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Abundance is Your Birthright

Hello my beautiful souls!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to listen in to today's topic in the podcast.

Today we are talking about abundance (aka, your birthright). Knowing that you already have everything you need to be successful within you, to manifest the life that you want.

I was recently inspired by a workshop of Bob Proctor‘s You Were Born Rich, where he talks about the abundance of creation, creative source, energy, and our own divinity. He describes that we all deserve to be wealthy because we are born rich—we are born rich with opportunity, ability, and the willingness to create.

However, somewhere along the way (because of our human experience and individual traumas), we forget the source of our creative energy and we fall into habits that do not serve us (victimization, negative thoughts, self-deprecation, etc.). We begin to believe that our world has limits, that the things we want are hard to come by, and that life is unfair. Many of us may have experienced things in life that validate these beliefs.

While your reasons for feeling this way are valid, it’s imperative that we examine this conditioning so that we can move past it. Most (if not all) of us spend the rest of our lives trying to decommission the beliefs that do not serve us.

However, we can find our way back to our inner creative power, to harness it for ourselves, so that we can create the lives we want. Even with our conditioning, our ability to connect with this side of us never goes away. We are ALWAYS connected to source’s creative and infinite power.

As Bob talks about our divine birthright, our infinite connection to the Universe, I found myself drifting to manifestation—the byproduct of this abundant energy. I am reminded that it all comes from the exact same place within us. You might call that place God, energy, the Big Bang, the universe, etc. Whatever the source of creation was… It is still within all of us. It wants to continue creating and we are its medium.

Our Bodies are Star Dust

From a literal perspective, everything that makes up our physical bodies can be traced back to the Big Bang: our atoms, cells, minerals, elements, molecules… Everything that makes up our bodily composition, came from the essence of our Universe (aka, source energy). We are made up of particles that came from Source. We are a physical expression of Source. We are star dust.

Unbelievably, this is just our physical connection.

Every aspect of us is an extension of source. Our mind, body, and spirit are all made up of Source energy.

On a daily basis, I am reminded that I am made up of this creative source energy. That source lives within me. The creative power that created the universe runs through my veins and my soul.

How to Connect with Our Inner Power

Connecting with spirit is not something we have to "do". The connection is ALWAYS there. Instead, we need to learn to pickup on its ques and re-establish a healthy recognition. The best way to do this is simple: slow down and create.

When we create for ourselves, using this force within us, we are actively engaging with Spirit. When we slow down, listen, and allow ourselves to become inspired, we are engaging with Spirit.

Just like the Universe’s desire to create something out of nothing, our souls contain this same creative spark.

If you recall the Law of Divine Oneness from an earlier post, we’re all interconnected as different parts of the same whole. Different expressions of the same Universe, experiencing itself in many physical forms. When we create, we connect with the part of us that has already built galaxies.

This is the reason we’re drawn to create. Whether our creative medium is painting, dancing, an excel spreadsheet, music, gardening, building cars…. We’re all drawn to create because this is the side of us that has already created everything and it’s itching to continue to build upon its creation, through all of us.

This creative energy is responsible for everything within your physical and energetic reality. This creative energy exists within you, within me, within everyone. We’re always connected to it and through it.

As we think about the sheer power and the creative force that spirit had to pull from in order to create this universe, this galaxy, this world, these people, these animals, and whatever else exists out there… I'm amazed by the miracle of it all. All of these creations took a ton of power to generate. A ton of creative energy to manifest.

This kind of source energy creates effortlessly. It doesn’t know its own power or lack of power. It just is. It is not bound by physical or material constraints. It is truly unlimited.

You don’t have to do anything to connect to this powerful source energy. It is always within you. It is always connected to you.

This powerful creative force exists within all of us. It is directly related to our ability to use manifestation as a source of personal creation.

We might experience resistance in the way of doubt, worry, fear, etc… but even so, we’re always connected to source. We just may have less creative energy flowing to us until we work to remove this resistance so that creative flow can effortlessly attract things to us.

When I’m thinking about manifesting the things that I want and I start to doubt, worry, and experience limiting beliefs… I remind myself that the exact same source energy that created absolutely everything around me, exists within me.

If this creative energy could create galaxies, universes, species, and whatever else is out there… Then manifesting the things I want in this life, seems so simple in comparison.

What is the creation of a new job, relationship, or money compared to everything this energy has already built? Why do I believe that the things I want would be difficult for source to bring to me when source has created literally everything around me? And anything I attract to me, will also come from source.

So, never be nervous, doubtful, or worried that what you’re asking for is too much, too big, or too crazy of an idea… because there is no such thing. The Universe may have better plans for you, which is another topic, but it will never tell you that your desires are too much. You deserve the things you want simply because you exist and you're an extension of Spirit.

Abundance is your birthright. You are divine creation. You are the Universe experiencing itself. You just ARE. To connect with this side of you, take chances and create. See where this energy takes you.

Manifesting Abundance in Spite of Doubt

When I find myself sinking into old habits, thinking my desires are "too much", I remind myself that asking the Universe for "too much" is like asking Puccini or Beethoven to play us a single note, when they’ve already created masterpieces. Of course they could play a single note for you! In fact, if you will let them, they’ll write you something even more beautiful than a single note.

When I remind myself of this, I know that the things I want in life aren’t out of reach. They’re not difficult. They’re not too big or too crazy. They wouldn’t be difficult for Source to create through us, if we allowed.

In many ways, manifestation is the creative and physical expression of our inner expectations and our identity: who we believe ourselves to be and what we believe ourselves to be worth.

Our identity is the blueprint for our lives that we give to the creative energy within us. Whatever we believe about ourselves... is only true because of our belief. Our identity is what we're manifesting more of. Whether we like our identity, or not, the Universe will continue to create our reality based upon it. Our lives are simply an expression of this creative force, continuing to expand its reach.

To manifest what you want, in spite of your doubts, establish a new identity for yourself and begin "acting as-if". Find a few habits that this new version of you would have, and begin to implement them. This sounds too easy, and it is... but this compound effect of your new habits that align with your new identity will reaffirm to the Universe who you're becoming, and what you can attract, as a result.

Believe that you are worthy of whatever it is you desire. Believe that you are a child of the Universe. Creative source simply continues to create, attract, and you are creative source; therefore, abundance is your birthright.

Using this creative energy, we can manifest miracles because that’s what the creative energy has already done. We are no exception because we are a part of this creative energy, this spirit.

If you’re doing the work, and you’re thinking about stepping into the identity that you want manifest, and you’re thinking about getting into the right state of mind and emotion, it’s helpful to remind yourself of your connection to the powerful force of creation within you. To pull from this source of power. To work with it and co-create with it.

Own Your Power, Create Change

We are powerful. You can lean on this power within you, this creative source energy, to help you overcome your fears, your doubts, your limiting beliefs, etc. You could lean on this creative source energy to help you manifest the things you want. It’s only as difficult as you believe it needs to be.

Many of us were conditioned to believe that everything requires a ton of work, effort, hustle, grind, etc.... but it doesn’t. Everything I talk about in this blog isn’t about doing MORE. It’s actually about doing LESS and being "more" as a byproduct.

A lot of times, creating a new identity for ourselves will happen when we STRIP AWAY the negative ideas and the beliefs that don’t serve us. Stripping away the resistance. Stripping away the identities that aren’t helping you. Getting us closer and closer to the essence of who we are by removing all of the conditioning that's in the way of what we want. Getting us closer and more in touch with the creative essence within us so that one day the creative source just flows, attracts, creates, inspires.

You already have everything you need to create, within you. It has ALWAYS been there and it will always be there.

This energy exists within you, so harness it, use it! You are source energy experiencing itself in a physical reality. The universe cannot manifest for you, but it can manifest through you.

I repeat. Source cannot do for you, what it cannot do through you.

We are co-creators with universe. It can bring you the things you want, but you have to meet it halfway. You have to allow it to work through you to release the resistance to it, so this creative force can flow without barriers. Creative source is stronger than your resistance. Let it flow.

You are extremely powerful. Your mind, your body, your spirit… all of these things are very powerful because you exist from and in source energy.

To manifest the things that you want, you’re simply pulling from the energy that you already have; The energy that was used to create this world, this universe, this dimension, is within you. It’s within the things that you want, it’s within your resistance, it’s within your fears, it’s within your worries, it is within your happiness, it is within your joy, it is within everything…

This creative source energy created everything out of nothing... and it can do the same for you without hesitation. There are no limits to what this source of energy can create through you.

Always remember this connection to source energy (and, your own power). Remember that nothing is impossible for you because you are an extension of source having an experience in this physical reality.

I hope today’s post inspires you to create without worry or fear. I hope this episode encourages you to pull from the power that is within you, and that has always existed within you, so that you can manifest the life you want.

You’re on the right track, you’re always on the right track, you are supported, you are the universe, you were born rich. Harness your power, it comes from within.

This energy creates all that is and that ever will be. This energy is within you. Abundance is your birthright.

Thank you for hanging out with me today. I will catch you in the next post!

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