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The Secret to Manifestation

Hello hello friends! Today I want to talk about the TYPE of desire you want to focus on when manifesting your goals, tools to help you become the version of you that will accomplish them, and what a manifesting mindset actually looks like.

When people first hear about manifestation, they’re usually like “I’m doing all the things… meditating, visualizing, journaling, I’m crushing this manifestation thing! I watched the Secret, I got it, let’s let the magic happen” Which is great. These are good habits to have, but they should be considered tools that help you get to the mental state you need to be in, in order to manifest. Let me say that again: they should be considered tools to help you achieve a certain mindset, they’re NOT magical tasks that manifest the things you want themselves. The tools are there to help you enter a new state of BEING, not DOING.

Tools are here to help you create a new identity for yourself that actually believes what is possible. It’s about creating a new energetic set point within YOU, a new mindset that expects successful outcomes, which directly impacts how you live your life, an expectation that creates the reality you want. You cannot help but manifest the things that you expect to have happen.

To manifest the shit you want, you need to get to the place where you expect your own success. And, this where the law of action comes to play—the Law of Attraction forces you to do the things that make you FEEL like your million-dollar goal is the next logical step. It doesn’t matter if that actually IS the most logical next step, it’s about getting yourself to BELIEVE that it is—having the CONFIDENCE that your success is inevitable.

THAT STATE is what determines whether or not you’re manifesting the dream job, money, the house, car, relationship, whatever you want. That STATE OF BEING is what Law of Action helps you accomplish. This state of being gets you to do and accomplish the things that help you get to a place where YOU BELIEVE that the things you want are an expectation and not a far-off dream.

The difference between expectation and a distant dream, comes from the TYPE of desire behind it:

The first type is desire from scarcity. Does your desire invoke a feeling of hopelessness or envy? Your internal dialogue, when you’re in this state of scarce desire, sounds like, “If I could only get this... if I had that, things would be different.... if I got a million dollars tomorrow, I’d be set for’s never happened before, but it would be so HUGE if it did, it is SO UNLIKE my current circumstance that it would mean A LOT” THAT is desire that comes from desperation. Desire from scarcity makes you focus on the vast distance between where you are and where you want to be. You can’t attract what you’re not a current match for. Desperation reveals your energetic divide. “I’m not there yet, and it FEELS so far away”. Therefore, you’re not an energetic match for your desires, in fact, you’re pointing out your own distance.

If you make your dreams seem too out of reach, this very thought will create resistance. It won’t inspire any action from you or from Source. This is not the kind of desire that comes from a state of knowing and confidence. The undertone is lack and a sense of “what I’ll always dream about but never ACTUALLY possess”. It feels too out of reach to you, so that is the thought and belief you’re communicating to the world, and therefore that is what you receive. Always dreaming, never manifesting.

The second type of desire is formed through an abundant mindset. This type of desire will feel exciting, energizing, it comes from a ‘knowing’ that the things you want are about to unfold. The internal dialogue within your head might sound like, “Once I accomplish this... when I have my million dollars.... when my company explodes...”. This type of desire sparks creation, an unfolding of fortunate events, a manifestation of the things you want that seem so crazy they shouldn’t be your reality. THIS is the state of being that aligns with source, that vibrates with the success you want. Your inevitable success.

And, this expectation, or this level of confidence, has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a good or bad person—a lot of people wonder why seemingly “bad people” accumulate a lot of wealth. It’s not about their inner morality because we all come from source, we all have it within us, it’s about the confidence of what you are OWED from this world. What you EXPECT to happen FOR you. In the past, this type of knowing was more dominant in the arrogant and confident individuals, but it is something that doesn’t have to come from a place of arrogance. This confidence can come from a more spiritually aligned place too. A confidence that comes from knowing that you’re of the same energy that created the Universe, not a confidence born of your ego. You CAN harness this confidence and you WILL allow yourself to if you want to step into the being that creates and manifests the life you want. Confidence that comes from your connection to all things allows you to co-create your life with the energy of life itself. So, embrace it.

Actually, I want to take a quick detour and dive into this a bit further because it’s come up a lot:

Wealth does not make you a bad person. Confidence does not make you an arrogant person. But it can feel this way if these things, these energetic states, are so opposite of YOUR current state. If you’re really meek and defeated, confidence will FEEL arrogant. If you’re really poor, wealth can SEEM greedy. This is your response to something you’re not an energetic match for. You’re justifying where you are, so you stay there without guilt—and we do this subconsciously even if we don’t WANT to stay where we are mentally. We can know something, but not feel something.

When your energy doesn’t match someone or something else, it can feel wrong, jarring, even when it’s not. When you’re not an energetic match for wealth or confidence, these things feel “bad” to you because there is a divide between the frequency, you’re on, and how much higher you have to vibrate in order to be on the frequency of wealth and confidence. This is also why assertiveness will feel aggressive if you’ve only ever been taught to be passive aggressive. If you’re on the energy level of passive aggressiveness, so of course assertiveness, which is SO far from where you are, will feel jarring—which will make you FEEL like it’s an attack, that it’s aggressive. If the idea of having confidence or wealth makes you feel alarmed, that is a sign that you have some inner-work to do on your own vibration so that you can match the energetic state of wealth and confidence. You need to work on your energy so that these states of being do not clash with your own energy. Because you can only manifest, or attract, what you’re a match for.

Thanks for letting me have that moment to address energetic differences. We can get back to the types of desire. As I said, there is desire from scarcity, and there is desire from abundance.

The source of desire matters, a lot. You need to EXPECT the things you want to manifest. You need to have the confidence that things will work out. THIS is what most people are missing. They never fully believe. They’re faking the feelings of confidence that it will work out and they’re going through the motions of the tools; they’re meditating, journaling, doing gratitude exercises, visualizing, but they’re not allowing these things to change their state of being—their confidence about what is to come.

I can’t stress this enough. Too many people treat these tools as something to do, something to check off your list, but these tools aren’t about “the doing”, they’re about “the being”. The creation of the confident state of being.

Manifestation happens as a result of who you are—your habits, thoughts, expectations, energy, your identity. To manifest the things you really want, you need to believe they’re possible. A great sign that you’re not in alignment with a goal is to test how realistic it feels. If it feels too much like an improbable dream, you’re not there yet. If you talk yourself out of the reality of it manifesting, you’re not there yet.

When you feel that it’s so far out of reach, you’re coming from the desire of scarcity. This is why visualization can be so helpful: when you desire something so much that it feels too big, nearly unattainable, too grandiose, you’re not yet a match for that desire. But you can change this source of desire. This is where the tools come in.

The tool that helps me shift my mindset the most when I practice BEING, not DOING, is visualization. Visualization allows you to replay your success thousands of times. When you’ve seen your desires play out in your head so many times already, then your brain begins to believe it’s more possible. With each visualization, you’re de-sensitizing your view of that goal. It may start off feeling improbable and unlikely, but once you’ve visualized that goal happening enough, your belief starts to inch away from improbable and closer toward expectation.

Replaying the success you want in your mind allows you to adopt a state of desire and confidence that makes your goals feel like the natural next step, the next logical step, regardless of where you actually are. THAT is when you are on the verge of manifesting what you want. This is the challenge of manifestation; most people don’t work on their mindset to help them get to this place of knowing. Most people visualize once or twice, check it off their to-do list, and say “well that just didn’t work for me”. We know that the brain cannot discern between something that happens in the mind, versus something that happens in our physical reality.

When your brain sees it mentally, you can get there physically. In other words, visualization allows your mind to become desensitized to the grandiose of the desire. Instead, your goals just become the reality you’ve already lived a thousand times, so OF COURSE it’s going to happen, not IF. And when it happens, you will think, “well, obviously.... I’ve seen it happen 100 times already. I knew it would”. As opposed to, “Oh man, that would be so neat. That would solve all my problems. I wouldn’t have to ask for anything again. If I could manifest that, I’d be happy never manifesting another thing”. Visualization helps your brain understand the possibility of the things you want. It de-sensitizes your ego to the fear of the change.

There is a great story about Major James Nesmeth that I’ve talked about before, but it is such a good example that I’m going to talk about it again. I hope I’m saying his name right…. Major Nesmeth was a prisoner of war for 7 years in North Vietnam. During those 7 years, he was isolated and in a dark room that was roughly 4’ high and 5’ long. He knew he would go insane if he didn’t occupy his mind every day, so he began mentally golfing for 4 hours a day. I don’t know a whole lot about golf, but I know you want to have a low score at the end of your 18 holes. Apparently, before he was captured, his average 18-hole game was about 94 shots. During those 7 years, he imagined his favorite golf course, every grain of grass, every smell he would experience, every step he took, the way his clothing felt, he would even think to change the weather from sunny to overcast to change it up, and he would play through an entire 18-hole game for 4 hours a day, in his mind. When he was finally released and went back to play golf on his favorite course, he knocked off 20 points from his average game. His new average was a 74. 7 years without picking up a golf club, in much less physical shape as a result of his captivity, and he improved his game by 20 shots—all through visualization. I’ll link that story in the show notes if you’re interested, but if you google any combination of key words like “man in captivity visualizes improved golf game” you will also find it readily available.

So, use the “tools” to help yourself get to a state of confidence, a state of knowing, an expectation of your desires unfolding. Use tools like visualization to convince your mind what is possible so that your reality can begin to reflect this new belief. But be sure to “do” less, and practice “being” more. And, embrace a new state of being that vibrates at a higher frequency. This is the secret to success.

I hope y’all have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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