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Is Productivity Or Pleasure Better for Manifesting?

What up y'all!

Man, it is such a gloomy day today in Austin, but I have been on a roll. I have had so many new ideas for this podcast and decided to sot down and record a few despite the shmarmy weather.

I know I promised y’all some sex therapy talk today, and it is coming, but I had this inspired idea (and y’all know how I feel about inspired ideas). When the Universe giveth, you best taketh.

So here I am, bringing you a different topic today in preparation of our sex talk: today we’re talking about pleasure. The power of pleasure and why it should become a priority.

So let me ask you this:

How often do you do something that brings you joy?

This question hit me like a ton of bricks earlier this week. I was reading some material on anxiety when this question popped up. So I thought about it. How often do I make fun a priority? How often do I bake little enjoyments into my day?

As an example, I LOVE reading fiction. Love anything by about vampires, witches, alternate realities, romances, murder mystery..... yet, I hardly make time for this. And I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I read a fictional book. Even though I love it, I would think something like, “well it’s more beneficial for me if I read self help or I listen to this theory on epigenetics”.

Even in the evenings I have a tendency to forgo fun relaxing things in favor of something that is going to teach me something. As much as I love the Marvel universe, when Evan asks if I want to watch a movie... my first thought it guilt. Like yes but.... I really should keep reading this book on Manifestation, or mindset, or whatever it is.

For you maybe it’s like, "Dancing? No, I should probably weight lift so I can gain muscle". Or maybe you can run or do Zumba to burn more calories even if you’d rather just lose yourself to music for a bit. Or, "Painting? No I should probably put together some Instagram graphics instead".

We search for ways to KIND OF give ourselves what we yearn for. We compromise things that bring us joy so that we can create space and time for things that will help us grow. But. Doesn’t that make us feel worse? Robbed on some way? Even slightly? When we REALLY think about it....doesn’t that feel like the opposite of love and what our higher self would want us to do?

So many of us are on this path of growth. Wanting to grow ourselves mentally, spiritually, financially.... but we get so focused on these areas of growth that we forget to enjoy our lives too. Instead, we get so transactional. Pleasure? No time for it. I need to keep pursuing growth at all cost to become successful. I need to EARN my pleasure...

We talk about balance but who really takes the time for fun? And when we’re so transactional with our time, thinking I put in more effort to grow expecting to get more growth in return... are we really living in flow or have we become too hyper focused and fixated by this need to grow?

And maybe this is just me... but I feel like as a society we tend to ignore the things that only bring us joy and nothing else. Aren’t those important to? Isn’t it wonderful to lose yourself and time enjoying something that speaks to your soul? That is where the heart of manifestation is. In love, creativity, flow.

What are we manifesting when we push pleasure aside for productivity? Probably not more pleasure...

It is important that we remember to enjoy life. Depending on how spiritual you want to get, you may or may not agree with this, but I believe that the purpose of our lives and having this human experience is to become closer to the essence of love, the Universe, your higher self, whatever you want to call it. And with that in mind, we immediately jump to the tangible and the most “productive” growth tools.

That is why this is the focus of this weeks topic. You manifest your identity. If you’re not making joy and fun a priority in your life OVER the more “practical” or “useful” things.... aren’t you missing out on an opportunity to manifest more joy and fun? OR manifest more of the other shit you want like money and time BECAUSE you’re manifesting more fun?

The Universe is like “Fun is a priority? Then let’s give success in these other areas so it’s easy to make time for and bring more joy into your life”. What a beautiful way to look at this partnership differently.

If we’re not enjoying this life we’re creating along the way, then what is the point?

This mindset shift has really struck a chord with me this week. I’ve been extremely guilty of this. True growth comes from happiness, enjoyment, a connection to love. So let’s give ourselves that opportunity! Make a commitment to do one thing every day that you love.

So this week? I’ll dance. And maybe if I get the courage, I’ll post a clip on IG.

Focus on prioritizing your enjoyment in this life. You only have one, don’t waste it only doing the things that look great on paper.

Choose what you’re going to allow yourself to enjoy this week for the sole purpose of love and happiness. Whatever your passion is, do it. Take a picture or video of it and tag me in IG. I want to see you living a life of freedom and joy so that you manifest more freedom and joy. That’s what we all really want in this life anyway. Pleasure, freedom, autonomy, and the joy that comes with it.

Have a great rest of your week!

- Bre


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