How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs About Money (Money Mindset Series Pt 1)

Hello my fabulous souls and Happy New Year!!!!

I wanted to kick off 2021 with a topic that a lot of listeners have to manifest more money.

I loovveeee talking about money, especially manifesting money, and I’m so excited for this year’s content because I plan to bring you many more money mindset topics. In fact I have so many come to mind, that I decided to take what was supposed to be one post, and turn this into a mini series so that each section can get the time it deserves. How to manifest money? How to attract more wealth? I've got you covered.

To that end, I present to you, my Money Mindset Series. We will dive into your core beliefs, relationship with, literacy of, and identity around money. I will be presenting this money manifestation topic ALLLLL month long to help you manifest the wealth you want.

So, let’s jump into the basics surrounding manifesting money.

The first thing you need to know as we dive into this series is that money is energy, just like everything else. You can manifest a new job, house, clients, and money. Knowing that money is just another form of energy, what’s keeping you from attracting more of this energy to you?

Energetic alignment with money (aka vibrational match aka same frequency)