How to Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to Raise Your Vibration

Today I want to continue last week’s conversation about emotional regulation and creating healthier neuropathways. To do that, we’re going to talk about… the Emotional Guidance Scale. My new favorite topic of late.

As I’ve said before, your emotions drive your thoughts and behaviors. In other words you’re manifesting your emotions, so it’s important to continually check in with them. Thankfully, the scale I’m going to talk about will help you do this.

Emotional Guidance Scale (EGS)

The EGS is a scale (see image below) by Abraham-Hicks that helps you identify your current emotional set point; in other words, your frequency. The Emotional Guidance Scale is a list of 22 emotions ranging from joy at #1 to depression at #22, with all of the emotions in between. Each emotion has a set frequency associated with it and the corresponding frequencies can be measured. As we know, the higher our frequency, the more we’re able to manifest the good things we want. To that end, we can use this scale to determine our frequency, based on our emotion, and figure out how to increase our vibration.