The Power of Complimenting Yourself (Morning Manifestation Hack)

I bring you today’s topic, the power of complimenting yourself, as a lesson learned by me... earlier this month. Evan and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary together in early December. Since we couldn’t go anywhere, we opted for a celebration at home with a charcuterie board on our nicest cutting board, with cheese from our favorite cheese shop, we had a few glasses of champagne, more than a few glasses, and... I'm a whiskey gal, so I had a couple old fashions to top it off....(big mistake).

You probably know where this story is going already... the next morning was a little less than ideal. I was dehydrated, feeling run down, note quite as sprite as I like to be (to put it lightly!).

I walked into our bathroom that morning and began taking a visual inventory.... you know, starting to note all the things you need to “correct”.

I wasn’t consciously doing this, but I found myself thinking things like, “I need to pack on some moisture today, cover up those dark circles under my eyes, definitely could use some eyebrow tweezing, oh I really need to get a workout in today I look a bit bloated....” etc. etc. etc. I was in the middle of this stream of unconsciousness when I finally realized what I was doing and had this moment of reflection.