Our actions, through the Law of Action, are creating causes that show up as our reality; the effect these causes have on our lives. Actions lead to results and for every action, there is a reaction.

This law is demonstrated beautifully by the Butterfly Effect in chaos theory. This is the idea that the flap of a butterfly’s wings could have universal ramifications on the reality experienced millions of years later via the chain of events this sets off. If ANY cause was changed in the past, we could be living in a VERY different reality. In other words, we live in a highly complex system where pure chance cannot exist.

How do we utilize this law to our benefit?

The actions you take now are creating a future effect on your life. The beautiful thing about this law is that it emphasizes the amount of control we can assume over our lives—the ability to recreate our reality. What you sow, you shall reap. To make significant change in your life, think through what actions you could take to set yourself up for success. What does significant change look like and what steps could help you get there?

The Law of Cause and Effect requires that we take ownership over our lives—the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of it. Thankfully, we have the power to create more of the good.

Who you are is a cause and the life you have is the effect; said differently, your reality is a reflection of the person you’re being, your beliefs. Like the Law of Correspondence, a lot of people claim that the Law of Cause and Effect is closely tied to karma, but not in the sense of "good or bad", but in the sense of who you're being. The causes you initiate, impact what you will get in return. If you put out more abundant causes into the world (joy, appreciation, love, generosity), that is what you will receive in return. This is where we see the Laws of Cause and Effect, Correspondence, and Compensation overlap. Who you are internally determines the cause and the effect is your compensation (we will dive into the Law of Compensation in the next post).

There is No “Good” or “Bad”

Your expectation helps shape your reality, regardless of whether intentions are "good" or "bad". Because what really is "good" or "bad"? The Universe is neutral to these words. In a war, the good guys for one country are always the bad guys in another country. Politicians are “good” or “bad” depending on which values you/they prioritize, so these terms are arbitrary. What matters is the intent behind our actions. It's about how WE perceive our own actions.

If we believe our actions are good, that is what we get. If we believe our actions are bad, that is what we get in return. This is why seemingly "bad" people can accumulate wealth. They usually do not perceive themselves as "bad", they perceive themselves as abundant, lucky, in control, and wealthy, so that is what they get.

The Universe is neutral and simply responds to the energy we're putting out there. Unfortunately, it's usually easier for more egocentric individuals to generate wealth because they genuinely believe they deserve it. This is why we see a lot of narcissists and sociopaths become successful in business or politics (not saying they all are.... but ya know...). It’s easier to have confidence in what you're manifesting when you have this mindset. They do not doubt what they can do and create for themselves. They expect it. It can be much harder for the average person to garner the same sense of self-confidence in their own abundance and worthiness which translates to success in their lives. This has nothing to do with “fairness”. This is the Universe's response to your cause, your beliefs.

The Universe doesn't mark people as deserving or not deserving, it just responds to how we feel about ourselves. I still struggle with this today! In fact, my personal struggles end up inspiring majority of these podcast episodes, so don't think I have it all figured out either! We're growing together.

Create the Catalyst

To create more success, you need to create a catalyst for success. If you're in sales, that means picking up the phone or opening your email to reach out to prospects. If you're an aspiring author, that means making time to write. If you're trying to learn a language, it means practicing consistently. If you're looking for inspiration, it means going out into the world to look for it. If you want to find your life partner, it means putting yourself in situations where you can meet someone. Create the catalyst for change in your life.

If you want to become a successful business person, ask yourself how you can incorporate some good habits into your current lifestyle to make you feel more like this successful business person. Can you go to bed earlier? Wake up earlier? Form a morning routine to start your day? Wake up without hitting snooze? Time block your schedule for the day? Do you change what you wear to work? Do you conduct yourself differently in the office? Find ways to create positive change in your life, whatever that means to you, so you can feel deserving of the positive effects.

The most humbling reality of this law, and also the hardest to digest for many people, is that your current life is a representation of how you view yourself and the decisions you have made up to this point. The habits you instill are the cause and your current present, your reality, is the effect. You are in control; you are the catalyst. The thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you're experiencing are creating an effect. Your current identity is what you’re manifesting. Who you are is the cause of your life. You have the ability to choose differently at any moment.

The laws just, are. There is no "right" or "wrong", "fair" or "unfair". You're simply creating and the life you have is a representation of this creation. At the core of all of these laws, is your expectation, your beliefs about yourself.

Law of Cause & Effect and Trauma

Because these laws respond to your beliefs, it's natural for people to ask if they deserved a past trauma or if they caused a specific trauma. My personal belief is that the answer is no. I believe there is a micro and macro system at play in our lives with macro being what is beyond our direct control, what is destined to be and a part of a more complex shared experience; Whereas, the micro scale are the things directly within our control that are individualized.

Trauma can unfold as a part of the macro system at play within the Universe, as a part of a cosmic plan, but that doesn't mean that we have zero control. While we can't control the macro system, we can control our response to it. How are you internalizing your past experience? Are you able to move past it? We can still make significant changes within our lives, utilizing the micro scale, by intentionally selecting our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We can't know why so many people experience traumatic events as a part of the macro plan, but we can control how we allow this experience to create new effects within our lives at a micro level.

Instead of focusing on the traumas, I focus on how this law can change my life as I become more mindful and cognizant of my reactions. What can I do today to impact my life in a positive way?

There are many grand designs for our lives and we get to choose the version that best fits our needs. We get to choose our realities and we can initiate the cause for that life. An example of this cause could look like signing up for a language class, applying for a management position, going back to school, changing careers, leaving a toxic relationship, deciding to travel the world. The choice is yours, and the result will match your effort. If you want an entirely different life, you have to make some big changes.

You reap what you sow. Positive habits and lifestyles (cause) will help you create the life you want (effect). The causes you initiate in one area will have a ripple effect in other areas of your life also. If you start making positive changes within your career, you will see an effect in your relationships, your health, your mind, your spirituality, etc.

This is an empowering law that gives you back control over your life. It states that life is happening FOR you, not TO you. You’re creating your reality, so if the effect isn’t what you want, then change it. If you believe you don’t have time to do anything, that is a circumstance you’ve created. If you believe you will never find your person, that is the condition you create. If you believe you will always struggle, this is the condition you create. So, to change your life, change your mind.

Thank y’all so much for hanging out with me today! Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday.

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