Your Diet is Blocking You from Manifesting

Hello hello my friends!

Today we're jumping into a topic that I feel very passionately about--diet culture and this idea of "hot girl summer".

It's currently May in Texas, and let's be real, summer is HERE. I'm getting inundated with Instagram and Facebook ads that are like "Do this juice cleanse!", "Try this belly fat blaster!", "2 weeks to toned arms!", "Get your beach body with these green tea pills!". Agh!!!

I'll be honest, these have gotten me before. I've tried the diet pills, the fad weight loss routines, the intense fitness routines.... And normally, at this time of year I'm in a frantic mood trying to lose weight and tone up for "bathing suit season". But this year? I'm over it. I am SO OVER diet culture. I'm so tired of trying to fit my body into the unhealthy ideal that society tells me is sexy. I can't do it anymore!

I won't pretend like it isn't hard decision to make because I have a lot of body dysmorphia issues to work through still, despite the work I've done. It's an ongoing process. Dieting and I go way back. I went on my first diet at 12 when a ballet instructor told me that my hips were too wide for me to ever get a solo with a lift because I couldn't fit between the guy’s chin and shoulders... pretty crushing for a young lady who JUST started dealing with new hormones! I was also told that I was getting too bulky and needed to work on lengthening my muscles.

This put me in a position where I felt the need to control my body because it was doing things that I didn't agree with or like. Things that others considered unacceptable.

And, my mom always struggled with eating disorders. And I'm not going to get into that because that's her story to tell, but her habits were quite unhealthy and extreme because she was made fun of for being overweight in high school an