Law of Divine Oneness | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello my friends!

I get a lot of questions about what the universal laws of manifestation are, or the 12 Universal Laws. In fact, I didn't even know there WERE laws until a year or two into this whole concept and I'm sure I'm not alone! For the next several weeks, I am going to take an episode to cover each of these 12 laws! But first, what laws am I talking about?

First of all, I really hate that they’re called “laws”. To me, the word “law” is indicative of right vs wrong, good vs bad, black-and-white thinking and I really try to reject this type of mindset as much as possible as a recovering perfectionist. While I will use the term “law” throughout this episode and in the following episodes, just know that I don’t mean “law” in a way that carries that serious "damned if you don't" connotation. I’m using this word because that's what the manifestation community calls them, but to me, they’re more like guidelines, truths, innate knowing, or even common sense.

In fact, spiritual or not, you’re probably living by these set of laws without even thinking about it. That’s the beautiful thing about the Universal Laws, or the laws of manifestation, they’re not hard to understand and many align with our scientific understandings of the universe. Regardless of whether or not you're spiritual, I find these laws to be pretty logical or at least spiritually palpable.

To me, these laws are just common sense and someone decided to label it as these Universal Laws in order to provide more clarity, but in doing so, we made these laws seem more elusive and mythical, and also a little too woo woo for my logical friends. My goal is to explain these laws to you in a way that makes sense by providing context and examples in which these laws are already showing up in your life, in a way that doesn’t feel like a huge leap of faith. I don't want you to have to give up all of your logical footings to accept and understand what these laws are. And if you’re not a spiritual person by nature, I hope the way I explain these laws helps you understand that you don’t necessarily have to be a spiritual person to understand and subscribe to these beliefs. Instead, I hope you can conceptually understand that these laws are really just based in common sense and logic. So, I will do my best as a previous skeptic.

Let's attempt to demystify what these “laws” are.

Specifically, I ventured out into the world of Google trying to understand where these laws came from. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. The most robust answer I got about where these laws came from was that they are innate laws that have repeated themselves and have shown up throughout history over thousands of years and religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, etc. In other words, the answer that I got was very ambiguous and vague, but my investigating skills essentially concluded that the laws have always been there…

While this answer doesn’t completely satisfy my “need to know”, I recognize that a part of operating in this world means what I don’t always get to “know” and sometimes I just have to “trust”! I have to have faith! And, that has never been my strong suit, but I am working on it! So, with trust we go...

A lot of people will compare these laws to the laws of gravity, relativity, light, etc., but I’m not going to do that in this episode because I feel like there are peer-reviewed mathematical equations to back up those laws; whereas, the Universal Laws are more spiritual. Laws of Physics have mathematical equations and very consistent outcomes, and these Universal spiritual laws can really only be seen, experienced, and quantified based on correlations. While there are experiments that exist to test these laws that have produced fascinating outcomes, we still don’t really understand them on a scientific and mathematical level yet. Maybe we never will! Maybe we’re not supposed to! Or, maybe quantum physics will be the answer to these questions one day. Until we have more information, I’m going to call these spiritual universal laws as opposed to laws that are equivalent to the laws of physics. Thanks for bearing with my soap box lecture on that!

Despite what I just said, there are many proponents of these laws that say they’re a powerful Manifestation tool, so I would be remiss if I didn’t bring these laws onto the podcast! That way, you can experiment with them for yourselves and decide whether or not they’re beneficial to you on your journey. I have found my own success leaning into the utilization of these laws, so I hope you have the same positive experience.

Whether or not you believe these laws exist or if they are some innate part of our human experience, it has been found that people that apply these laws to their life, regardless of whether or not they consciously know what they are by name, are genuinely happier people. If nothing else, happiness alone will help you manifest more, so let's discuss what they are!

The first of the Twelve Universal Laws, or the 12 Spiritual Laws is the Law of Divine Oneness.

Law of Divine Oneness

This law states that we are all connected through creation. When I think about this law, I think about the fact that we all are made from essentially stardust. And I mean this literally and I’ll link a Smithsonian video in the show notes that better explains this. To summarize what it says, we are all made up of the same elements produced by particles that were created in the Big Bang, or the creation of the universe—and we are connected through this creation.

From that perspective, we are quite literally all created from the same single cosmic boom. We all have the same essence, the basis for life flowing within us. When we die, we become a part of the cosmic particles again. We are all made up of similarly structured atoms that communicate with each other. When we touch something, we’re actually experiencing our electrons repelling from the electrons of the object we’re trying to touch. We're not ACTUALLY touching; our atoms are communicating. This is happening at a cellular level every single day. Are we really separate beings? Or different iterations and expressions of the same particles and elements?

Said differently, and more spiritually, we are all created by the same essence of source, we are all embodiments of source. We are source and our collective consciousness is what creates the experiences that shape our world. Ever heard something like, "the divine within me recognizes the divine within you", "love they neighbor", "what goes around comes around", "treat others how you want to be treated", "karma", "3-fold rule"?? You will find iterations of these expressions throughout history and religion—this is the Law of Divine Oneness.

This concept of interconnectedness is also the basis for many buzz words we hear today—synergy, collaboration, vibes, etc. It's a popular concept that has been used to create Nations, corporations, and political movements. It's all around us whether or not we choose to believe it is a "law".

A great example of this law at work is the (and bear with the long title here): "Effects of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington D.C.: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July 1993". This was a study conducted by Social Indicators Research that wanted to test the impact of meditation on a city with a history of violent crime. They selected Washington D.C. and sent 4,000 participants to the city for the purpose of this study where their sole purpose was to practice Transcendental Meditation every day. They hypothesized that this group of people, after accounting for their pro rata share of the total population increase, would have a positive 25% net impact on the violent crime rate. What shocked the police deputy and many others, was that there WAS a decrease in violent crimes overall. The maximum weekly decrease in violent crimes over the month-long study was 23.3%, with an overall decrease of about 15.6%. This data was compared to the same timeframe a decade prior as well as in the months leading up to the study. In other words, the meditative participants created a substantial positive effect on crime in D.C. For my science junkies, there is a link to the JSTOR article in the show notes that you can reference!

And like a good hypothesis would, this effect has been studied hundreds of times with similar results using different barometers like health, happiness, crime, poverty, etc.

So, what this law really teaches us is that we are more powerful than we know. If enough of us chose to do so, we could impact the world. We could create more peace. When we spread love into the world, the world is a kinder place.

Have you ever felt heavy or sad, angry, upset and you couldn't understand why? Sometimes, you need to look at what is happening around us. The Law of Divine Oneness means that our interconnectedness means we can pick up on the energy of things happening outside of us on a macro AND micro level. As an example, I've felt heavy all summer. It took me awhile to realize it was the combination of energies happening as a result of the vaccination, politics, Afghanistan, abortion rights, etc. When I realized that external forces were impacting what was going on internally, I was able to make a conscious change.

We can choose how susceptible we are to the external energy we experience as a result of Divine Oneness. We can choose to let it go of the negativity around us and flood ourselves with love and healing through meditations. In fact, I've found that group breathwork classes have been phenomenally healing for me because everyone is there with the purpose of spreading love, healing, or letting go. Using this law, I've leaned into group classwork as a mechanism for healing because I know that the average person there is wanting to spread the same kind of love and healing that I am. By the Law of Divine Oneness, every person with positive intentions there will be sharing that intention with me and vice versa.

This law is also why it is so important to consider the energy you get from the things you watch on TV, the friends you have, the workplaces you operate in, it's all impacting your ability to manifest the things you want.

Now that you understand this law, you're probably like, "Ok, cool Bre, but what do I do with this information?". Great question!

How to Use the Law of Divine Oneness to Manifest What You Want

Using this idea of interconnectedness, how you feel and how you conduct yourself in this life has a ripple effect on everyone and everything else. In other words, to manifest the things you want, you have to start the ripple effect of positive outcomes.

You can start this ripple effect by vibrating differently; changing your frequency. If you're a long-time follower of mine, you're likely already doing this by learning and healing through meditation, trauma recovery, overcoming perfectionism, becoming more compassionate, etc. You likely know best what raises your energy, so do that. Don't over complicate it. Create change where it's needed, and embrace what is working with the goal of feeling better. As Wayne Dyer says, "do what feels good".

If you still need some inspiration, design an experiment for yourself to fine tune your unique needs and build self-trust in the process.

Design an Experiment to See What Works for You

Consider trying a study, like the DC study, on your own life. Create variables an