How to Manifest When You Don't Know What You Want

Today I want to talk about how to manifest positive change when you’re not sure what you want yet. When you’re still waiting on that clarity to come. Or maybe, when life is so chaotic, that you’re struggling to specify where you want to be 6 months from now, let alone 6 years from now.

Don’t get me wrong.... having clarity is extremely important, but sometimes clarity around “the what” comes with time and you might need some time before you manifest specific things. Maybe you’re not ready to decide on a career path, or where you want to live, or what you plan to accomplish in life. And that’s okay. You can still manifest a positive life for yourself without having these things figured out.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the idea of manifestation and everything that we feel that we need to manifest.

Where to start when you don't know what to manifest

It can get really stressful when you first start thinking about every part of your life that you want to change or every part of your life that you want to re-design. And, if you listened to episode 16, you know that you never want to manifest from a place of overwhelm.

Instead of thinking through the type of relationship you want, how much money you want, where you want to live, where you will travel, and all of those other things you could manifest... why not just start with something a little closer to home? Your emotions, or what I like to call “feeling goals”.

Feeling goals exercise

Writing down all the areas of you life that you need to address in one massive list can be a good way to get your cortisol pumping. And we don’t want that. If you don’t know where to start and the idea of this kind of list is causing you stress...Stop and put all things and ideas aside. Start with the basics. Start with your emotions, or what I call your “feeling goals”.