Are You Repelling Money? (Money Mindset Series Pt 2)

Hello everyone! I know it has been a really crazy week, so I hope you and yours have been able to stay safe and healthy so far in the New Year!

Personally, I am having a fantastic day! I am so jazzed because we GOT SNOW. I live in Texas where I’ve only ever seen sleet. But today, today we got REAL SNOW! Like soft, fluttering from the sky, shit you see in movies…. snow. So I took a huge part of today to enjoy this experience for the first time and it was MAGICAL.

I finally understand what people mean when they say that snow makes everything better, SO I had to come in here and record this episode because A) I need to let my clothes dry (who knew snow was so wet?!) and B) I have so much excitement running through my veins that I needed a creative outlet.

And here we are! I’m so excited to jump back into and continue our Money Mindset Series. And yes, I decided to remove the word “mini” because that was just too much…

Last week we jumped into the first step of this series—identifying and transforming your limiting beliefs about money.

In today’s episode, we’re continuing our conversation to help you become an energetic match for money. Today, we jump into having a positive relationship with SPENDING money.

This goes beyond your limiting beliefs. This goes into how you feel about every aspect of money… spending it, giving