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Law of Polarity | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello my friends!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

Today we are continuing our discussion of the 12 Universal laws (or spiritual guidelines) by jumping into the 11th law of the series, the Law of Polarity. Links to the remaining series posts/episodes below.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states that there is an opposite for everything in our world; this is necessary for balance within our Universe. Everything has a duality and a built-in opposite that cannot exist without the other. If one side (of anything) has the potential to exist, by the law of polarity, the opposite expression has to exist also.

Paradoxically, these opposing and separate sides are also a part of the same, because together, they make up the whole. A pole cannot exist in a vacuum, it must create a full circuit. This is the beauty of the Law of Polarity, opposite and the same.

The polar ends are both extremes of the same continuum. They're just as alike as they are different. In fact, it is often said that love and hate are similar emotions. This is a perfect example of the Law of Polarity and a great explanation as to why love can often turn to hate, and hate can so closely resemble love. Same spectrum, opposite ends, easy to flip between.

As another example, think of a coin. There are two opposing sides that appear separate, but they’re two sides of the same object and they’re inseparable. While you might flip a coin and get heads, there is always the potential that you could have gotten tails—that’s the Law of Polarity. The potential for the opposite at all times.

You cannot have one side of the continuum without the existence and potential for the opposite end. If there is a positive, there HAS to be potential for a negative. You can’t have black without white, birth without death, light without dark, happy without sad, healthy without illness, good without bad, etc.

By this narrative if you’re happy, you have potential to be sad. But if you’re sad, you also have the potential to be happy. The Law of Polarity always gives us both extremes, and our mindset is what determines which extreme is delivered to our lives. The Law of Polarity gives us active choice to choose between the opposites.

To tie this law in with the previous episode, if the Law of Rhythm is a pendulum, then the Law of Polarity is the furthest right and left point that the pendulum reaches. These two laws are closely related; Everything we experience in our world is cyclical and within balance because of these two laws working together.

For every tree that falls, another is growing, for every death there is a birth, for every storm there is a drought, for every ‘yes’ there is a ‘no’, and so on.

Understanding how these two laws work together reminds us to pay it forward while things are good. I believe that the concept of paying it forward keeps you feeling abundant... which also keeps you where you want to be—manifesting more of the things you want.

Alternatively, if you choose to live as someone constantly complains, you will continue to pay negativity forward and stay in that polarity. The choice is yours ;)

Throw glitter, not shade, so your life will be more sparkly. (Cheesy, but catchy).

For every gift we receive, aim to give a gift away. For every opportunity you receive, give another to someone else. For every moment of joy we experience, bring joy to someone else. In other words, be the gift that keeps on giving and you will align with more opportunities of like-polarity.

Is the Law of Polarity good or bad?

Let's talk about the existential crisis I experienced when learning about all of these laws... I couldn't help but panic and think, "if the bad side of everything always exists as a potential, then why do we even bother?! A utopian society is impossible SO WHY GIVE A SHIT!?" Well, a few bottles of wine later, it clicked....

I remembered that the Universe does not perceive good or bad, this is entirely a human concept. The Universe operates in the world of “is” or “is not”. It is 100% neutral. This means the Universe also doesn’t perceive polarities like “hard” or “easy”, so that means there isn’t anything I can’t manifest easily as long as I don’t decide it has to be hard! I know... exciting!

As humans WE are the ones who apply labels like “good" or "bad", "pretty" or "ugly", "right" or "wrong", but when we really think about it… everything that we consider “bad” could be “good” for someone or something else. Everything.

A flood means danger for people, but a chance for plants to spread their seeds farther. A forest fire can mean death for animals and people, but it creates really fertile soil for future growth. The death of a loved one can be traumatic for you, and inspire someone else to live their life more fully. Hell, even an asteroid hitting earth was bad for the dinosaurs and good for humans.

In every war in the history of the world, soldiers on both sides of a war always think they’re on the right side and the label of the "good" and "bad" soldiers entirely depends on the perspective of the historian. “Good” and “bad” are human concepts with no meaning to nature. The Law of Polarity embodies this neutrality, this simplicity—it’s just the expression of two ends.

Living a fulfilled life means experiencing the fullness of all continuums; treading through things like grief, frustration, and worry at times, and feelings of joy, love, and bliss at others.

Change is inevitable, choice is how we can adapt. Nature just is, and the law of polarity just is, so if you can always choose optimism over pessimism, you will be choosing the positive expression of the polarities that exist within your life.

Using the Law of Polarity to Manifest

Let's talk about how to apply the Law of Polarity when manifesting. If you’re trying to manifest more abundance, the Law of Polarity determines that you're asking for the entire package which includes abundance AND the lack-of, but the side that is expressed in your life is what you’re a higher match for.

So, if you're focused on manifesting wealth, but you're not quite certain you're worth having wealth, you could unintentionally attract the wrong side of the package—scarcity. Your thoughts are telling the Universe to express the negative side of the spectrum. In other words, you found the right coin, but you got tails because your expectation was that you would get tails.

Remember the particle wave theory of quantum physics? It states that the observer’s expectations determine the outcome. This means you’re attracting the right package, the right coin, but you need to change your mindset so that you’re getting the side of the coin you want—the wealth and abundance side. It starts with setting this up as an expectation. What you focus on, forms.

Here is a quick exercise for you to help you recognize where you're not aligned with the things you want:

  1. First, draw a line down the center of your page and on the left side write down all of the things that you want to manifest. Now, go back up to the top and write the opposites of each item on this list on the right side.

  2. Next, go through each item on the list one at a time and imagine what it would be like to have the positive version of the thing you want (left side). Then think of what it would be like to have the negative version of the thing you want (right side). Which side (right or left) feels more attainable than the other? Write this down.

If you've gone through the list and you feel like you identify more closely with manifestations on the right side of the page, this means you have some beliefs to work on in those areas. If this resonates with you, your intent is heading in the right direction (as indicated by the column on the left), your energy is not (as indicated by the column on the right).

Your opposing intent and beliefs are canceling each other out. If your intent is the gas pedal, your energy are the breaks. When the two conflict, you're not going anywhere.

As an example, if you have “manifest wealth” on your list, but when you think about having wealth thoughts like, “but I probably won’t ever have it…” or “I don’t believe this will actually work for me”, that means your intent of having the abundance is in direct conflict with your beliefs. Because your emotions are energy in motion, that means that you’re hitting the brakes on one side. If this energy is stronger than your intent, you're throwing the whole car into reverse (ok, well now my analogy is messed up, but you get what I mean...)!

To address this dilemma, you have to make your intent stronger by sitting in the emotions of already having what you want, that way you can start changing your energy. You can do this with visualization, journaling about your future self, acting-as-if, or any other method you like.

Brain cells that fire together wire together. As you visualize the future version of yourself who has what you want, you’re forming a new neural network in your brain; a more positive network that might not have existed before. Over time, with enough repetition of these positive affirmations and thoughts, this network can become the default pathway that your brain takes. In the long run, this ensures that you get to a point where you hit the gas long before the brakes so you can move forward toward abundance.

The Law of Polarity states that opposites of the same always exist simultaneously, but the expression of one pole or the other entirely depends on our beliefs. This is why working on core beliefs is one of the most important things we will ever do in our lives.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles!

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