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Are You Repelling Money? (Money Mindset Series Pt 2)

Hello everyone! I know it has been a really crazy week, so I hope you and yours have been able to stay safe and healthy so far in the New Year!

Personally, I am having a fantastic day! I am so jazzed because we GOT SNOW. I live in Texas where I’ve only ever seen sleet. But today, today we got REAL SNOW! Like soft, fluttering from the sky, shit you see in movies…. snow. So I took a huge part of today to enjoy this experience for the first time and it was MAGICAL.

I finally understand what people mean when they say that snow makes everything better, SO I had to come in here and record this episode because A) I need to let my clothes dry (who knew snow was so wet?!) and B) I have so much excitement running through my veins that I needed a creative outlet.

And here we are! I’m so excited to jump back into and continue our Money Mindset Series. And yes, I decided to remove the word “mini” because that was just too much…

Last week we jumped into the first step of this series—identifying and transforming your limiting beliefs about money.

In today’s episode, we’re continuing our conversation to help you become an energetic match for money. Today, we jump into having a positive relationship with SPENDING money.

This goes beyond your limiting beliefs. This goes into how you feel about every aspect of money… spending it, giving it away, paying bills, having debt, etc. If you want to manifest more money, you need to be in flow with money to be a match. And when you’re in flow, that means money is going both ways…. in AND out.

Being in flow is not one sided. Otherwise it’s not a flow, it’s more like a leaky faucet. We know money doesn’t work this way.

It’s easy for us to write down the amount of money we want to manifest and practice visualizing it. That is what most beginner manifesters are already doing. But what about examining how you feel when you’re not getting money… but giving it away? Spending it? How do you feel when you pay bills? Paying rent? Have to buy a new laptop? Have to buy a new phone? How does THAT feel?

Most of us will cringe paying for the things that we think we need because that is money that could have been spent elsewhere right? On something you really wanted?

You might think, “Crap, I have to pay rent today, so I guess I can’t get blank or invest in blank” or maybe you broke your phone screen and feel compelled to fix it but you really HATE spending the money to do that over using that money for something else…

I’m curious if this sound familiar to you? Because, this would have had me avoiding eye contact earlier on in my twenties.

Think about how you feel while paying bills. Is it a negative or positive experience? If it’s negative, we still have some work to do on your money mindset. Don’t worry…. because this is most of us.

ANY time you’re handling money, you need to be in a positive state. You need to establish and continue a positive relationship with it so you continually invite it into your life. Would you remain friends with someone who constantly complained every time you left after hanging out? Probably not! Most people would agree that that is annoying and draining, right? Well, your friends and your money are all made from the same kind of energy, what your friends don’t like, your money doesn’t either. So stop complaining every time your money leaves.

When I think of being in flow with money, I like to imagine that money comes to me just like waves in the ocean. Flowing in and out, constantly. Getting bigger with each crest. When it comes crashing onto the shore of a beach, a portion of this water immediately recedes so that it can swell into a larger wave. Imagine this as your money. A portion of it recedes so that it can come back larger, more abundantly.

This mindset is critical if you want to be in FLOW with money. If you’re complaining about how much you’re spending on the necessities…you’re reinforcing a negative relationship with your money....the universe isn’t picking up on the nuance between spending versus receiving. It’s not thinking “oh she doesn’t want this kind of money energy (like paying bills) she only wants this kind of energy (like receiving a bonus).

Money is money, when you’re in flow, you’re in flow... and that means money is going both ways. Do you want to be able to pay for things or not? If the answer is yes, then you need to make sure this is ALWAYS a positive experience if you inevitably want to manifest more.

And, taking it a step further, the Universe doesn’t differentiate between spending and receiving. If you’re constantly complaining about paying bills and telling the Universe you don’t want anymore, it’s not hearing “no bills”, it’s hearing “no money”.

If you are coming from a place of scarcity when you spend money, you will receive scarcity in return. So, I ask you again... what is your relationship with paying bills, having debt, buying necessities?

To the Universe, being an energetic match with money means being a match with ALL money. To receive money, you will also have to spend money. Isn’t that why you want it in the first place? To spend or to invest it? If you cultivate a negative feeling any time you’re releasing your money. that’s getting you out of alignment. That is putting a negative strain on your monetary abundance.

The Universe doesn’t care if you’re spending money on rent or a vacation. You can’t enjoy one experience and complain about the other. Your relationship with money needs to be positive—all around.

And while we’re at it, here is a note about language usage. Notice I said releasing money instead of spending… that is a great positive shift to bring to your choice of language instead. See what words and phrases you can swap out. When talking about money, it’s okay to say “the value that item would bring to my life does not currently align with my wants”. But remember stay away from scarcity phrases like “that’s too expensive” or “I could never afford that”. I would shy away from using any words that you might consider negative. For most of us, that would be “debt”, “bills”, “payments”, etc. Instead, try “investments”, “opportunity costs”, “released gains”, or “out-flow money”. Get as creative with it as you want, as long as it is positive for you.

So, you’re being more mindful about your language, you’re working to be positive every time you handle your money, but HOW on earth do you start cultivating a positive relationship with bill paying or really any debt? This question gets asked sooo much because it is such a common issue and I want to make sure we at least start talking about this; although, this is likely going to be expanded upon later. I’ll have to have a spin off post where we really dive deep into this discussion.

When paying bills or paying off debt, or again as I like to say “when handling out-flow money” or “previous investments”, work to reframe your relationship with paying debt off. You can do this by thinking about the joy that the things your bills pay for, bring you. Remember… bills are COMPLETELY elective and chosen. Hear me out. You don’t HAVE to spend money on anything. You don’t. You probably THINK you do, but you do not.

You didn’t have to go to college, you didn’t have to get a phone, or a car, or an apartment. You could go off and live in a forest somewhere and forage for food. In reality, you do not NEED to pay for a place to live, a laptop, a phone bill, nothing. There were thousands of years where humans didn’t have any bills. Right? And, you don’t have to have them either.

You choose to have bills because you enjoy the things they bring to your life. So reflect on the joy these things and come from a place of abundance. You don’t HAVE to have shelter, but you’re so thankful that you do…. so you gladly release money for this stable investment.

Doesn’t that reframe help? Doesn’t it remind you that you CHOOSE these things for your life? Where else can you apply this?

A huge part of manifestation and getting into alignment is owning your decisions and being an active participant in your life. You and the Universe are Co-Authors, so start acting like. This includes owning your reactions to things, your actions, your thoughts, your behaviors, your perceptions, your emotions, everything.

If you took an action earlier on that led to a current out-flow of money…at one point that was a conscious decision that you made…and that you felt compelled to invest in for whatever reason. So own that, don’t complain about it, say thank you, think of all the reasons why this was a good learning experience, and release.

Remember to say thank you to money as you pay your bills. “Thank you for the ability to invest in shelter”, “thank you for the ability to connect with the world with this new laptop”, “thank you for the ability to have water and electricity this summer so I can take long showers and relax with Netflix”. Whatever it is you’re paying for, say thank you, because it’s presence in your life is not guaranteed or truly NEEDED. It’s really wanted.... and since you want them and are able to invest in in them for yourself, say thank you to your money for this opportunity.

Get into a positive headspace ANYTIME you’re about to handle money, but ESPECIALLY before you begin releasing money via bills. Train your mind overtime to view this as a positive experience. You can hack into a positive feeling using energetic matching by thinking of your most exciting memory, then immediately think about how releasing your money feels the same.

Another idea is to conduct a gratitude exercise right before you begin releasing money. What are all the investments you’ve made that you’re grateful for? What joy did they bring you? Maybe you have a special day that you devote to this and you make it your money abundance day where you release your money, meditate on abundance, gratitude journal, and do things that make you feel fancy.

I keep seeing ads for those gorgeous flowing luxury robes that models in high heels are wearing while cascading down a staircase. Do you know the ones I’m talking about? They’re trimmed with fur and come in all kinds of colors? They look like something Martha May in the Grinch would probably wear, or maybe something you would see in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, BUT I swear I have a point to this, maybe you get something like that that you can associate with feeling wealthy or abundant and you wear this special item ONLY on your releasing money days. Maybe you channel your inner Miranda Preistly and own the feeling’s she would have while releasing money. Whatever works for you.

If you come up with another idea that helps you get into the grove while releasing money, PLEASE SHARE IT! I looove love love love learning new tips and tricks to share with others. DM me on IG or email me your creative ideas and I will make sure to share your tip with others on another podcast or on the blog!

To recap today’s tips, get into an energetic alignment with money, or in flow with money, by creating a positive experience with both receiving it AND, and especially, releasing it. Reframe your relationship and mindset around debt, bills, and spending money by adjusting your vocabulary, your mindset, and your routines. Always come from a place of abundance, love, and joy when you’re able to handle your money. Doesn’t matter if its when you’re about to pay bills or swipe at the register. Always be in a positive place when you reach for that credit card, cash, or wallet. This is all a representation of your money, and your money wants to be shown appreciation and respect.

Thank you so much for tuning into part 2 of my Money Mindset series! I can’t wait to check back in with y’all next week to continue this conversation by jumping into the third part of this series—do you understand your money.

Have a fabulous rest of your week, and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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