Is Productivity Or Pleasure Better for Manifesting?

What up y'all!

Man, it is such a gloomy day today in Austin, but I have been on a roll. I have had so many new ideas for this podcast and decided to sot down and record a few despite the shmarmy weather.

I know I promised y’all some sex therapy talk today, and it is coming, but I had this inspired idea (and y’all know how I feel about inspired ideas). When the Universe giveth, you best taketh.

So here I am, bringing you a different topic today in preparation of our sex talk: today we’re talking about pleasure. The power of pleasure and why it should become a priority.

So let me ask you this:

How often do you do something that brings you joy?

This question hit me like a ton of bricks earlier this week. I was reading some material on anxiety when this question popped up. So I thought about it. How often do I make fun a priority? How often do I bake little enjoyments into my day?