Sarcasm and Manifestation

Hello hello!

Today we’re talking about something that’s been on my mind awhile—what it means to be spiritual and why I think so many women, especially my fellow sassy women, haven’t felt comfortable in this space. More specifically, I want to talk about one of my favorite personality traits that isn’t found a lot in the spiritual circles—sarcasm.

I’ve changed my opinion on sarcasm a lot over this past year and I want to talk about it because I CANNOT find anyone talking about manifestation and sarcasm, other than to discourage it. And, I used to be one of those people that was like “I just need to stop being sarcastic because it’s not high-vibe and positive”. I’m here to say, now, that I’ve changed my mind on this particular issue after a lot of reflection and discussion with other sarcastically spiritual women. So here it is: we can be spiritual AND sarcastic! You can be a badass manifester, and what I like to call a spiritual sasshole—little bit of sass little bit of, well… you get it.

I think we need to hold true to the parts of our identities that we enjoy and that is more important than if we “think” sarcasm is bad. It’s only bad if you give it that connotation.

For years, I wouldn’t operate in the manifestation/spiritual world per se because I didn’t think “someone like me” would belong. You know… sarcastic, dry, bossy, skeptical, a little rough around the edge’s kind of gal… DEFINITELY NOT all love and light all the time. I do not fit the “sunshine and rainbows” model or the really sweet woman who sends her love to everyone. And, I probably never will.

I’m sure there has to be a handful of therapists out there who are wondering if I use sarcasm as a way to avoid vulnerability—and you’re definitely right to an extent. 😉 AND, I love my sarcastic nature. I want to keep that side of me while embracing vulnerability. I can do both and so can you if this is a part of you that you’re not ready to let go of either.

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