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Sarcasm and Manifestation

Hello hello!

Today we’re talking about something that’s been on my mind awhile—what it means to be spiritual and why I think so many women, especially my fellow sassy women, haven’t felt comfortable in this space. More specifically, I want to talk about one of my favorite personality traits that isn’t found a lot in the spiritual circles—sarcasm.

I’ve changed my opinion on sarcasm a lot over this past year and I want to talk about it because I CANNOT find anyone talking about manifestation and sarcasm, other than to discourage it. And, I used to be one of those people that was like “I just need to stop being sarcastic because it’s not high-vibe and positive”. I’m here to say, now, that I’ve changed my mind on this particular issue after a lot of reflection and discussion with other sarcastically spiritual women. So here it is: we can be spiritual AND sarcastic! You can be a badass manifester, and what I like to call a spiritual sasshole—little bit of sass little bit of, well… you get it.

I think we need to hold true to the parts of our identities that we enjoy and that is more important than if we “think” sarcasm is bad. It’s only bad if you give it that connotation.

For years, I wouldn’t operate in the manifestation/spiritual world per se because I didn’t think “someone like me” would belong. You know… sarcastic, dry, bossy, skeptical, a little rough around the edge’s kind of gal… DEFINITELY NOT all love and light all the time. I do not fit the “sunshine and rainbows” model or the really sweet woman who sends her love to everyone. And, I probably never will.

I’m sure there has to be a handful of therapists out there who are wondering if I use sarcasm as a way to avoid vulnerability—and you’re definitely right to an extent. 😉 AND, I love my sarcastic nature. I want to keep that side of me while embracing vulnerability. I can do both and so can you if this is a part of you that you’re not ready to let go of either.

You can reject an “all of nothing” mindset of manifestation and spirituality. We can be both sarcastic and spiritual. Yin and yang. This is balance. AND, this doesn’t mean that embracing sarcasm will negatively impact our success.

I think it’s more important that I stay true to ourselves. Yes, work on your mindset, yes shift your identity to become someone that can manifest the things we want, but this does not have to mean that you have to lose the parts of you that bring you joy or that you love. Staying true to who you are at your core is more important than conforming to “what we think it means to be spiritual”. Your sarcasm or your cursing can be a part of your playfulness.

When I first thought of Modern Manifestation, I literally googled, “can you be high-vibe and sarcastic? Can you manifest if you’re sarcastic”? I was looking for answers because I wasn’t seeing anyone else like me operating in the manifestation world. I saw a lot of lovely and kind people, but like I said… I love me some sarcastic flare and the difference between myself and these very flowy and love-filled people made my sarcastic self-feel like a real a$shole.

This made me think, “Who am I to partake in this world? I’m not *that* person”. I curse, I make jokes at my own expense, I’m sarcastic, I eat meat, I don’t love yoga (yet)… I had all these ideas about what spirituality and manifestation experts looked like, and I was NOT it.

But here is what I’ve learned over the years: there are so many women who felt the EXACT SAME WAY I did. AND, so many have shied away from the spiritual side of manifestation for this reason.

For clarity, when I talk about sarcasm and being a spiritual sasshole in today’s episode, I do NOT mean the negative people who are intending to inflict pain and spread negativity throughout their day. I also do not mean the people who look for the negativity in everything and use sarcasm as a shield for their pessimism. Being sarcastic does not mean you’re unkind or hateful. When I refer to sarcasm in this episode, I’m talking about my babes that are generally optimistic, or at least trying to be, that are doing the work and using sarcasm as comic relief, NOT as a weapon or a shield in emotional combat. It’s not okay to use sarcasm to hurt people, to be unkind, to justify a shitty situation, or to steep in negativity. It is okay to use sarcasm to lighten the mood, to bring a smile to a friend, to amuse yourself, or to shift into a more positive mood if that is what helps you. As long as you’re not using sarcasm at anyone’s expense.

Sarcasm from a place of love, not anger.

Being high-vibe has nothing to do with sarcasm, but everything to do with the intent behind it, of your being. If you’re a happy and kind person who is working on themselves and you LOVE a good sarcastic flare—then don’t give that part of you up! Stay true to who you are WHILE doing the work. So, if you’ve found yourself googling this exact question about sarcasm, let me be the first to tell you… you can be sarcastic, spiritual, and high-vibe all at the same time. It’s all about who you are at your core and where the sarcasm is coming from. Only you know the answer to this for yourself.

I couldn’t find anything online about sarcasm and manifestation, so this is for anyone searching for their own answers regarding this. I’m here to affirm to my fellow sarcastic sassholes that you can remain true to your sassy-self and still belong in this world, AND you can still be a positive person that is manifesting the shit you want. Let’s re-define what it means to be a spiritual badass. There is room for all of us.

Feel free to share this post with a friend or family member who has rejected spirituality because of their sassy or sarcastic nature—I’m here to affirm to them that they belong in this space too!

Thank y’all so much for reading! Have a fantastic rest of your week. I will catch y’all next Monday! Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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