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How to Speak the Language of Manifestation

Discover whether or not the language you use, the thoughts you experience, and the beliefs you have are keeping you from manifesting.

Today, we’re getting technical as we dive deep into the language of manifestation; the details that can help us, or hurt us! If you’ve asked yourself questions like, "What words should you use to manifest your dreams? How do you speak the language of manifestation? Are the words and phrases you’re using keeping you from manifesting?", then this post is for you!

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that your intent is everything. If I give you some advice within this post that doesn’t resonate with you, then go with your gut. How you feel about the words you’re using can mean just as much, if not more, than the words themselves. Either way, I hope this post gives you some fresh ideas if you’re looking to add more to your manifestation toolbox.

Now let’s begin…

What is Manifestation?

In the event you’re new to the concept of manifestation, or would love a refresher, let’s talk about what it means to manifest and why it’s important to understand this perspective when talking about “the language of manifestation”.

We manifest our identities. WHO you are, or who you’re being, determines WHAT comes to you. If you walk through life believing you’re a successful business person (whether or not your external circumstances validate this belief yet), you will carry yourself with that level of confidence. When you “walk the talk”, you will radiate capability to others, you will put yourself in more positions to have opportunities show up, and you will say ‘yes’ to more things without feeling like an imposter. Confirmation bias? Pretty much, but with a little more intentionality. When you “act as-if” long enough, your external environment will begin to reflect success back to you and validate how you’ve felt all along. In other words, you have to be the success before you see the success. Does this sound counter intuitive? It is! Society teaches us to seek validation before we try, when our world requires us to try before we’re ‘validated’. Become the person who is grateful for their success and you will attract that success to you.

Now you might be thinking, “Ok, great, I manifest my identity…. But what makes up a persons identity?”. Your identity is made up of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The thoughts you have (what you say), determine your emotions (how you feel), which determine your behaviors (your actions).

Thoughts > Emotions > Behaviors = Identity = Manifestation

You manifest who and what you are; You get more of the things you believe about yourself. So, take note of who you believe yourself to be. How would you describe yourself to others? Do you identify as a pessimist, an optimist, a morning person, night owl, a personal development junkie, or someone afraid of change? We can always choose new identities. We NEED to choose new identities as we grow so that our life constantly reflects the new versions we want to manifest.

The importance of your identity as a manifestation of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is critical to understand as we move through the below tips because your thoughts are where it all starts. And, your thoughts translate to the words you use and say. To speak the language of manifestation, you have to control your thoughts; you have to be mindful.

Our Mindset and Our Words are Our Power

As you read through this post, use the below tips alongside personal development work to address old identities that no longer serve you. Allow the tips below to aid your progress—this post can’t give you a ‘quick fix’. You have to do the inner work along the way if you want big, positive change. If you’re not interested in growing as a person and/or working on the parts of you that need to heal, no amount of manifestation tools or tips will help you create change. You can’t “out manifest” a fixed mindset. You can’t control your thoughts if you’re not aware of what causes them. This awareness comes from the self-work.

Our mindsets impact our word choices, and our words are our thoughts expressed audibly. Our thoughts are powerful; therefore our words are powerful, and the intent behind our words is even more powerful.

A question I get asked a lot when talking about the language of manifestation is this: Can we unintentionally manifest things we don’t want? Yes, we can. We can unintentionally hold onto identities that we don’t even like, perpetuating their manifestation. This might be the person who has decided they’re unlucky, bad at math, never wins, aren’t popular, can’t do well in school, never get recognized, can’t [fill in the blank].

The lessons I’ve learned from my own shitty life experiences is that it is much easier to manifest the things you want when you shift your focus, become intentional, and mindfully tune into the words you use. To get your mind right, you have to get your words right. Not just your spoken words, but your thoughts as well. Words matter, but your intent matters more, and it starts with your thoughts.

Alright, let’s jump into the tips!

1. Use Affirmative Language to Speak Power

Get used to expressing affirmations out loud, using definitive language. Said differently, this is your ‘no bullshit’ way of saying something. No beating around the bush, no adding ‘if’s’, ‘but’s’, or ‘maybes’. Use definitive, or affirmative, word choices and sentences.

I hear non-affirming statements a lot with people new to personal development, especially with women in the south (I’m 1000% guilty of this habit). Many of us were not conditioned to use definitive language because “modesty” was considered more polite and humble. Definitive language is powerful and it can become a default setting with practice. I like ask myself, "how can I be more direct with my wants?". I often joke with my friends and ask them, "how would you say this if you were born a rich white male?". Sounds funny, but it works! Consider this a pro tip ;)

Non-affirming statements usually start with something like “I should”, “I would like”, “I want”, "I hope", or "I will try”. These phrases aren't confident, powerful, and do not hold a lot of weight for accountability. Its a sneaky way to subconsciously think, “I said I SHOULD try, not that I was going to. Or, I said I will TRY! Not that I will accomplish. Or, I said I HOPE, not that I WILL!”.

Instead, of the "I shoulds" use language that does not leave room for ambiguity, possibility, or redirection. Use POWERFUL language! Speak power into your intentions. Be clear about what you want.

To manifest abundance, you have to feel abundant, and speak it into existence. The stronger the language, the more you convince yourself and the Universe. You WILL accomplish X, you CAN learn Y, you ALREADY have Z.

To give you a better example, compare these two sentences:

1. I would like to be successful

2. I am successful

How do these different versions feel in your body when you say each out loud?

When I compared how my body felt when I said each statement to myself, I noted that when I stated, "I would like to be successful”, my body hunched forward a little and I felt the urge to look down at my feet and shrug, This sentence did not make me feel empowered, strong, or powerful.

When I switched the statement to, “I am successful”, my head rose, I stood taller, I smiled, and I felt the feeling of success flood through me. I embodied the abundance. I became, and therefore I am, the identity of success. I attract more of that success to me.

When you can tell the difference between the way these two sentences feel, you can pick up on the energetic difference. When you learn to default to an affirmative tone, you begin speaking powerfully, the language of the Universe.

Start each sentence with “I am”, "I do", or “I have”. Affirm your manifestations. Be direct. Don’t ask for it. Become it. Take it. Act as if.

The Universe isn’t fluent in any language but energy, so when you think about your word choices.... be mindful and stay positive.

2. Mind the Subject

Be mindful about the connotation of the subject in your sentence; also know as the topic of your sentence. Is the topic of your sentence negative or positive?

A sentence that is centered around positivity is powerful and optimistic. A sentence centered around negativity feels hopeless and pessimistic in comparison. Compare the following examples:

1. I will create abundant wealth (positive)

2. I want to get out of debt (negative)

See the difference? Here is another example:

1. I will make healthier choices (positive)

2. I have to give up sweets (negative)

You’re conveying similar ideas, but with two very different tones. The subject matter "wealth" vs "debt" have very different feelings, or energies.

To check yourself, compare the subjects and phrases you’re constantly using when thinking about manifesting something. Are the subjects you're using making you feel good and open? Or do you feel dread and tightness? In other words, do the words make you feel good or bad? This nuance is where a lot of people will claim that manifestation doesn't work because they don’t realize that the subjects of their sentences, or how it makes them feel, matters just as much as the intent. They focus on the negative subject instead of reframing it into a positive, so they’re manifesting more of what they don’t want... by focusing on a subject they don’t want. The Universe focuses on the subjects you use: wealth, debt, healthy, pain, money, bills, gain, loss, etc.

The subject energy of your sentence matters just as much, if not more, than your words. Keep it focused on what you DO want, keep it positive.

3. Avoid Negations

Using negations as we think about what we want is oddly a common mistake. For some reason, when we imagine what we DO want, we normally phrase this in relation to what we DON'T want. If the focus of manifestation is on the subject, throwing the word “not” into the sentence does not change the subject. Saying “I am not going to be late” tells the universe... late. I want to be late. Or “I will not be passed up for the next promotion” translates to... “pass me up for the next promotion.”.... This tip goes hand in hand with the tip above, subject energy. The Universe focuses on intent, and when you say, “do NOT think of an elephant” where does your mind go? It is the same way with manifestation.

The Universe doesn’t speak our language. It follows the subject of a sentence, the overall focus. What you focus on, you create. Few people will read the sentence “I am not in debt” and envision a mansion. That's what you're asking the Universe to do when you use negations.

It’s easier than it sounds to use words other than the word “not”, or it’s sneaky counterparts that also communicate less of something such as, "never", “getting out of”, “losing”, “letting go of”, etc. What is the opposite subject of the word you normally use? What’s the opposite of pain, debt, bills, etc.? Look for other ways to get your meaning across, and over time, you will use more positive language by default. If you find yourself in the middle of a sentence, and you're about to drop a "not", or it’s energetic equivalent, just stop and start over. It is ALWAYS okay to give yourself permission to start over. Progress over perfection!

The way we speak is a habit and we all have to unlearn the bad habits we’ve formed. I still work on my habits because they pop up sometimes. We're human, we make mistakes in a cyclical nature, not linear. We have the luxury of being imperfect. All we can do is try to learn from our past mistakes and move forward.

If you grew up with a pessimistic mindset, this will not be an easy shift. I get it, I lived that way for decades. However, we can always change. Our words are powerful manifestations and beautiful things can happen when we assume responsibility for them.

4. Bonus Tip: Speak Kindly to Yourself

As we talk about changing the words we use to manifest, this 1000% includes self-talk, like criticism. When we use hateful words with ourselves, or judge ourselves harshly,

we’re manifesting more of this energy. This energy can be reflected back to us in the form of a hyper critical boss, a rude customer, dis-ease within your body, being passed up for a promotion, etc. We will never manifest a happier life by criticizing ourselves, I guarantee it. In fact, this habit can counteract all of your other positive efforts.

How you speak to yourself communicates your self-worth to the Universe. What you believe you're worth, is what you will attract. Begin to notice if there are any reoccurring negative patterns showing up in your life, this could be the sign of a negative self-image.

Ending a cycle of shame and self-criticism is ESPECIALLY important when you think about past events and traumas. You did the best you could with the information you had at that time. Always be kind to yourself and shy away from the self punishment. Speak power to yourself, speak love to yourself, and you will receive more back to you.


It will take some time to deconstruct negative identities, and the habits that created them, as you work to build up a healthier lifestyle with new identities. Whenever you need to, you can refer back to this post to aid your progress:

Use affirmative language, be mindful of your subjects and phrasing, avoid negations, and speak to yourself how you would speak to a friend.

Start slowly. This week, begin to notice your speaking patterns and habits. Gently self correct anytime you notice an old habit resurface. Begin your sentences with “I am” or “I have”, avoid the use of the word "not" or “never”, and focus on a “glass half full” approach.

You can always ask your friends, family, and co-workers to hold you accountable! Let the people closest to you know that you're working on a positive mindset shift and would appreciate some help correcting yourself. You might be surprised at how many people want to join in and do the same for themselves! Especially with the New Year coming up...

My friends and I have a fun with this and now all we have to say is, “do you want to try that again?”. This is a beautiful reminder that we all mess up sometimes, and we're all collectively interested in helping each other grow and do better. Empowered women, empower women!

Please let me know how this is working for you or how this has helped change the way you live. And, if you want to leave a review of this show, head to your preferred podcast platform and leave a review! When you’re done, screenshot an image of it and e-mail it to me at, and I will send you my 7 Weekly Tips to Create Space for Abundance in return!

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.

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