Top Manifestation FAQs | You Asked, I Answered!

Hey y'all! This week, I've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions I'm asked about manifestation. Instead of jumping into one particular manifestation topic, let's dive into a few of the questions you had for me. We cover why manifestation isn't working, if you have to be spiritual, how to separate the "how" from intention, and whether or not you can manifest sickness. Tune in below to hear more!

Do you have to be spiritual to manifest or believe in manifestation?

Absolutely not. I talk about manifestation more with people who are agnostic or atheist than any other type. Or maybe, as much as I do with spiritual people since lately, I’ve attracted a lot of spiritual people to me!

If you can believe that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors dictate and create your ability to achieve or succeed in something, then you believe in manifestation. You manifest your identity, which includes your habits, ideas, thoughts, behaviors, emotional state, mental state, etc. It is fake it until you make it on steroids because you have to genuinely believe you’re already at the level you want to be and not just play into the imposter syndrome.