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Manifest More Money

For some reason, in the manifestation world.... people seem to think that manifesting money is harder than everything else. But, I’m here to tell you that it is not. It is just as easy to manifest $10 as it is to manifest $100,000. Or, instead of the word “easy”, I will say that it’s the “same process” instead.

Becoming an energetic match for money requires you to work on your mindset to get in the same frequency as money. The difference is, you’re either a match for the $10 or the $100,000.

Right now, you’re probably like, “GREAT! But how do I become a match for $100,000?!”.

The answer is simple, but it is going to feel hard. You have to become an energetic match by changing your beliefs. It’s the mindset work. You cannot manifest things you want with negative thoughts and alignment. And, this is where a lot of clients love to stop me and say, “But I don’t have any negative beliefs about money!”. I’m going to be really direct here—you do. Everyone does. I do. We all, do.

Imagine your brain as a can of white paint. When you have a negative idea that comes to you as a child, something like “you have to work hard for money”, you allow that idea to come into your mind. And often, that idea decides to stay and form a negative belief. When this happens, you allow a few drops of red pigment into your white paint can. Over time, every time this negative belief is challenged and re-affirmed, you allow a few more red pigment drops. This is great when you have a wall that you want to paint red. This is your $10 wall. You’re already a match for that $10 wall because you’ve accepted those beliefs your whole life. But, when you get to that $100,000 wall, that color is different. It is more vibrant and a different shade—it’s purple.

Your paint, or your thoughts, have to become more vibrant and change shade to match that new color. This means you have to find a way to stop pouring in drops of red, and change the drops to blue. It’s a conscious choice, and one you will have to remember each time it comes up. Becoming conscious of the beliefs is a critical first step. Stopping to think, “Wait, am I choosing to pour red or blue on this new thought?”. It’s a new way of thinking, pausing, DECIDING how to respond instead of responding on autopilot. And as you start pouring more blue into the paint can, the color gradually starts to change to purple. And this is how you start to shift to become a match for that $100,000 wall. You intentionally choose different thoughts which change your vibration. This comes from awareness.

In the meantime, you will likely manifest other shit along the way. This isn’t black or white, so maybe there is a vacation wall, a car wall, a discount wall, a gift card wall, and you might become a match for some of those other walls while you transform your color. And when this happens, you begin to manifest things other than money.

When you’re on the right path, you begin to receive. Receiving comes in all forms. You receive discounts, gift cards, gifts, freebies, etc. You become an energetic match for receiving, so you receive. And when this happens, don’t crap all over it just because it’s not hard cash!!!

Even though it’s energetically the same, most of us have a harder time manifesting cash over gifts and other things because of our beliefs. We believe that cash or money is harder to come by. We believe that you have to work for it, win it, inherit it, or even steal it. Most of us do not believe that large sums of money can just show up in the mail or as a gift. And you can’t manifest more money coming to you easily if you believe at your core that you have to work for it. You’re creating this arbitrary rule for yourself that it won’t come unless you’re overworked, burnt out, always working....

When you believe money is the ultimate manifestation, the end all be all, you make it a challenge in your mind. You might manifest a vacation to Cancun, a new car, a paddle board, an Apple Watch, and then complain that you can’t manifest actual cash, money.

You can. It’s the same.

But if your brain is that paint can and you’ve dumped all these drops of red, or your negative beliefs, over years.... then of course every time you try to pull the paint brush out to create.... it is still dripping with red instead of the purple you want.

Your thoughts create a lens in which you manifest from. Your manifestations will have that red hue on them until you find out the source of the red paint drops and cut it off.

So how do you do that? Get to the core of your beliefs around money. Become aware and conscious of your thought patterns so that you can stop them, create new thoughts, and train your brain to prioritize these new, high vibe thoughts instead.

To do this, start by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Was I taught that money was easy or hard to come by growing up?

  2. What were some of the expressions my parents or guardians said about money?

  3. Was money put on a pedestal?

The last question is very important. Many of us can manifest so many other things because we believe they’re easier to get, less valuable, more abundant. But, if you put money on a pedestal, you’re operating from a place of scarcity. You might think something like.... Money is the answer to everything.... people with money are above me.... if I can just get more money, I could....

Ask yourself what your views are of money. Tangible money.... and what it can do for you. Do you want it, and do you want it desperately?

You can manifest money just as easily as everything else, but if you believe money doesn’t grow on trees, that manifestation thought will always be coded with this belief. “I want to manifest more money, but I do not believe it comes easily.... so make me work for it”. That’s the signal you’re sending.

If you think money would answer all of your problems, that is usually a great sign that you’re treating it too much like a rare resource. Something that some can have and attain, but not all.... it’s scarcity.

And, I also want to take a moment to ask you what you think about millionaires and billionaires? Do you resent them? Think it’s unfair? This is one I’m super guilty of by the way. I always have to remind myself.... the economic system is the issue, not the individuals. They’re just using it to their advantage. Could they be more conscious about how they invest their money? Yes, but that's not what we're talking about here.

So why resent the people who have the money because of a system they don’t control? And, if you resent people with money.... what does this say about your beliefs? If you hate millionaires.... why would you ever allow yourself to become one? If you think only bad people can become extremely wealthy, then your brain will make sure you never become that. Your brain wants to protect you. Money does not make you a bad person, but a lot of people believe it does. And, that’s what you’re manifesting from. That is the core of your vibrations.

We covered a lot of info today, so this is where I’m going to leave you. If you have more questions about money or topics you want covered, DM me on Instagram and I’ll work to either include it in my podcast or my money mindset course that I’ll be producing later this year.

Have a fantastic week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.



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