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Law of Correspondence | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello beautiful souls,

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog! Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

As a part of my ongoing podcast and blog series, we are continuing the discussion of the 12 Universal Laws, or as I like to call them - the guidelines.

Today's topic of discussion is the 4th of the twelve spiritual laws: the Law of Correspondence.

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence states that what happens around us, is a direct reflection of what is happening within us; Our internal environments determine our external environments. As Anita Moorjani says in her book Dying To Be Me, “The Universe is contained within us, and what we experience externally is only a reflection”.

How you’re feeling, is what you’re manifesting. And, brace yourself with me, your current reality is a reflection of how you felt in the past. Oof. If you’re anything like me, this concept might sting a bit.

In my (recent) past, I found myself coming up with 'all of the reasons' why I wasn’t where I wanted to be, "She came from money and I didn't" or "they're the favorite". You get my drift.

I had to ask myself a really vulnerable question—how much of my current experience was manifested because I thought this would be the outcome before I even started?

When I really sit with it, I've always had a fear of failure, a need to prove my worthiness, and a deep-seated pessimism that I couldn’t shake. I realized the truth—I couldn’t blame anyone else for my current situation…. and that really SUCKED.

So, be gentle with yourself. None of us were born with everything figured out. You stumbled upon this information when you were ready to hear it and not a moment before. The Universe is always conspiring to help you grow. <3

You are what you feel and our Universe is a reflection of our inner world. Use this law and your reality as a mirror to expose yourself to what you‘re experiencing on the inside.

As an example, if you have a reputation of dating emotionally unavailable guys… see if you can find out what this pattern says about your internal beliefs.

What happens in your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment, so toxic people can be our best teachers.

The same type of person will show up again and again until we end the cycle and set boundaries. They're showing up because of something coming from within, something we need to recognize and learn from, Before we can end the pattern. This level of awareness allows us to make a conscious change and gives us agency over our own destinies. Be open to allowing it to work through you instead of against you, and see what changes. This awareness is what allows us to co-create with the Law of Correspondence.

Because of this law, we can find ourselves in a cycle of repeating the same lessons over and over again until we change our emotions. If you notice a reoccurring pattern in your life, focus on changing your reactions, your train of thought, and shifting to a positive focus. Your focus and attention matters; your intention matters.

Correspondence by Association

The Law of Correspondence breaks down why it is so important to be consciously aware of what you’re allowing around you; because this is impacting what shows up within you. Paying attention to the things you're consuming, and deciding whether or not it fits with the identity you're trying to create, is a great "life de-cluttering" tool you can use to gauge your current alignment.

What you’re feeling at any given moment is a culmination of your beliefs, the things you’re continuously exposing yourself to, AND how you're reacting to those things (your choice of emotions, the attitudes of the people around you, the drama you're watching on tv, what you're engaging with on social media, etc.). The essence of all of these things impacts us energetically, so start to notice what drains you and what energizes you.

You become the energetic average of the things you choose to surround yourself with; you are what you give attention to!

Since we're not striving for perfection in this community, take an inventory of where you think your "correspondence scales" are leaning within your life. Mostly healthy and positive, or draining and negative? I'm not telling you that you have to give up your True Crime podcasts if that's what brings you joy ;) What energizes you might drain me and vise versa. And, if there is something you enjoy that also drains you, then you have the ability to counteract this with something that brings you back into alignment.

So, maybe before or after bingeing Stranger Things for a few hours (or days….), you spend time meditating, journaling, walking, swimming, painting, cleaning, or whatever makes you feel rejuvenated. It’s all a game of balance....

“As within so without, as above so below”.

The paradox of the Law of Correspondence is that the things around you influence how you feel, but how you feel can also alter the things around you… it's a cycle that can flow both ways (pause and re-read that again).

The only way we can permanently change this cycle, and our resulting external environment, is to go within and do the inner work, the shadow work, and the self-development (it's not comfortable!). You can't escape or out-manifest a negative, fearful, or anxious mindset.

Our Emotions and the Law of Correspondence

Despite my reservations, this law confirms that we're creatING from the internal environment we’ve creatED. In other words, this law is possible because we’re highly emotional beings (expressed or not) with expectations of ourselves. The moods we’re in, colors the way we look at things and the meanings we apply; Logically, it’s confirmation bias.

If you’re in a good mood, you will likely take a compliment well and believe that it is genuine—perpetuating (or confirming) that emotional state. However, if you were in a bad mood when that same compliment was given, you might perceive it as pity, inauthentic, or sarcasm.

Internal feeling = external projecting

We're all walking around projecting our internal narratives, causing our external environment to pick up on our que and then “prove us right”. Because of this, the Law of Correspondence encourages us to be very self-aware of how we're feeling and what we're projecting.

The beauty in this law is that you can decide to change the second you become aware. There doesn’t need to be a delay unless you believe so. How do we do this?

Manifesting with the Law of Correspondence

As we discussed, the Law of Correspondence is ruled by our internal world (emotions, expectations, beliefs, etc.), so one of the most powerful ways to manifest what we want is to shift this internal environment by: practicing appreciation.

Now, I used to cringe every time I heard this too.... so before you roll your eyes... hear me out:

In my mind, I’d “been there done that” with the gratitude practices and they weren't helpful. I’d always ask myself, “Why does every spiritual nut say this?!”. Frankly, I was f****ing tired of hearing it. But, one day I heard it differently:

Gratitude isn’t about doing, it is about being.

I was so busy trying to "do" gratitude right and fit it into my schedule, that I wasn't present in the practice. It was a box to check. It was just more stuff "to do".

We're not setting ourselves up for success when we put our gratitude practice right next to "do the dishes" on our list. The energy we put into the practice is the energy we get out of it. If we half ass a gratitude practice by going through the motions before checking email, it won’t help us get closer to our goals. Do less, be more.

Imagine all of the things you “do” to feel productive—do they normally cause an internal change? Probably not. Most of the things we put on our to-do lists are not awe-inspiring and there is usually a dash of "let's get this over with". When you're 'doing' and not 'being', you're likely to quit shortly after.

Instead of “making time to practice gratitude every day” or adding it to your list of things to do, find moments where you’re already feeling appreciative throughout the day, and lean into that feeling more, while staying there longer.

If your partner did something thoughtful, take that moment to really feel into your appreciation and love for them. See how long you can stay in that feeling and notice how you feel afterward. Do this for every person that lets you over while driving, gives you a free coffee, or holds the door open for you and you will start to notice something remarkable: these kinds of situations will happen MORE OFTEN giving you MORE OPPORTUNITIES to be grateful.

Over time, you will train your brain to practice gratitude naturally and you wont have to “make time for it”. It will just happen because it feels good to sit in these feelings, to “be” instead of “do”.

The more we feel grateful, the more the Universe will give us things to be grateful about. What we focus on is what is returned to us. Finding moments to express gratitude will create more conditions, that will perpetuate more opportunities, that will create more feelings of gratitude.

How the Law of Correspondence Can Work Against Us

If you’re not ready to practice gratitude in the way I’ve described, that’s ok. There isn’t a right and wrong strategy for manifesting and that may not feel right to you. However, at least allow your new understanding of this law to help you avoid manifesting what you do NOT want.

Don't allow your fears to become your focus, or the Law of Correspondence will work against you.

When we focus on the things we don’t want, we cause an internal shift in the way of desire, wanting, needing, not-having—we come from a place of scarcity. When we focus on or dread an outcome, we are giving energy to the things we do NOT want. Where attention goes, energy flows.

As an example, if you're constantly focused on how to pay the bills, the Universe gives you more opportunities to worry about bills. you attract more of what you focus on.

Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world.

To help this law work for you, become aware of your emotional responses, your bodily sensations, your perceptions, and your reactions to things. As you heal internally, you manifest better outcomes externally.

If you want to manifest your version of success, prioritize making time for self-reflection and healing, working towards emotional resiliency and internal alignment. Uncovering beliefs that do not serve us is the single most important thing we can do for manifestation. We have to make the choice to become more aware of our internal conditions every day; hard choices for an easy life.

The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your life.

When your life does not look how you want it to, go inward. Avoid the temptation of looking outside of yourself for a quick fix. Be very cognizant of the thoughts you’re experiencing. Notice what thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are triggering negative habits and break the cycles, so you can change your reality.

For more help with this, check out podcast episodes 48 and 49 to learn more about the Emotional Guidance Scale and resetting your mindset!


The Law of Correspondence is all about your internal environment manifesting your external environment. If something isn't working, look within to realign and assess where you place your energy. We can't out-manifest our emotions or mindset. "As above, so below. As within, so without".

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch you next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.

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Thank you for creating/writing this blog. Its the only blog that provides simplest and practical ways to practice manifestation. And all your posts about the 12 universal laws are mind blowing! I am coming out to the other side feeling grateful, relaxed, excited (to practice all the tips). Please keep writing as I am not a podcast person. Lot of love to you,

Bre Brown
Bre Brown
24 oct. 2022
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You’re so welcome! I will continue to post to the blog as well. The audio can also be found on YouTube if you prefer this over podcasts. Happy manifesting!

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