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How to Create a Manifestation Box

Hello hello!

I’ve had a lot of people reach out on Instagram lately and ask me, “How do I manifest a new job, relationship, money, etc.” We talk a lot about getting into the manifestation mindset in this blog, so let’s change it up a bit with a manifestation tool instead!

If you saw last week’s episode, you know I’m not a fan of using tools as something to check off the morning routine, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of using manifestation tools. I am all about using tools to help you BECOME, or to raise your vibration. But the difference comes into play when approaching the tool as a way to stay in the head versus getting into the heart.

So, in opposition to what I talked about last week, today I thought I'd talk about a tool that helps me get out of my head and into the being, into a state of attracting. And I hope you can use this tool to do the same for yourself.

What is a Manifestation Box?

This tool is called the Manifestation Box, also known as the Creative Box. I got this idea from Esther and Jerry Hicks’s book, Ask and It Is Given (highly recommend btw). I love the Creative Box because it is a type of visualization practice that you integrate throughout the day, instead of during one sitting meditative visualization practice. I really like this box idea because vision boards don't really do it for me, personally. I know a lot of people that use them with success and love them, but they're not my main jam. I always forget to look at it, I don't like the clutter they create, and they seem to lose their allure once I’m done creating them. Creating them on Canva instead helps, but I generally find that a vision board only works for me in the creation process and then I need to move on to something else. I’m no longer interested emotionally invested in the board once I finish it. This is where the Creative Box comes in for me!

I love the Creative Box because this is a practice that can be something that you do throughout your day, so it becomes a part of your lifestyle. It’s not just something you do once a day for a set amount of time. It is a continuous daily exploration. No need to set aside time when you’re really busy because it’s integrated.

Set Your Intention

Determine what you want your box to represent. It can represent your ideal lifestyle, a new career, a vacation, a house, a partner, a car.... there are new limits to what this box represents, but make sure you’re clear about the intention. What do you want most? When you've decided, label your box with this intention.

Side note—when I say box, this can be whatever you want it to be; a shoe box, a recycled food box, an Amazon box, whatever you have. For this exercise, I prefer to make this an actual box and not a digital folder because it forces me to be more intentional and focused on it, but whatever you prefer is fine.

If you choose a physical box, decorate it however you want. Make sure the box makes you feel good to look at. Or, you can get a really cute box from Target or Marshalls that have that little slide in labels on the front. These would be cute to write your intention on. But, make it your own. Do whatever feels right. The world is your oyster! It's YOUR creative box, not mine.

Fill Your Box

Once you have your box created, start looking for things to put into your box that represent what it is you want to manifest. If you're trying to manifest a dream beach vacation then you might put a toy airplane inside, or a picture of a swimsuit from a catalogue, a cute passport protector, seashells, a postcard with a gorgeous view of a beach, OR maybe you find a really cute pair of sunglasses at the store that you would LOVE to wear on this vacation—buy them and put them in your box (or take a picture)! This is meant to be done over time, so EVERY DAY you're looking for new things that make you feel good and remind you of this dream vacation.

Start by only putting a few things in your box. No need to fill it up day one. In fact, do not do this because then it is “complete”. Leave some space for other items you find. We’re not looking for a reward or instant gratification, we’re looking to engage in the process of creating this box. This is a great exercise for recovering perfectionists for that reason, by the way. Then sit with your box every so often and review the contents. Imagine how your collected items might fit into your dream vacation, when you might use or see them, how you FEEL as you interact with them—get specific.

Get Optimistic About What You Might Find

When you're out and about, keep an eye open for things that make you happy and could fit into your vacation box. The idea is to get excited when you find new things, to stay in an optimistic mindset when you're going through your day-to-day, and allowing the surprises of things that fit in the box to bring you joy. It's about finding little moments that raise your vibration. Doing this helps you raise your overall average daily vibration. Walk out of the house everyday prepared to look for confirmation of your dream and find trinkets to include in your box that represent this confirmation. Imagine that each find is the Universe’s way of communicating with you. It’s saying, “Yes, it’s coming.... here is the physical representation of this ‘yes’”.

Now you know how to put this together. Let’s talk a bit more about the mindset associated.

In the book, Ask and it is Given, they also mention that the creative box requires three things: Ask, Answer, Allow.


The first tip is to ask for what you want. We know how to ask, we do it all the time. “I want a job that is fulfilling”, “I want a relationship I feel safe in”, “I want a million dollars”. Asking is the easy part, we’ve got this part DOWN. This is the part where you decide what the intention is for your box. And, this is the ask you want return to every time you include something new in the box. Insert a picture of a brand-new car? Ask the Universe for this car as you insert it into the Manifestation Box.


The second tip is beyond us, it's the answering part of the equation. This is up to Source, and Source always creates opportunity for you. What you ask for, it will to give. Positive or negative, it doesn't matter. You ask, it will provide.


The last and the third tip is the hardest part of this 3-step process, allow. This is the part of the process where we tend to self-jeopardize due to the ideas and beliefs we’ve adopted. We tend to create resistance, by imposing limitations on ourselves, so that we can't actually accept what is being given. "I can only get this vacation by working hard....", or "I'll need to make X amount of money before I can get that car", or "there just isn't anyone out there for me". We determine and restrict the way things can come to is, we self-impose rules.

Conceptually, we want to allow the things we want to come naturally to us, but our limiting beliefs are keeping us from being able to. We assume that the things we want can only come to us through a pre-determined pathway. A pathway that already carries baggage and overwhelm for you. As an example, you might think “I can only go on vacation if I can make $X amount of money”. But you might have ideas about how hard that money will be to get, or how unlikely it is; thus, that is the energy you’re carrying into this ask. This is resistance.

I created an analogy to help describe resistance, and it’s pretty corny, but bear with me:

Resistance is like asking for an apple, having the Universe throw one to you, and then every time you’re about to catch the apple, you hit it with a tennis racket instead. Maybe you don’t think the apple can be thrown, perhaps you think it must be picked up off the ground. This belief created the resistance, the inability to accept what was coming to you. And because the apple wasn’t on the ground, you send it away with your thoughts, via the tennis racket, because it’s not a match for your expectation. You don’t think an apple can be thrown to you, so you’re not open to receiving it that way. Instead, you continue to search the ground for apples as you block the apples being thrown. Or, maybe the Universe throws you a Honey-crisp apple, but you were expecting a Pink Lady. Instead of catching, you smack it down as you wait for exactly what you’re looking for, missing all the new flavor opportunities these other apples provide.

It could be easier to receive, but we make it more difficult. We all do. We’re conditioned this way from birth. If you tell a toddler that they will receive a million dollars tomorrow, they simply believe you. They don’t create resistance until they’ve inherited some of their parents’ beliefs about money. Resistance keeps you from allowing.

Resistance is also why I talk so freaking much about your mindset. Your limiting beliefs are often the very reason why you're not manifesting the things you want. I have several podcast episodes and blogs that touch on limiting beliefs if you want to go back and get a refresh (episode #24 in the podcast).

To summarize, limiting beliefs cause resistance. They also cause desire from scarcity. As we talked about last week in episode 46, when you desperately want something you’re a match to the ABSENCE of what you want. Not the receiving of, the absence of. You're a match for the "not having" of the thing you want. Desperation is scarcity. That is why I love the Manifestation Box because it is designed to get you excited and optimistic. It’s about looking for confirmation of the receiving. And, if at ANY TIME the box causes you desperately search for things, STOP and reset or take a break. Avoid desperation, it will keep you where you are.

To recap, ask for what you want with intention, the Universe will answer, and then you need to allow by letting go of resistance so that you can be open to receiving.

That is the Manifestation/Creative Box tool!

A few additional tips for you to consider if you try this out: Avoid engaging with your box until you’re in a good mood. If you're ever engaging with your box or looking for things while you're in a bad mood, you will be bringing that energy into your box. We don't want that. And, if this process becomes monotonous or boring to you, STOP. That is ALSO not the kind of energy you want to manifest. Avoid bringing in the energy of your current reality into your Creative Box by doing something beforehand to get you in the right place. Maybe you listen to beautiful music beforehand, paint, draw, write, meditate, whatever gets you into that feeling good place indicative of a higher vibration.

I hope you enjoyed today's manifestation tip! If you have any specific topics you want me to cover, reach out on Instagram or send me an e-mail.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y'all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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