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How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs About Money (Money Mindset Series Pt 1)

Hello my fabulous souls and Happy New Year!!!!

I wanted to kick off 2021 with a topic that a lot of listeners have to manifest more money.

I loovveeee talking about money, especially manifesting money, and I’m so excited for this year’s content because I plan to bring you many more money mindset topics. In fact I have so many come to mind, that I decided to take what was supposed to be one post, and turn this into a mini series so that each section can get the time it deserves. How to manifest money? How to attract more wealth? I've got you covered.

To that end, I present to you, my Money Mindset Series. We will dive into your core beliefs, relationship with, literacy of, and identity around money. I will be presenting this money manifestation topic ALLLLL month long to help you manifest the wealth you want.

So, let’s jump into the basics surrounding manifesting money.

The first thing you need to know as we dive into this series is that money is energy, just like everything else. You can manifest a new job, house, clients, and money. Knowing that money is just another form of energy, what’s keeping you from attracting more of this energy to you?

Energetic alignment with money (aka vibrational match aka same frequency) is the answer...and this will be the focus of our entire money mindset series.

If you’re a weekly listener you probably know what I’m going to say next.... manifesting money, any amount of money, requires you to be in an energetic alignment with and having the identity of someone who has this money.

You need to be in alignment with all of the things that you want, which includes monetary wealth! Being in alignment means stepping into the thoughts, feelings, and actions of someone who has the wealth that you want.

So what does being in alignment with money look and feel like? Being an energetic match with money means having a positive relationship with every aspect of money.

Now that we understand the basic concept of manifesting money, let’s jump into the first lesson I have for you in this mini series: addressing and getting to the core of your negative beliefs about money. In other words, transforming your limiting beliefs about momey.

Think about the beliefs you currently have when it comes to money. Are they positive or negative?

As a kid, I remember my mom and dad always saying that “money didn’t grow on trees” and “we have to wait until pay day”. So much so, that I believed these statements well into adulthood.

As an example, my younger, and I’m going to call her my wiser self, saved up about $50 from garage sales and raking the neighbors yards. I was so excited about the money I’d saved that I ran up to my mom when she got home from her shift and boldly declared, “I made $50 this week! Imagine how easy it will be for me to get to $100 dollars. That’s really just 10 - $10 bills, and I already have 5!” My mom looked at me and said, “yes, but do you know how hard it is to get 10 - $10 bills?”.

My heart sank and my excitement was immediately tampered. All I could think was, “How could I have been so foolish not to know this?”. And, just like that, queue formation of a limiting belief about money.

Another money story I have involved a penny and a dollar. One of my older brothers asked me to trade my dollar for their penny when I was very young...probably 4 years old. They told me the dollar bill I had was just dirty paper, but the penny was shiny, pretty, and therefore more valuable. I believed them and we traded! So at a very young age, I believed that pennies were more desirable than dollars....thanks, Logan!

Since I was so young and my brain waves were still predominantly in a theta state causing me to internalize these life lessons, these memories became just a few of the many that solidified themselves as core beliefs about money. I’d decided that money and wealth are hard to come by...and quite literally, dollars are gross.

I know these beliefs sound silly, but as kids we internalize everything and these experiences create our foundation of limiting beliefs. That is why it’s so important to re-evaluate our beliefs later in life and work to reset them.

More often than not, these beliefs are so second nature to us that we’re not even aware that these beliefs still exist for us.

So ask yourself...what are some of your earliest memories about money? What are they reinforcing in your subconscious?

It doesn’t matter if you grew up rich or poor, all of us have a subconscious relationship with money. Spend some time figuring out what yours is. Very few of us were raised to believe that money is ever flowing, abundant, and will come to you when you want it.

Again, what are your childhood memories about money? Do they reinforce a scarcity or an abundance mindset?

If your childhood memories reinforce scarcity, further analyze each memory individually.

Why did you believe this? Is it still true today? How is this belief not true? How has this belief impacted your current situation? In what ways has this belief held you back? In what ways has this belief served you?

This last one is important, so I’ll repeat, in what ways has this scarcity mindset served you? Has your ego relied on it to make excuses for you? Sit with that. You might be surprised what you uncover.

Knowing how your limiting beliefs were formed, what they are, and questioning their current role in your life by casting doubt on them is how you begin to heal these beliefs in favor of beliefs that serve you better. Go through each belief that you have and repeat the same questions until you’ve done this exercise with all of them.

To reiterate, my first money manifestation tip for you is to become an energetic match with money by first abolishing the limiting beliefs you have about money that do not serve you. Your subconscious is a part of your identity, so if you have held on to these beliefs, you’ve unintentionally manifested more scarcity instead of abundance.

To raise your vibration to the same frequency as abundant wealth, you need to establish a new belief system that attracts money to you instead of repelling it from your life. If you don’t, you might manifest money, but then immediately lose it. Or, you might not see it at all. That is why this is soooo so important before you can do any of the other money manifestation techniques, and that is why this is the first post in my Money Mindset Series.

This is a critical step in getting into energetic alignment with the money you desire.

To become an energetic match, establish a positive money mindset in place of the old beliefs. Instead of beliefs such as “money is hard to come by” and “there isn’t enough for everyone”, find all the reasons and proof why money is abundant. Replace these beliefs with “money is abundant, it is always flowing to me, I will always receive what I am in alignment with, at the time the Universe decides”.

Also think about who has proven to you that money is abundant? Who can you look to as an example that proves that money is always flowing? Who is the wealthiest person you’ve seen on TV… what is their attitude about money? Think of a time when you felt really abundant in life….about anything. Remember how that felt and lock into that. Then associate this feeling with money.

Once you’ve established new reference points for your new beliefs, reaffirm them everyday. Repeat your new money beliefs often. Every time you feel the old beliefs creeping in, stop, review why they’re not relevant to you any longer, repeat your new beliefs, and move forward from a new place of understanding.

Over time, this repetition will create a positive habit for you in relation to money and revamp your core money beliefs.

I hope you enjoyed this first post for my Mini Money Mindset series! I look forward to continuing this conversation as we jump into more tips related to generating an energetic alignment with abundant wealth.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and I will catch y’all next Monday! Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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