The Secret to Manifestation

Hello hello friends! Today I want to talk about the TYPE of desire you want to focus on when manifesting your goals, tools to help you become the version of you that will accomplish them, and what a manifesting mindset actually looks like.

When people first hear about manifestation, they’re usually like “I’m doing all the things… meditating, visualizing, journaling, I’m crushing this manifestation thing! I watched the Secret, I got it, let’s let the magic happen” Which is great. These are good habits to have, but they should be considered tools that help you get to the mental state you need to be in, in order to manifest. Let me say that again: they should be considered tools to help you achieve a certain mindset, they’re NOT magical tasks that manifest the things you want themselves. The tools are there to help you enter a new state of BEING, not DOING.

Tools are here to help you create a new identity for yourself that actually believes what is possible. It’s about creating a new energetic set point within YOU, a new mindset that expects successful outcomes, which directly impacts how you live your life, an expectation that creates the reality you want. You cannot help but manifest the things that you expect to have happen.

To manifest the shit you want, you need to get to the place where you expect your own success. And, this where the law of action comes to play—the Law of Attraction forces you to do the things that make you FEEL like your million-dollar goal is the next logical step. It doesn’t matter if that actually IS the most logical next step, it’s about getting yourself to BELIEVE that it is—having the CONFIDENCE that your success is inevitable.