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Law of Gender | The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation

Hello hello my beautiful souls!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to tune into today's topic in the podcast.

Today we are jumping into our final law of the 12 spiritual guidelines—the Law of Gender. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far! If this is the first post your tuning into, welcome! You can also find the remaining laws linked at the bottom of this post.

Let’s jump in!

The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender states that we all have the potential to express both feminine and masculine energy; both can be found within us regardless of our sex. This is the law of the yin and the yang.

Just like in nature, if feminine energy were the seed then masculine energy would be the pollen. The feminine, the seed (or the idea), needs to be fertilized by the masculine, the pollen (or the action). A seed cannot come into fruition without fertilization, and pollen is useless without a seed to pollinate.

In other words, nature requires both masculine and feminine energies in equal amounts to thrive. Our world, and our feeling of fulfillment, requires us to pull from both energies in any given situation. In order to manifest the things we want, our goal is to achieve balance between the two in our lives. To achieve this balance, you may need to tap into the energy you’re not as comfortable with (which for most of us, is the feminine).

Even though this law uses the word “gender”, it isn't referring to sex or gender as we know it in terms of being male or female (or as it relates to sex organs); instead, the Law of Gender is a representation of the two opposing types of energy—one that nurtures and one that drives.

In fact, the way most governments and businesses are structured has created a masculine-dominant society for people of all genders.

You’ve probably heard me in past episodes focusing on “doing” less and “being” more—working to embrace more of my feminine qualities. Well, I'm also working to incorporate more feminine energy! I think we're beginning to see the pendulum swing back the other way as more people begin to tap into their feminine energy also.

While many of us had to overemphasize our masculine energy in order to “succeed in the business world”, there is a beautiful shift toward including more feminine qualities within corporations (DEI, transparency, accountability, empathy, better communication, women empowerment programs, better family programs, etc.).

Balancing our masculine and feminine within society will allow us to be healthier individuals, better communicators, more kind, and MORE successful as a result. And, we won't struggle as much with allowing ourselves to rest and recoup our energy, helping us avoid future burnout.

Ok, let’s talk about the nuances between the masculine and feminine energy so you know which you’re pulling from more in life.

What is the difference between masculine and feminine energy?

Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is based in knowledge; It is application, action, logic, practicality, stability, willpower, focus, drive, clarity, and goal-oriented. If you are a natural leader, a problem solver, have big dreams, consider yourself highly motivated and driven, and enjoy stepping up in a crisis, you're probably tapping into your masculine energy in a healthy way.

Alternatively, If you’re always on the go, never allow downtime, can’t sit still, have a fully booked calendar, operate in a black and white world, and consider yourself a Type A perfectionist, you might be tapping into your masculine energy too much. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, or you’re really impulsive, chaotic, or feeling lost, you might need to tap into your masculine energy more.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy is based on knowing; It is intuition, creativity, passion, nurturing, authentic, connection, open, flowing, dynamic, and perceptive. If you consider yourself an empath, wise, pensive, or feel like an "introverted" extrovert, it's likely because you're tapping into your feminine energy in a healthy way. When you're at your most powerful, you feel safe and vulnerability and can make others feel so supported and seen by you. You light up the room.

Alternatively, if you’re struggling to find yourself, execute, get motivated, make decisions, or you become overcome with the emotions of others, you might need be tapping into your feminine energy too much. If you’re feeling blocked, hyper critical, resistant, unfulfilled, or feel disconnected from yourself and those around you, you might need to tune into your feminine energy more.

Examples of Each

If you are feminine energy-dominant, you are the person other people will go to in order to get an honest opinion in a safe space. You are known for your integrity and you will advocate for the under dog. Your power is in connection and creativity. However, you might get stuck caring for everyone else while neglecting your own needs, or you might get weighed down by your anxiety.

If you are masculine energy-dominant, you are the person other people will go to when they need someone to step up and take control. You can move mountains and you love dreaming big. Others will often comment that you seem to be faster, stronger, and better at most things than other people. However, you might also struggle with micromanaging team members, do not take criticism well, get easily intimidated, and battle with perfectionism and burnout.

How Do We Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy Regularly?

Having a balance of masculine and feminine energy will prevent the ugly sides of each from showing up; ensuring the best of both worlds for productivity and creation.

When we talk about balance, we're talking about the long game. If you’ve had a really creative day, it doesn’t mean you need to end with some serious critiquing. There are certain phases of our lives where we will need to lean more into one or the other energy. If you’re taking a series of tests over the course of a difficult semester, it’s okay to lean more into your masculine to help get things done for awhile. If you’re trying to make a major life decision or change, it’s okay to lean more into the feminine for awhile.

As individuals who want to manifest the things we want, we have to embrace the yin and the yang. To be in balance means not just having an idea, but taking action. Not just having knowledge, but knowing. Not just having passion, but also logic. Falling into any one extreme will create an imbalance that can throw you off of your course, just like many of the other laws we talked about already.

Our goal is to achieve balance over the course of our lives, understanding that we will go through phases and experiences where we eb and flow between the two. And, if you're feeling "off" you may ask if you're out of balance energetically.

If you’ve operated in the masculine energy for a long time, feminine energy can feel like a rest, even if it’s awkward at first. If you’ve operated in feminine energy for a long time, masculine energy can feel like too much going on, and it will be really challenging to embrace at first. It’s always uncomfortable shifting into the energy that we’re not used to, so try it out little by little and see how it feels.

In order to function at our peak as individuals and as a society, this law encourages us to utilize both our feminine and our masculine energies because that is when we are our most powerful.

To manifest what you want utilizing the Law of Gender, learn to pull from the feminine and the masculine energy, as needed, in any scenario. The person who can successfully balance the two in most situations will have knowledge and wisdom beyond their years.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles!

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