Date Yourself | The Art of (Part 2)

Hello hello my beautiful friends!

I hope you’re ready for a refresh of one of my most popular posts—Are you Dating Yourself—because that’s what we’re getting into today! To keep it interesting, I am adding some new nuggets and value for you. <3

You’ve heard me say this a thousand times in this blog (and TBH, you will probably hear it a thousand more times from me): your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have… and so many of us neglect it OR we put the needs of others ahead of our own. Hello, teen Bre…. 😉

So, how do we focus on ourselves? My answer will always be….*drum roll*….dating yourself! When you’re alone, without distractions, you have an opportunity to observe your thoughts regularly, to see your habits more clearly. You will create space to notice things like, “When I feel judged, I try to perform in these ways…”, “When I feel uncomfortable, I want to exit a situation as quickly as possible”, “I notice I experience shame when others see me eating alone, what does that tell me about areas where I need to heal trauma?”, “The idea of taking a Saturday night for myself feels selfish, what does this say about my priority of self-care?”, “I’m very uncomfortable not having someone else with me, how does this show up in my romantic relationships?”.