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Top Manifestation FAQs | You Asked, I Answered!

Hey y'all! This week, I've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions I'm asked about manifestation. Instead of jumping into one particular manifestation topic, let's dive into a few of the questions you had for me. We cover why manifestation isn't working, if you have to be spiritual, how to separate the "how" from intention, and whether or not you can manifest sickness. Tune in below to hear more!

Do you have to be spiritual to manifest or believe in manifestation?

Absolutely not. I talk about manifestation more with people who are agnostic or atheist than any other type. Or maybe, as much as I do with spiritual people since lately, I’ve attracted a lot of spiritual people to me!

If you can believe that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors dictate and create your ability to achieve or succeed in something, then you believe in manifestation. You manifest your identity, which includes your habits, ideas, thoughts, behaviors, emotional state, mental state, etc. It is fake it until you make it on steroids because you have to genuinely believe you’re already at the level you want to be and not just play into the imposter syndrome.

Manifestation is the idea that you’re going to act like an entirely different person on stage if you believe you’re already a successful millionaire who is teaching others how to do the same versus if you believe you’re a fraud who has no business being on that stage. Right? Even describing the two makes me feel energetically different. One feels confident and the other feels meek. If that resonates with you, then you can get behind manifestation, spirituality or not. It’s all about your mindset, your identity. The thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits you form. That, is what you’re manifesting more of.

How do you let go of the “how” without letting go of intention? Or, how do you let go while also asking for what you want?

This is a great question that comes up a lot, so let’s address it. Asking for what you want is 1000% okay and helpful. Getting clarity on what you want and speaking that to the Universe is amazing. And, you won’t ever be punished for that. The difference is asking for what you want and stating the ask, WITHOUT becoming desperate. That starts to get into the “how” right? Because your desperation has an implied “why hadn’t this happened yet? And can you hurry up please, Universe?!”

Remember what I said in past episodes.... the Universe does not like to be micromanaged. So, ask for what you want.... want “the what” as much as you damn well please! But for the love of god, after you ask.... let it go. Know that if it is right for you.... it will come. And that’s another point I want to talk about. Sometimes we ask for things that contradict what another ask was. Maybe you visualized being happy and in a loving relationship 5 years ago, and then you get into abusive relationship this year and try to manifest ways to fix it... you can’t because that relationship probably won’t lead to the happiness and love that you initially asked for... so don’t beat yourself up when the Universe doesn’t give you that second manifestation. It knows better and it knows that the first ask was truer to you, more in alignment with your highest good, so it won’t help fix a relationship that it knows is not in your best interest. I know, because this example is my own. I was in that relationship trying to fix that guy. So, want “the what” and ask for it, be intentional. However, work on letting it go. Do not chase it desperately. Let go of “the how” AND “the when”. I’ve had manifestations take a decade. It happens when it is supposed to. Let go by finding comfort in knowing that if it is meant, it will happen in the timing it is meant to happen in.

Why isn’t manifestation working?

I notice this the most with my skeptics. I’m saying this as an ex/skeptic. Actually, I don’t even know that I’d say I’m an ex-skeptic. I’m still skeptical about a lot, but manifestation is not one of those things for me anymore because it’s proven itself to me time and time again.

When you’re first introduced to this world, there is a lot to be skeptical about.... especially if you’ve watched the Secret and it was a little to magic and unicorns for you. I get it. However, when you work to manifest from that place of skepticism, that energy is behind all of your asks. You want the universe to prove itself to you, but you’re not really giving it a chance. Behind the ask you’re secretly thinking “I can’t wait to see I told you so and prove this doesn’t work”.

You manifest the energy and the intention, not your words. If you’re wondering why your shit isn’t manifesting, have a heart to heart with yourself. Are you expecting it to fail? Trying to prove it or someone else wrong? What does it mean if it does work and that means that shit you’ve experienced in the past could have gone better? These can be hard questions to ask yourself, but I would really focus on this if you believe it’s not working. Start with a small exercise and go from there. Maybe ask the universe to show you purple dolphins for the next week or so.... something you don’t normally see a lot of.

Can you manifest getting sick?

Ok y’all. Don’t take manifestation too literally for everything. Yes, you manifest your life AND, your mental health plays a large role in how healthy your immune system operates, which determines how easily you get sick.... however, there are so many factors that play into this. Couple examples: your immune system is suppressed the week before your period starts, environmental conditions can stress your immune system, alcohol, the things you eat, allergies, chemical toxicity, there are so many things that can contribute to your immune system to become overloaded so that you can sick. Yes, manifestation can play a part through various mindset things like stress and anxiety, but I would say it’s a correlation and not a cause. The difference is, your one bad day or bad thought is NOT going to directly cause you to get a cold, or the flu, a UTI, or whatever else.

This all being said, I do think that long term unhappiness, stress, and negativity CAN manifest physically as a disease or chronic pain, but I do not believe that you directly manifest the common cold. Sometimes a cold is just a cold, friends. Let’s not use manifestation as a way to punish ourselves when shit doesn’t go right.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! If you have more questions, DM them to me on IG @ModernManifestation and I will compile them for a future part two of this episode. Have a great week and I will catch y’all next Monday. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.



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