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The Year Ahead Planning Workshop

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This workshop prepares you for goal setting by walking you through how manifestation and your mindset work together to encourage, or discourage, your goal setting efforts. By learning how to transition from a fixed to a growth mindset, you rewire your brain for abundance, making goal setting easier to maintain. The accompanying workbook will guide you through various exercises that are designed to walk you through overall awareness and into the details that make up your day-to-day. This transition from a macro to a micro focus will help you define the opportunities for growth within your life. Since small changes create the biggest results, we focus on the smallest steps we can take to help you design goals that are exciting, sustainable, and achievable. This workshop will help you ANY time you want to set goals and maintain them, no matter what time of year it is! Let’s create the life you want, together. We cover: - The cycle of manifestation - A fixed vs. a growth mindset - Opportunities for change - The past 12 months - The next 12 months - Setting specific (micro) goals - Designing a theme for your progress - Establishing indicators of motivation - Journaling exercises to help you gain clarity - Planners to assist you with time blocking And more!

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