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Maintain Your Goals While Manifesting

Hello my beautiful souls!

Welcome back to the Modern Manifestation blog. Feel free to listen in to today's topic in the podcast.

Today’s post is centered around helping you get ready for the new year. Specifically, common mistakes people make when they’re trying to manifest their goals.

I'm also going to spend a moment introduce some of the things that I will be talking about in my workshop, which you can access instantly, today!

In this workshop we are going to review 2022 and our plans for 2023 as we prepare for the year ahead of us. The past can inform our future success!

The Year Ahead Workshop

In the Year Ahead workshop, we will expand upon the content within this post: how to work around these challenges, how I set my goals, how I keep track of my goals, accountability, and so much more! Plus, you will get access to my digital planning workbook and a visualization meditation.

If you cannot make that date or time work, you will still get access to everything in the workshop when you sign-up, including a video replay of the live session, so you can finish it on your own time (this year, and every year!).

The best part is? The workshop only costs $30! I know it is stupid inexpensive. I did this because I wanted to make this planning session accessible to everyone. As we enter this recession, I want everyone to be prepared for the year ahead of us. I made this affordable so that anyone can use this to their advantage if they want it (without the added stress of money).

Committing to this workshop will help propel you toward your goals. This will be different than other resolution workshops because we will be integrating mindset and manifestation tips along the way, taught by someone (me) who is neurodivergent (ADHD) and has had to find ways to make goal setting more do-able! In other words, I try to make it easier and more exciting.

I’m designing this workshop, and the accompanying workbook, so that you can reuse this material year after year (2024, 2025, 2026, 2042, etc.).

In addition to this reusable digital workbook, you will get unlimited access to the video replay, the visualization meditation, manifestation prompts, and all the mindset tips that are available within the workshop itself.

This will give you the inspiration you need to kickstart 2023, so in January, you’re not rushing to set goals OR decide to wait until the next Monday, and then the next, and the next… until you find yourself in December having made no progress.

I used to dread the end of the year because I would feel disappointed about my lack of progress, I would have regrets about the things I had not accomplished, I would sit there "shoulding" all over myself…. Until I got tired of this narrative.

I decided to form new habits that helped me with my goals. So if you’ve never set goals for the new year before, or or if you find that you are someone that struggles to maintain your goals long-term, or if you are someone that's easily overwhelmed when deciding what to plan for…. This is workshop for you.

I hope you join me. <3

Now let’s jump into the challenges people face when they’re trying to manifest their goals and the biggest struggles that cause us to get in our own way when trying to set resolutions.

**Before I jump into the list, please note that todays topic is about awareness and not about how to resolve these struggles. This decision was made out of respect for those who have purchased the workshop. I would never want them to feel as though they paid for something the could have gotten for free.**

This is an updated and upgraded version of my eight steps toward manifesting a better year, from 2020.

Reasons Why We Struggle to Maintain Our Goals While Manifesting

Below are the common struggles people face when trying to manifest the things we want. The challenges include:

1. All or nothing mindset

We allow our black and white thinking to get in the way. An example of this might be thoughts like, “I have to start my resolutions on the start of the year, January 1”, “I have to start on a Monday”, “I have to start at the beginning of the day”, “If I’m not perfect, I have to start over”, etc.

Maybe you are trying to eat healthier by cutting out sugar throughout the day, and mid day you have a cookie, then you think, “crap, now I have to start all over again tomorrow. You know what, better make it Monday instead”. And then you allow yourself to binge on sugar for the rest of the day because "you already messed up". Sound familiar? Same! This is a great example of the "all of nothing" inflexible mindset. Perfection or bust.

2. Waiting for motivation to strike

You keep waiting to be in the right mood before you start something…. this is usually a sneaky trick from your ego. Our ego can keep us from feeling motivated because it doesn’t like change. Saying that, “I’ll do it when I’m feeling motivated” is a convenient way to keep us in our status quo, to keep us from change, to keep us in our zone of safety. Thanks, Ego.

If you’re sitting around, waiting for motivation to strike, you may never start. Your ego might keep the feeling of motivation from you, indefinitely. It may strike, but you "remember" all of the things you need to do first. And magically... that feeling of motivation goes away, or you're too tired. Ego = 1 Us = 0.

You don’t need to wait for optimal mental space in order to be ready for change or to start making progress toward your goals. How long are you willing to wait?

3. Waiting for the right time

You’ve had a goal in mind for years, and you keep waiting for the right time to start. We know, consciously, that there’s never a right time. But we still say things like, “I’m going to start making progress once my kids are in school”, “I’ll do this once work slows down”, “I’ll do this when I’m not in my busy season”, “I’ll do this once my mothers health is better”, “I’ll do this once I... [fill in the blank].

We're always waiting for the right time. We might even use the idea of needing something first to facilitate the same narrative. If it’s not the right time, maybe it’s not the right materials… you might convince yourself that you will start once you buy a brand new journal, or after you take a course, or after you go grocery shopping, or after you read another book about your goal so you can do it perfectly.

There’s always a really convenient reason why ‘now’ is not the ‘right’ time, so we kick the can. Hello again, my Ego friend.

4. You’re setting goals you don’t believe in

You don’t believe that you can accomplish your goal when you set it. You set yourself up for failure before you even begin. As an example, let's say you’re making $40,000 a year as a teacher and you write down that your goal is to make make $1 million this year. But, as you write this down, the little voice in the back of your head says, “ya, right”. Then you start thinking about how hard that would be, or where that money could even come from.... Or, you may not be consciously aware of this internal dialogue. Check in. Don’t write down goals because you think that’s what you 'should' write.

5. Your goals are too vague

You can’t articulate what it’s going to look like when you actually hit your goals. This ambiguity has a way of keeping us safe. On one hand, if we hit the goal, how are we ever going to know? Alternatively, if we don’t hit the goal… how are we ever going to know?

This is a sneaky tactic our subconscious will use to protect you from the perception of failure. If we’re not too specific with our goals, it gives us an out if we don’t hit them. It takes the pressure down a notch. That way, we never have to say we failed to hit a goal. Ego = 2, Us = 0.

When goals are too vague, it keeps us from making progress.

6. You set too many goals

We get too ambitious, too quickly. This also ties into the 'all or nothing' mindset.. When we decide we're in, we're ALL in. Instead of 1-3 goals, you want to set 10-200, “I’m setting 20 or non at all”.

I used to be really bad about this. Every year, I would try to accomplish about 10 resolutions a day. Then I would wonder why I was burnt out after a week. It felt good to write down: journal, meditate, do yoga, eat healthy, visualize, drink 72 oz water, go for a walk, say affirmations, workout, and read a chapter of a book.... but this is planning to fail long-term.

When we do this, we shock our nervous system. When we shock our nervous system which throws us into fight or flight mode. When we enter the fight or flight mode, we experience adrenal fatigue, we’re exhausted, we’re unable to focus, to be productive… This level of change is too much too fast. It opens up a door for your ego to step in and say, “See! I knew this would happen. I knew change was bad. I’ll take it from here”, and then your routine is gone and you no longer have any plans. Progress will feel unsafe.

7. You're not flexible enough

You do not give yourself flexibility to change, pivot, or start over based on your circumstances (do you see how this "all or nothing" mindset can show up everywhere?!). Your goals will have a better chance of manifesting if you give yourself the ability to alter your goals as you receive feedback. Feedback might look like, "Mondays are really busy with work, it would be better if I committed to this goal on T, TH, and SA instead of MWF" or "30 minuets of reading every day is too much. I'm going to shift this to 10 minutes every other day".

When we don’t give ourselves flexibility, we throw our nervous system out of whack. When our nervous system is not in alignment, we do not feel healthy, we do not feel good, and we start messing with a whole manifestation equation. Give yourself the ability to fluctuate, for your goals to move with you in life.

Goals are not meant to be rigid. They’re meant to be elastic, so allow them to grow, expand, and to contract.

Give yourself permission to take in feedback and make your goals work with you.

8. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself

You give too much meaning to words like "progress", "timing", and even "manifesting". When you put too much pressure on yourself, you may not notice your progress and you could even get in your own way when it comes to manifesting. Allow yourself to progress in the timeline that you need to progress in, no matter how long this takes. Any progress, is progress in the right direction. It’s forward movement.

If you do nothing, you will always remain where you are. If you can do one thing each week, you’re one step further than where you are right now.

Timing is arbitrary. There is no reason why a goal has to take “12 months”. It could take 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, or even longer! Only the universe knows what your divine timing is.

Progress is progress. And, progress over perfection. Stagnation is when you’re not moving forward at all for the sake of safety. Progress is what happens when you take one step forward.

I don’t care how many steps you take in the next 12 months as long as you’re moving forward. Allow yourself the flexibility to accept whatever the timeline needs to be, celebrate the progress you experience, and do not get discouraged by small movement. In other words, be gentle with yourself! <3

Sometimes the universe just wants us to say ‘yes’ to progress. She just wants us to say ‘yes’ to taking this first step forward. When we show that we are committed to co-creating with it, it’ll meet us halfway. Celebrate progress and have gratitude for your journey.

Now is the Time

You have the time and the ability to make a plan, right now. Those who plan, take action. Those who take action, subscribe to the law of action. When you subscribe to the law of action, you are allowing manifestations to unfold for you and you begin to co-create with the universe.

Plan to take action so you can take the first step toward manifesting the things you want in your life. To bringing the things you want to you.

I hope this post has been helpful! If you’re interested in learning more about overcoming these struggles, please consider joining me in my workshop , or by reviewing the replay following so you can take this with you anytime, anywhere!

Thank you for hanging out with me today. I will catch you in the next post!

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