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How I Manifested My Partner

Hello hello!

Thank you THANK YOU for coming here to check out today's conversation that is ALL about my journey toward finding my partner, Evan; the trauma I needed to experience, the relationships I needed to endure, the healing I had to allow, and then the ultimate path toward letting go and manifesting my now life partner.

This topic is still SO raw and emotional for me, that it is not a topic I'm willing to put to paper (webpage?) YET. I would love to be able to share this story with y'all in written form at some point, but there is obviously some inner work I still need to do before blogging about this subject. For whatever reason, the written word seems so much more permanent than the audio of my blog.

Instead of reading about my story, this week I direct you to the podcast for my unedited, vulnerable, and embarrassing story that ultimately led me to my spouse.

I contemplated taking a lot of the story out, offering more of an explanation, saving this episode for later, scraping this episode all together...and yet, if there is one person who can benefit from my story, I know I would want them to listen. So, I felt compelled to share my beautifully messy story with the masses. And, maybe I'll heal a bit of my own soul by doing so.

So here it is, in all it's vulnerable glory. Enjoy, babe <3


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