How to Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Jul 12

Today I want to continue last week’s conversation about emotional regulation and creating healthier neuropathways. To do that, we’re going to talk about… the Emotional Guidance Scale. My new favorite topic of late.

As I’ve said before, your emotions drive your thoughts and behaviors. In other words you’re manifesting your emotions, so it’s important to continually check in with them. Thankfully, the scale I’m going to talk about will help you do this.

Emotional Guidance Scale (EGS)

The EGS is a scale (see image below) by Abraham-Hicks that helps you identify your current emotional set point; in other words, your frequency. The Emotional Guidance Scale is a list of 22 emotions ranging from joy at #1 to depression at #22, with all of the emotions in between. Each emotion has a set frequency associated with it and the corresponding frequencies can be measured. As we know, the higher our frequency, the more we’re able to manifest the good things we want. To that end, we can use this scale to determine our frequency, based on our emotion, and figure out how to increase our vibration.

The EGS was created to help you determine your set point, or your vibrational frequency, at any given moment. Whether you check-in during an argument, at the end of the day, while you’re watching tv, while painting, on your way to work, this scale was designed to give you a path to increase your frequency. Consider this guiding scale as a roadmap that will help you get from where you are when you check-in, to where you want to be emotionally, in order to manifest.

The EGS was designed to help you access where you’re at emotionally, WITHOUT the guilt of where you “should be”. In a roundabout way, this scale can be seen as validating our negative emotions: while this seems counterintuitive, validating our negative emotions can be an important step toward letting go of the self-shaming that can come from having them. Speaking from experience, this scale helped me end my cycle of self-shaming by providing a logical roadmap that showed me where I was, and logically which emotion I could strive for, to increase my vibration step-by-step.

The EGS is especially helpful when you feel like joy is too far away from your current emotional state. It helps eliminate the overwhelm of your emotions so that you can get back on track. After all, what you’re feeling, is what you’re manifesting. Unfortunately, the idea of maintaining positivity for manifestation can cause us to try and shame ourselves out of negative emotions. This isn’t healthy or helpful. When you want to get to joy, and you’re not anywhere close, this guide helps you figure out what to do to rise one vibrational frequency at a time—eventually reaching your goal.

How to Use the Emotional Guidance Scale

To start using the EGS, first identify what emotion you’re currently feeling on this scale of 22 emotions. Once you’ve done this, figure out what you need to do to rise up to the next emotion on the list. If I’m at contentment, #7, how do I get to hopefulness at #6? Once I get there, how do I rise one more step toward the next emotion—positive expectation? No matter where you are on the scale, achieving joy is possible. Identify your current state and focus on improving your emotional frequency by one step. Repeat. The scale is your emotional GPS; your pathway to joy.

Once you’ve been able to get to “joy” the next step is to maintain that feeling.

Maintaining consistent “joy” can feel like a hard task because we’re conditioned to experience it in moments. Most of us are raised by parents, guardians, or society which have pessimistic viewpoints, or at most, believe the idea that life at its fullest “should” render us content and comfortable. For most of us, elation and joy are taught to grace us during rare occasions only…. right? How often do people talk about finding constant joy every day? Not just at retirement, not once you’ve “made it”, not once you’re wealthy, not once you… XYZ. The EGS exists because most of us do not know how to find consistent joy, or that we can...

I’ve also found that this scale helps counteract something that happens to a lot of us—external shaming. When we begin our manifestation journeys, people love to tell us, “Just show gratitude! Be happy! Find your joy! Don’t be negative or you will manifest negative things!” These statements are made by well-meaning people—admittedly I’ve been one of them before. Here is the thing…. if you’re at a #10, which is frustration, and someone tells you off the cuff that “you just need to find joy”, which is #1 on the scale, you’re going to be pissed. You’re too energetically different to connect with this comment. The advice, “just find joy” when you’re frustrated, will at BEST make you continuously frustrated, OR drop you down further on the scale to #11—overwhelm. The emotional difference between frustration and joy is too wide. The difference is so noticeable that it will perpetuate your frustration. Or, you may feel that you will never reach joy as a result. No one wants to sit in frustration! We conceptually know that finding joy would be the best outcome—if we could get there. When you can’t imagine getting to joy, despite these well-intended people, try not to focus on how far you have to go. This thought alone can get you into the all or nothing mindset, “I’m over here in frustration…. joy is wayyyyyyy over there… and the distance between us feels insurmountable. How frustrating”. This will keep you where you are.

Additionally, when we get overwhelmed, we tend to go into fight or flight mode. This could mean staying where we are and feeling hopeless, OR lashing out, OR using unhealthy coping mechanisms to numb the current negative emotional set point.

Stop worrying about how far you have to go to achieve joy. In fact, throw the idea of achieving joy out altogether, for now. If it feels too unattainable, then let’s just start where you are. Find out your frequency and determine what it will take to increase, or to even find a neutral emotion.

On this scale, boredom is better than anger. Contentment is better than sadness. Hatred is better than depression. Find a way to go up, one emotion at a time, without shaming yourself for the fact that you’re not at joy yet. Go up one step from depression to hatred, and celebrate that change.

Getting Up from Depression

A lot of people can get discouraged when they see depression at the very bottom. However, there are so many people out there who struggle with depression (which is emotion #22) and find their way toward joy, one emotion at a time. You know what emotions vibrate higher than depression? Guilt, jealousy, rage, anger, discouragement, blame, worry, doubt…. we have to remember that these emotions are all IMPROVEMENTS. Unfortunately, society wants people who are depressed to go from #22 on the scale all the way up to #5—optimism. This isn’t possible. The energetic difference is too wide. That’s 17 steps up the ladder from where they are! Instead, we need to celebrate anger, resentment, frustration, blame

because these are all improvements.

Let’s be kind to people who are experiencing depression. We need to encourage ANY other emotion they experience, even if its rage, hatred, or blame… because this means they’re headed in the right direction—toward joy. It just doesn’t look like it yet TO YOU. It’s not your depression, it’s theirs. If someone is depressed and we beat them down for showing a vibrationally higher emotion (like anger which is #17 on the scale) then guess what they go back to…. #22, depression. The divide between where they are and joy widens. If someone is depressed and finally experiences anger, celebrate that improvement. Celebrate the anger and their journey toward joy.

If you’re experiencing depression and you have family member or friends who are discouraging your anger, hatred, rage, jealousy, guilt, insecurity, and I mean this in a loving way…screw em’. Get some space. Protect YOUR progress. If you have depression, please seek out a professional therapist and do not take this post as a substitution. I highly recommend getting the support you need along your journey.

All Emotions are Human, All Emotions are Appropriate at Some Point

I hope this serves as a reminder that as you work your way up the scale… short-term anger is okay, hatred is okay, frustration is okay, etc. Remember that even a neutral emotion is a step in the right direction. One day, these emotions will help you get to where you want to be—feeling joy. Experiencing negative emotions and allowing yourself to EMOTE THEM, is a great way to let them go for good as you work your way up the scale. Every person’s path is different And yours may be the path you need to take to manifest your dreams. And, you’re always on the right path.

Feel the emotions you need to, make space to experience them, and you will move TOWARD joy, even if it means hitting every other emotion on the scale before getting there.

Ask yourself: What is your emotional set point RIGHT NOW? Can you increase your emotional set point by ONE frequency up the scale? If you’re experiencing frustration, can you go up one rung on the scale to achieve pessimism? If not, what needs to change to make this increase possible? Take ownership of your experience. Once you achieve pessimism, can you go up one more rung to boredom? Repeat.

To summarize what we’ve talked about: anytime you’re struggling to get to a positive state, ask yourself where you are on the emotional guidance scale and how you can level up just ONE MORE emotional frequency. It’s not about getting to the top; it’s about going up from where you are.

Thank y’all so much for reading! Have a fantastic rest of your week. I will catch y’all next Monday! Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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