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A Tough Love Pep Talk (Morning Motivation)

Earlier this week I had this fierce moment of motivation. I got FIRED UP....over a social media post. Why? Because someone on my feed was ALREADY posting about why they wouldn’t/couldn't be successful and why they wouldn’t hit their goals in the New Year. Wow.

I was so fired up in response to their post that I decided to write a note on my phone (I figured this was safer than responding to that person's post). I’m not sure who I ultimately wrote this memo for... for her? For myself? To no one? A friend? I have no idea. But at a certain point I knew that I wanted to share this with you. Somewhere within, I knew this message was meant for one of you, or someone you know.

Today, I’ve got some tough love coming your way. You may not want to hear this, but there are some of you out there that won’t get moving unless you do. I know this because this was me 5 years ago and this is the message I needed to hear. Thankfully, I got a similar message from an old boss and it forced me on the path toward success.

So today’s message may not be for everyone. This message is for the women and men who know that there is more out there for you. Who know deep within their being that there is something you’re being called to do... Maybe it’s becoming an artist, a musician, an entrepreneur, a manager, a coach, a podcaster, a computer scientist... whatever it is that you KNOW within your body that you WANT to do, that you would be happy to do.

And if you don’t know what “it” is yet, this is for those in pursuit of “that feeling”. This is for the people who have a calling that won’t stop, that won’t subside. For those that are not satisfied with the status quo.

AND to those who are feeling this way, this is your kick in the ass. This is your nudge to get moving and chase your dreams. Because what else are we manifesting for? If we’re feeling this way, why not chase the dreams that are clearly chasing us? Why not allow yourself to manifest your fulfillment?

What else are we creating goals for? And why create goals if not to change your life so that it is more exciting? More true to you? You deserve it.

And yet so many people make excuses to justify why they may not be able to hit their goals. As an example, just like that social media post, I'm ALREADY seeing and hearing tons of people explaining why they might not meet their New Year resolutions! And it’s not even January yet! Let alone 2021!!! You still have time to plan and you’re already working on your escape route?! No! Noooo!

I don’t want this to be you.

So let’s get into it. Why do people even have goals? And since it is the season, New Year resolutions? What is our fascination? For most of us, it is an opportunity to declare to the world, to the Universe, how you’re going to change for the better.

New Year resolutions work their magic by getting you motivated to plan and prepare as you look to the New Year to give you the encouragement you need to start living your best life. So many of us are too ashamed to ask for what we want because we think it’s selfish to put ourselves first, so we look for an excuse to start. To change. To do better.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a f****** excuse.... you don’t need a New Year resolution or even a new year to do this. There is absolutely no reason to wait. New year, new me? No. How about new Wednesday, new me. New month, new me. F*** it, new hour, new me!

The only excuse you need to start becoming a better version of yourself is because you want to. I give you permission to go after it and become f****** happy and successful, by your OWN standard, because you WANT it.

And if you really want something? Own it. Write it down. PLAN for it!!! Own the success you want because if you don’t, what lesson are we setting for those who come after us? What lesson is there is in our martyrdom?

The last person to win from martyrdom is yourself and those you’re leading. Suffering for the benefit of others isn’t selfless, it’s selfish. You’re denying yourself and the world your gifts, you're leading by example.

So I call bullshit. We are bold and we can ask for what we want. We can plan and take what we want. And, we do not have to apologize TO ANYONE for doing so.

If you are waiting until the New Year, that is fine. But own that too. I do not want to hear anymore people “shoulding” all over themselves with "I should do this", "I should do that", "I should....XYZ". Stop asking for permission to be successful. Take it. Take what ever it is you long to do or to become.

If you need some inspiration, go back to Episode #20 and listen to the tips I have for keeping your New Year resolutions. Make a plan to succeed now before life gets in the way.

If you want someone to say it’s okay not to chase your biggest f****** dreams, you’re not going to find that here, not from me. Because I know you are worth so much more. You are meant to do so much for this world.

What a tragedy it would be, if you never hit any of your goals because you were afraid to try, because you wanted to hide behind “what you should have done” but did not actually do. As Glennon Doyle would say, “You can do hard things”.

Either decide to do, or not to do, but make a conscious decision. Own that decision. That way, 20 years from now, you’re not still thinking of all the things you "should" have done.

You know what your decision was, one way or another, and you can choose to make different decisions or not, but come from a place of empowerment, and not from a place of shame.

Replace the word "should" with what you "are", or "are not", going to do. I don’t want you to justify why it’s okay to step out of your greatness. I don’t. You want to "should" all over yourself? Talk about it with someone who won’t force you to grow.

If you want to sit around and talk about all the things you "should" do without doing them? You will maintain that status quo.

Instead, start planning the things you will do... today. Step into the identity of someone who has all of the things that you desire. Would they excuse their way out of doing the work and taking a risk? No. And neither should you. Become her. Because once you are her (or him), you will have what she (or he) has. You will have the success you’re destined for. Change starts from within.

Become the woman you want to be... now... today, this very minute. Step into the identity of the person you want to be, and you will manifest everything that will keep you in that success, and that will make the new identity TRUE for you.

Take 5 minutes today to declare what your future thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and actions would be....if you were already successful. Once you have this defined, step into every single one of these things....starting with your thoughts. Your everyday thoughts are critical because your thoughts lead to your emotions, which lead to your beliefs. And your beliefs govern your actions... which lead toward you achieving your goals.

You’re beautiful, confident, and successful. You are abundant and your dreams are always flowing to you. Know these thoughts, feel the emotions they bring, and you will be on your way to believing, to manifesting.

Please, please, please, please plan for your success. I look forward to connecting with y’all in the New Year, when you’ve unleashed your successful self. You are enough. You are so f******* worthy.

Until then, have a great rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Go out there and manifest some miracles.


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