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Law of Relativity | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

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Today we are jumping into the 9th of the Universal Laws—the Law of Relativity. But first, WOW! I can’t believe we’re almost done with this series! If you’re joining me for the first time (welcome!), I recommend that you also check out the remaining laws (linked below)!

The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity states that every person will experience challenges as an opportunity for growth, to strengthen our characters. You can think of the law of relativity as a reality check; Shit might suck for a bit, but there is a point to the sucking… it’s meant to this bring out your higher self so you can learn and grow from the things that suck.

I know, you’re probably THRILLED about this law already! To say the least, it’s not the most favored law.

The Law of Relativity gets a bad rap because it creates issues, but these challenges are necessary for bringing growth and fulfillment to our lives. Challenges allow us to develop our characters and gain clarity on our purpose and passions. Life would be boring as hell without challenges, or even the perception of challenges. Perspective is everything.

This unpopular law states that at multiple points throughout your life, you will have an experience that will test you. It might test your character, integrity, kindness, honesty, stamina, values, it can come from anywhere to test an issue that you either to need to master or heal in this lifetime.

How you show up and how you respond to these hard experiences will determine whether or not you're able to move on to the next thing, or if you need to repeat the same lesson again in another form.

If you find yourself or a friend dating the same asshole in a new body every few months, that might be a challenge that is showing up for you again and again until you learn whatever it is you need to learn from those jerks, so that you’re no longer attracting them to yourself.

Maybe the lesson is boundaries, loving yourself, or having a greater begin the work. The longer we’re unaware of our habits and the lessons we need to learn, the longer it takes us to grow and change from them.

Life Without Challenges

The human experience is all about growth and learning from our mistakes in life. If it weren’t we would be able to create a utopia, but that’s not what this life is about for us. That might be hard to hear and it may sound pessimistic, but I believe that we’re meant to live really imperfect lives here on earth so that our souls can have a raw human experience—and all of the beautiful and tough emotions that come with it.

When we withstand the challenges thrown our way and we overcome them, we raise our vibrations to a whole new level. We’re all real-life gamers in a way—leveling up each time we grow from a set of challenges, allowing ourselves to acquire new tools, or vibrations.

Challenges are not about good or bad, it's about the experience of growth.. At these new and higher levels, we can want more… attract more… and be more… for ourselves.

By this narrative there are no setbacks, only opportunities to grow (silver lining!).

To me, this law is like the underdog of the Universal laws. It’s so misunderstood, but it feels like the most humanistic of all of the laws. This is where life happens. This is how we train to be the best versions of ourselves. So, I love this law! It reminds me that everything negative that I’m experiencing is an opportunity somewhere. This allows me to shift my perspective so that I’m a genuinely a happy and optimistic person overall. Of course, we all have our moments, but this law has taught me the most about resilience and the grey area between negativity and positivity.

We have to have the capacity to accept the bad, accept the challenges, and utilize these lessons as a means to move forward within a higher vibration.

Our Perspective Creates Change

This law encourages us to live a life with confidence as opposed to playing the victim. We’re going to experience varying levels of challenges no matter what, so our perspective and reaction to these challenges shape who we become. When we play the victim, we experience the same lessons again and again.

I once had a friend who chose to live the victim narrative and held it really close to their identity. Their focus throughout life was looking back at their past—every shitty thing that had happened to them. They dwelled in their past trauma, not dealing with it, they were just stuck in it, ruminating.

As a result, this person created hundreds of opportunities where they were able to maintain that identity: they couldn’t hold a job, couldn’t maintain a partner, always felt taken advantage of—whether it was their parents, coworkers, friends, partners, the local nail salon, there was ALWAYS some reason why "life wasn’t fair, nothing was their fault, they were so unlucky". They expected bad things to keep happening to them.

This person couldn’t let the victim mindset go, so they manifested more of it. They couldn’t get out of their own way so they could learn from these challenges. They were stuck in a perpetuating cycle of challenges.

Eventually, they lost many friends because they were uncomfortable with other people's success. Perpetuating the victim mindset ensured they weren't learning or growing. They were stuck in misfortune.

I really wanted to keep helping this person, but I also couldn’t keep sacrificing my energy for them. I realized that they were struggling with the Law of Relativity and they had to find their own way in order to grow.

Even though this person was a childhood friend, I set my own boundaries about how I was going to be treated within a relationship and how much energy I would expend without a return.

This was the Law of Relativity showing up for me—I had to say goodbye to someone I thought would be in my life forever in order to learn a lesson about self-care. Those who claim to love you most can leave the deepest scars. It’s okay to end relationships that aren’t healthy in honor of self-care. Before that moment, I don’t remember a time I’d put myself first in that relationship, and it taught me how valuable that ability can be to my mental and emotional health. I broke a pattern.

Since this experience, I don’t waste as much time trying to fix things or people (at work, home, family gatherings, etc). I let people have their own experiences and challenges. I'm here to help if they ask.

The Biggest Lesson the Law of Relativity Teaches

The biggest lesson this law can teach us is to adopt a curious mindset. On bad days, I first let myself feel the 'suck' to honor my emotions, and when I’m ready to move on, I get really curious about my circumstances and what it can teach me. There is a lesson in absolutely every challenge, we just have to find what it is.

Perspective is key. This law cultivates a healthy curiosity about ourselves and conditions us to move to a higher frequency. We can’t fake our way there or want it badly enough, we have to become it. We have to have enough experiences that allow us to grow, to elevate.

If life were easy, we wouldn’t have experiences that force this emotional evolution. We would be stuck feeling unfulfilled and bored. If you’re feeling like this right now, ask yourself what challenge you might be avoiding?

Our time on this earth is intended to give us an experience that is specifically catered to us and what we need to learn for transformation. Sit with your past “failures” and see what lessons you may have missed.

Challenges allow us to become stronger in every way. They are never evidence that the universe is against you, they simply allow us to look at the areas of our lives where we could use more resilience, empathy, understanding, patience, love, acceptance, kindness, courage, etc.

Based on this law, failure can’t exist. There is only failing forward. There is always beauty in the fall, only opportunity for growth, to fail forward and to fail brilliantly. Resilience is the key to a life of fulfillment; and challenges and struggles, help us build resilience.

Use this law to empower you to go after everything you want because you’re going to fail in this life anyway, so you might as well do it going after the things that really fucking matter to you. No one, absolutely no one can avoid failure their entire life.

When we avoid going after the things we want because we’re afraid of this failure, we end up perpetuating the biggest life challenge of all; failing to try. Failing to experience the failure required to grow.

The Law of Relativity is the law that requires challenges and failure in exchange for higher vibrations and beauty in life, so fail greatly, fail often, and fail forward—your fulfillment in this life depends on it.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y'all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.

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