Manifest Your Dream Job

Hello hello!

I talk A LOT about HOW to become someone who manifests the things they want because your mindset determines WHAT you're able to manifest for yourself. That is why mindset tips are probably my #1 topic of choice. I truly believe that the money, relationships, cars, homes, travel, friends, all of this can be manifested once you get your mind right. But today, at the request of an Instagram follower, I’m going to get specific about manifestation—we're going to talk about how to manifest your dream job. So, thank you AB for today’s topic!

I love this topic/question for so many reasons. The biggest reason why I love this topic is because I know that changing jobs, or manifesting the job you want, OFTEN comes with an increase in pay, benefits, autonomy, better culture, OR all of the above. And that shit gets me excited because all I want in this world is for us to OWN our worth mentally and financially.

Grab a journal and a pen because if you’re looking to manifest your dream job, today’s post requires that you ask and answer a lot of questions for yourself. I suggest you write these answers down to help you gain clarity. Writing these things down will help take you out of your brain and into the body so you can reflect back and see any patterns that have formed. With that, let’s get into manifesting your dream job.

Manifesting my dream job is something I have done for myself several times, so I’m going to give you the 6 tips I utilized: