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Manifest Your Dream Job

Hello hello!

I talk A LOT about HOW to become someone who manifests the things they want because your mindset determines WHAT you're able to manifest for yourself. That is why mindset tips are probably my #1 topic of choice. I truly believe that the money, relationships, cars, homes, travel, friends, all of this can be manifested once you get your mind right. But today, at the request of an Instagram follower, I’m going to get specific about manifestation—we're going to talk about how to manifest your dream job. So, thank you AB for today’s topic!

I love this topic/question for so many reasons. The biggest reason why I love this topic is because I know that changing jobs, or manifesting the job you want, OFTEN comes with an increase in pay, benefits, autonomy, better culture, OR all of the above. And that shit gets me excited because all I want in this world is for us to OWN our worth mentally and financially.

Grab a journal and a pen because if you’re looking to manifest your dream job, today’s post requires that you ask and answer a lot of questions for yourself. I suggest you write these answers down to help you gain clarity. Writing these things down will help take you out of your brain and into the body so you can reflect back and see any patterns that have formed. With that, let’s get into manifesting your dream job.

Manifesting my dream job is something I have done for myself several times, so I’m going to give you the 6 tips I utilized:

1. Learn to Love Your Current Job

Ohh, I bet y’all weren’t expecting this one! I started off with the hardest tip so that the list can get easier from here. If you want to manifest a dream job, but hate or dislike your current job, that energy is associated with having a job. Any job. You’re carrying that into your ask for the dream job. Even though this can be a really tough challenge, learn to love your current job, or at least aspects of it. If your current job isn’t your dream job you’re probably like, “But if I loved my current job then why would I want to manifest my dream job?!” Haha, I get it. It’s paradoxical and this can be really hard if you’re in a toxic environment, so my advice for this is to focus on things about the job that you can be grateful for. Maybe you can be grateful for your coworkers, the money the job brings you, the experience, it could even be teaching you what you DON’T want in a job. But find SOMETHING to be grateful for, to love about having the job.

2. Get Clarity on the Job

You don’t have to know WHAT the dream job is if you haven’t figured it out yet. You can easily start with how the job will feel and the emotions it will bring you—happiness, peace, excitement, freedom, joy, whatever you envision feeling as a result of this job. You can also think about other details like the types of benefits you will have, the days of the week that you work, the type of people you work with, the type of tasks you will conduct, the type of relationship you will have with your boss or partner, the needs that are being met, etc. write down all of these feelings and attributes of the job so you’re clear on what to look out for. This will also help you determine if future opportunities are a match. If you have this lost, you can ask yourself if the new job opportunity meets these ideals.

3. Visualize the Job

This third tip sort of ties into the last one, but it is also important as a stand-alone tip—visualize. Think through a day at this dream job. Here are the questions I want you to think about and write down the answers to: What are you wearing on your first day? What time do you show up? Where do you park? What does the office look and feel like? Find physical details that you can conjure in your mind. What do you enjoy doing the most at this dream job? How many hours do you work? Where do you go to lunch? Does anyone join? What compliments do you get day one?

4. Become the Woman Who Has that Job

My fourth tip for you is to identify what the version of you that has the dream job. Think about what they would be, have, and say. What can you do today to become the woman who already has the job? What does she wear? How does she speak? What does her energy feel like? Is there any energy you can adopt? A way of operating at your current job? How would she carry herself? Can you even buy yourself a celebration gift in advance of the great news? Honestly, what helped me identify this woman for myself was picking movie characters. I used several fictional characters that I felt embodied aspects of my future self that I wanted. On the list I had Laura Croft from Tomb Raider, Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada, Liz Gilbert from Eat Pray love—these women combined to create who I thought this beat version of myself would be and it helped me visualize her! Try this out for yourself—who could those characters be for you? How can you create that person now within yourself energetically?

5. Take Action

The fifth tip I have for you is to take action! Don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to fall in your lap. You have to embrace Law of Action and Inspiration. Start mentioning to trusted friends and family members what kind of job you’re looking for. Take some time to get your resume ready. Switch LinkedIn on to “open to new opportunities”. Apply to jobs that check all of your boxes. Strike up conversations with strangers, you never know what that could lead to. And, be open to new opportunities that interest you! Sometimes the dream jobs may be in industries we’ve never considered previously. Allow yourself to be curious and explore new areas of opportunity. And, set yourself up for success so that when those opportunities present themselves, you’re ready.

6. Know Without a Doubt it’s Coming

Last but not least, the final tip is to know without a doubt that your dream job is coming. This probably ties with the first tip on terms of difficulty now that I think about it, so… sorry about that! Knowing that your opportunity WILL come is really hard. It’s blind faith. To make matters worse, I can’t describe how I “knew” that my dream jobs were coming at the time. I just did. I believed they HAD to come to me and I would always think of my future self, taking care of things for me. If you ever hear an interview with a successful person or someone who has accomplished something big, they usually say things like, “I had to be successful. Or, I just knew it would work out.” That’s the level of confidence you need in the Universe. You have to know that it always has your back.

Those are my 6 tops for you today to help you manifest yourself dream job! If you have any extras that I didn’t mention here, feel free to DM me on Instagram and I can do a follow up episode or an IG post that covers this topic.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles!


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