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Manifesting through Passion

Hello my beautiful souls!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to listen in to today's topic in the podcast.

In my previous post, The Force Behind Manifestation, we talked all about passion. Or, manifesting THROUGH passion. How passion drives your identity, your ability to change, to create more opportunity, and to attract new circumstances to us. 

I focused solely on the kind of passion that serves us, that fills our hearts with hope, elation, and joy. The kind of passion that breathes life into our dreams: love. 

Now that this idea has had a chance to sink in, I want to continue to talk to you about manifesting using passion; However, we're going to take this a step further. We're going to discuss pursuing the right kind of passion. 

Passion isn't always positive. It can be both positive AND negative. Love in its most intense form is an emotional expression of passion, but so is hate. Both ignite something powerful within the gateway to the soul, our heart. 

Ever heard of a crime of passion? It’s the expression of both extremes—love and hate. 

Regardless of whether passion is positive or negative, it is attracting circumstances toward us. What kind of passion are we leading with?… and is this kind of passion serving our manifestation goals?

To help you understand what I mean when I say "leading with the right kind of passion", think about the following statements:

  • You have to love abundance, more than you hate poverty. 

  • You have to love health, more than you hate disease.

  • You have to love the idea of a new job more than you hate your current job. 

  • You have to love peace, more than you hate war. 

  • You have to love a healed body, more than you hate your physical pain. 

I hated poverty for a long time, more than I loved abundance. 

There was a time when I resented wealthy people MORE than I wanted to experience their wealth. I was leaning into the wrong kind of passion. Every time a wealthy person talked about the kind of experiences they've had... that I hadn't, I would become envious, disgruntled by their financial circumstances. The emphasis was on what I was denied, not what they were given. Scarcity. EVEN THOUGH, their life experiences were exactly the kind of experiences I wanted for myself! 

I used to be so jealous of my rich coworkers who grew up skiing in Aspen. I hated that they didn't have to pay for college. I hated that their families had summer homes. I hated that they’ve never driven a car that cost less than $50,000. I hated that their parents could provide business contacts that mine never could. I hated, I hated, I hated.... but I never stopped to asked myself what I loved about the prospect of wealth.

How could I manifest something toward myself when I resented the people who had it?! I hated what I did NOT have, more than I loved the idea of getting it.

I loved being a victim to my circumstances more than I loved being a creator; Of creating that kind of wealth for myself. I was also totally unaware that I was focused on hate more than love.

We need to LOVE the things we want, more than we hate the idea of not getting them.

We get more of the things we love, but we also get more of the things we hate. When we hate things… we're just increasing the possibility that they become ours. 

We have to love a concept more than we hate its alternative. 

We need to work on stripping away the power from our hate and learn to accept what is, as best we can. We need to remove the energy we give to hate all together; To strip away its negative impact on our life. You can refer to other posts to help you do this, but I'd suggest you start with shadow work and reframing your thoughts/mindset when you notice hateful commentary.

Let’s apply our passion toward love and the belief that things WILL work out, so we keep moving in the right direction. 

So ask yourself some version of these questions: 

  1. Are you excited about success, more than you’re terrified of never getting it? 

  2. Are you looking forward to the possibility of meeting your future spouse, more than you’re worried about never finding them?

  3. Are you focused on becoming a business owner, more than you’re worried about it failing?

  4. Do you love abundance more than you hate poverty?

  5. Have you been filled with more hate than love?

Maybe you hate the idea of poverty so much, that you're grinding in a career you don’t even like because at least it pays the bills. Maybe you hate the idea of failure so much, that you refuse to start anything new even though you feel trapped. Maybe you're so afraid that you're not good enough, that you never allow yourself to feel challenged by new opportunities even though you're bored with the status quo. Never choose your desire for comfort over your passion for opportunity.

You have to become intentional about the kind of passion you pour yourself into.

We have to believe in what we're passionate about, so much so, that we cross the barrier of terror—that invisible line that keeps us where we're at instead of where we want to go (something we will talk more about in a later post).

When you find and lean into the right kind of passion… things you love and care about deeply.... everything else will fall into place. Synchronicities begin to happen. Life gets a little easier. There is less friction. More importantly, you will be happier. 

So, go find the kind of passion that will help you get the experiences you want in life. And once you’ve found it, figure out how to love it more than you fear or hate anything else. 

Thank you for hanging out with me today. I will catch you in the next post!

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