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The Force Behind Manifestation

Hello my beautiful souls!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to listen in to today's topic in the podcast.

Today I want to talk about a really powerful form of manifesting.

In the past, I’ve talked a lot about how we manifest through our identities; our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions… But as I’ve studied manifestation more over the years, there’s an element I’ve left out of these conversations… the force required to build new identities.

No one completely changes who they are on a whim. It requires something more substantial to commit to an entirely new persona; Something that drives us to create meaningful change.


Before I tell you what "this force" is... let's discuss why its important (while I refrain from making a Star Wars joke).


This force has birthed some of the brightest identities and propelled the greatest minds toward success. It is the missing piece that can make the difference between who succeeds and who doesn’t when two people are doing the same things, both “doing everything right”. Aka, they've both experienced tremendous personal growth, worked on their mindset, built a fantastic routine, rebuilt habits and a lifestyle around the person they’re becoming, found emotional resilience and stability, and even do all of the manifestation exercises that are recommended, and STILL not manifest what they want. 


So, the question is... why? Would could possibly be the reason? Is the universe just an asshole? While I’ve seriously contemplated whether or not this last part is true... it’s not. The Universe aligns with how we're "being", not what we're "doing".


The missing piece in most people's manifestation practice is:



The Most Important Thing We Need for Manifestation


Passion drives it all. It creates all. It’s what literally attracts things to you. We manifest with passion, or really through passion; Things that we are passionate about. Passion leads us to create. To create new ideas and even brand new identities. It also determines what we choose to show up for in life. The more passionate we are about changing something, the more likely we are to create it. 

Passion makes everything we do more effective. No matter how much you try to visualize, journal, or 55x5 your way to success… it will not work unless you’re connected to your passion while doing it. Otherwise, you’re just checking a box on your to-do list. But these practices are not doing anything for you. When you visualize, do not stop until you’re so connected with your passion… that you’re excited to continue on your day. Do not stop journaling until you’re bursting with love and gratitude for your life. Passion for both the life you’re living and the life you’re planning for yourself.

Some days, it might only take you 2-3 minutes to get connected. Other days, it’s taken me as long as an hour. No matter how long it takes, stick to your practice of passion. Passion practice.


Unfortunately, many of us are not connected with our passion. We might feel bored, busy, entertained, annoyed, but rarely passionate about something.

Sometimes, I'll randomly ask people what they're passionate about (especially if I’m just getting to know them). You would be surprised at how often this stumps people.

I was at a SXSW event last night and I asked the guy next to me what he was passionate about. He paused for an awkward amount of time and finally said "sales". While this could be true for him, I find it hard to believe that someone's passion in life... what drives them to show up every day... is selling product. Feeling passionate about how sales can change your lifestyle is one thing... but feeling passionate about increasing a company's revenue? Hmm... If I were to guess, he's more passionate about what he gets out of sales, and not sales itself.

I bring this up to demonstrate that few people have any idea what passion really is and even fewer have a decent answer about what drives them. 


If you were asked what you were passionate about right now, could you answer it?  


I couldn't. At least, not initially. I had to do a little soul searching to rediscover what drives me. At first, my answer was a lot like SXSW guys. I said, "spirituality" and then I thought, "no, it's manifestation". But then I determined that I needed to get more specific, so I said, "empowering people to manifest their best lives". But this was also too broad, too impersonal. It lacked the special spark that would get me to show up and choose to work on my podcast or blog over the weekend instead of bingeing Netflix. While helping people manifest is a huge part of what I love, that's not my passion. That's not the thing that DRIVES me. I continued to ask myself what I was passionate about. Finally, I began to write things down. I dug deeper.  

The Importance of Your "Why"


Ever wondered why it's important to find your why? Or why this is discussed in every online course, TED Talk, and self-help book? The reason "finding your why" is so important, is because it is another form of discovering your passion. And as we've already discovered, passion is the missing ingredient for manifestation.

"Finding your why" or your passion also gives us strength to push back against the people who try to discourage us. When our identity is passion-fueled, it is easier to ignore the haters because, unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t appreciate people who follow their passions. Instead, we discourage or talk shit about people who do.

You will find that most people value resources over passion. Most people are intimidated by those who follow their passion. They will try to keep you down, say you’re making a fool of yourself, say that you have some nerve to try and change. That’s fine. They’re only communicating their own limitations. They can’t see your vision for yourself because they don’t have your passion for it. Ultimately, they can’t understand what they’re not in alignment with... and you're on a totally different frequency. 

Find your passion so you can become relentless in your pursuit of its manifestation.

As I dug deeper into my "why", I eventually found my passion: Freedom. Freedom for myself and others. Financial freedom, freedom to travel, freedom to take off work, freedom to bestow gifts onto others, freedom to support minority business owners, freedom to pay it forward. The idea of unlimited freedom is so sexy to me, that I pretend everything I do, no matter how small, is paying for my freedom. Some tasks pay pennies, some tasks pay thousands. I even view this blog as an energetic payment toward my freedom. Even though I don't make much money blogging, I know that the value some of you get from this is energetic currency that will come back to me in some way. Of course, that's not why I do this, but viewing it that way helps me feel abundant.


If you’re struggling to determine your "why", or what you’re passionate about, this could explain your struggle to manifest or derive clarity. If you lack passion, you lack spiritual direction. You're on a road trip without a map. 

The Gift of Passion


Passion is an amazing gift we’ve been given as a species. What other animal can we look to and say they experience passion? The need to create and experience? Not just out of necessity or survival, but out of desire?

Passion is a gift that is unique to the human experience. It is the force that has led to our greatest achievements; to the creations we experience everyday. A passion for opportunities, ideas, a better world, and self-improvement. A passion to live and experience things differently. This is our gift from Spirit. This is the tool we can use to grow and change.


Passion can alter our identity so much that it causes us to change the entire direction of our lives: we change careers, change our habits, and even change aspects of our personalities.

It's more than an intense emotion; It is a combination of your soul's excitement, your emotional connection, and your spiritual journey.


I was reading a book by Adamus St. Germain recently, and he was quoted saying, “the passion of the soul… has brought enlightenment into this human realm”. Passion was our gift from spirit to help us evolve, experience, and grow.


And, passion has changed how I define the manifestation equation.


Old equation:


Identity = thoughts, emotions (passion), behaviors


New equation:


Passion = Identity = thoughts, emotions, behaviors

If your identity is the car that gets you where you want to go, passion is the gasoline, and the road is your life's experiences. You can choose to stay pulled over, off to the side, or you can floor it.


We awaken to who we truly are when we discover our passion. Or I should say rediscover…. Because our souls have always known.

Passion allows us to step into identities that are more aligned with our soul, and this version of us can be unrecognizable to people who knew us before the change.

To hear two stories about people I knew, who were changed by passion, tune into the podcast episode. <3


Let your passion serve you. 


Find your passion, and keep chasing it relentlessly. So many people pursue things they're passionate about temporarily, but then allow limited programming or social programming to convince us that we won’t make it, so we stop before it gets good. Don’t let your old beliefs cloak themselves in logic to override your passions. 


Your programming comes from society, from the past, from the way things were. Your programming keeps you where you are, experiencing more of the same. Your passion comes from your soul, for the possibility of a different future. Your passion drives new opportunities toward you; it attracts new circumstances and experiences.


Pursue your passion at all costs. Allow it to mold you into a person driven by passion, to change your identity permanently, to propel you into an entirely new reality. 

Thank you for hanging out with me today. I will catch you in the next post!

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