How to Speak the Language of Manifestation

Discover whether or not the language you use, the thoughts you experience, and the beliefs you have are keeping you from manifesting.

What words should you use to manifest your dreams? How do you speak the (not so secret) language of manifestation? Are the words and phrases you’re using keeping you from manifesting?

Today, we’re getting technical, y’all. We are diving deep into the language of manifestation. The details that can be getting in the way for us if we’re not mindful. These details are affirmative language use, your subject's energy and phrases, and negations. And we're going to jump into them all. These can help us, or hurt us, depending on how we're using them.

Our words are our power

We already know that our words are powerful and they allow us to manifest what we want and need, but I get this question a lot…can we unintentionally manifest what we don’t want? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. You can.

Manifestation happens as a result of our identities and our lifestyles IN ADDITION to the intention setting and the visualization work we do. You manifest who and what you are. You get more of the things you believe about yourself. So, if you identify as a negative person, or a pessimist, whose immediate reaction is to focus on what is going wrong around you.... boom, you’re going to manifest more negativity and more that goes wrong.

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