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Letting Shit Go

Hello my MoMa fam! Welcome back to my blog if you're a regular reader. If you're new, welcome!

We’ve talked a lot about various tips and tricks to manifesting throughout this blog, but there is one thing I don’t think I’ve touched on enough, and I think it’s one of the most important aspects of manifestation—the art of letting TF go. Releasing, not caring... too much. Channeling you're inner Elsa..... *Let It Go*

Honestly, this is the ultimate paradox of manifestation. Desiring enough to manifest, but not too much that you're terrified of not getting it—which creates resistance.

But before I get too far into this, I want to clarify something. I’ve seen a lot of people say things like, “I don’t know how to manifest”, or “manifestation doesn’t work”.

Manifestation is natural. It is what you’re constantly doing all the time. The reason we talk about it so much in this blog and on the podcast is to make you aware of how your current identity (thoughts, emotions, behaviors) is impacting WHAT you’re manifesting. Awareness allows us to create change instead of living on autopilot.

Your life is a reflection of what you’ve manifested. And, this allows us to step out of victim hood and step into owning our circumstances and pulling ourselves up if need be. No matter the traumatic experiences of our past. We can't change what has happened to us, but we can change how we respond to the things that have happened to us.

Victim hood is a choice. It is a choice that is made everyday. A choice to LIVE in resistance. Or, the ultimate resistance, because I think playing victim is one of the lowest vibrations we can inhabit. When we play victim, we accept that vibration and FIND (or create) scenarios that make this true. When we want to play the victim, the universe provides scenarios to make it so.

Why do I mention all of this? To remind you of your power to choose. You get to choose the identity you take on. You get to choose how hard or easy life is. And if you want to, you get to let the TF go.

When it comes to manifesting, you can't out-visualize a crappy mindset. You continually manifest more of whatever role you're playing. Manifestation is a natural gift, but you need to ensure it is working with you, in flow. You can manifest way more good in your life by getting into letting TF go.

How do you let go in order to manifest?

Step into the opposite of victimhood; step into the mindset of a creator. You are a divine being. You are a natural creator, a master manifestor. Manifestation is our divine right. Whether its worked for (or against) us is based on the conditions we've allowed ourselve to believe.

So ask yourself. Are you someone who thinks life happens to you? Or for you? Do you complain about your circumstances to anyone who will listen? Do you blame your lack of success on XYZ? Do you try to rationalize your lack of success by blaming thinhs or people outside of your control? As Bob Proctor always said... those who rationalize their failures are rationing-lies.

I'll be the first person to say admit that I've done and said all of these things. Missed a sales goal when a coworker didn't? Well, it's because of their family connections… Someone else got a promotion over me? Well, it was because life was just so much easier for them.

If any of this resonates with (or triggers) you, listen to that.

You can either choose to live life as a victim, or a creator.... but you cannot be both.

The difference is a subtle mindset shift. Some people refer to this as a positive vs negative mindset. I refer to it as a creative vs reactive mindset. No matter how you choose to refer to it, choose to be the creator. The difference between people who are successful, and those who are not, is how each person responds to failure. Does it define your life as a failure? Or does it create an opportunity to try again?

Any negative or victimized mindset is a hard habit to kick. It won't happen immediately. So, practice awareness. Notice when you're feeling defeated and resentful. Notice when you're looking to place blame or make excuses. If you're like me, this could be several times a day. Instead of getting discouraged, view it as several daily opportunities to correct this mindset. When you fall into old habits, simply stop, reset, and redirect. For me, it always helps to talk to myself as a friend, to convince myself why my excuses aren't actually true. Then I would put on a motivating podcast episode, audiobook, or TedTalk until my mindset was on a better state. A more creative state of opportunity.

When you choose to become a creator, you're choosing to believe that life is always working for you; That life will unfold for you exactly how it needs to, when it needs to, and that it may not always be how you think it needs to. Regardless, you keep taking the steps that you know will bring you one step closer to your goals. This is the art and message of today’s post—letting go, despite your conditioning.

Manifestation is not toxic positivity. It’s not running around pretending everything is fine while the damn house is on fire. Manifestation is about knowing, and trusting, that everything that is happening is perfect the way it is. As humans, we’re intended to experience all aspects of life's chaos; it's how we grow in this life. Accept. Reset. Let go.

Earth is a school. Life is supposed to challenge us while we're here. How those lessons show up is not up to us. So let them go, and stop resisting. Otherwise, the challenge may resurface again and again until you learn the damn lesson!

Everything that happens to us is intended to provide feedback. It might even allows us to better guide others, if not ourselves. Accept what is, as a part of life happening for you.

I continue to relearn this lesson as it shows up in various forms. After all, I’m a recovering perfectionist AND a Virgo, so letting go of control (or “the how”) is like asking me to jump off a cliff and trust that someone will catch me at the bottom. It is a leap of faith. A leap that I struggle to WANT to make! Even so, we have to break through the terror barrier; Stepping away from what we know, and stepping into what we do not know. Letting go of what might be on the other side once we cross this barrier.

Manifestation requires you to BECOME what it is you want to manifest, before you have it. Paradox. To trust that stepping into the unknown will bring you more joy than staying comfortable where you are. It requires that you set your intention and ask for what you want, without desperation. Passionately describing what your life is going to feel like and stepping into the trust that it’s coming, without worrying if it will.

Desperation is scarcity energy. The Universe interprets desperation as lack, neediness, negativity. Desperation is a form of victimhood. Passion leads to creativity. Passion feels like abundant energy, always expansive, excited, and optimistic.

The ultimate challenge most people run i to is choosing desperation over passion. Not living in the flow of creativity. Experiencing resistance. Not letting go. So before we wrap up this post, I'm going to share a personal story of mine about resistance.

To this day, nothing has taught me more about surrendering to the Universe than my wedding day.

I’m sure many can relate.

Like so many weddings, the day started off with its fair share of challenges. I had 30 last minute guest cancellations (it was a Friday wedding), the caterer had an issue getting the credit card processed, my flowers weren’t ready because my florist had the wrong pickup date, a bridesmaid’s dress didn’t fit, another bridesmaid forgot her shoes, I forgot to pickup petals for the flower girl, the decorations weren’t setup in advance, people were eating the grooms cake before the ceremony started..... you get the picture.

I was starting to get really stressed out about these issues...when I had a beautiful moment of clarity. I released. I thought to myself, “None of this shit will matter in a few hours. The most important thing is that I marry my partner”.

With that affirmation, I let everything go. I surrendered to what will happen. I surrendered to the Universe. And when I did this, within THAT VERY HOUR, 95% of these problems were solved or somehow fixed themselves miraculously (with the exception of the invites, but a few new guests were able to make it spontaneously)! The cake was re-assembled, the dress was somehow on the bridesmaid, the flowers were ready, everyone had shoes, the food was prepared and ready, etc.

I mention this story because the biggest thing people forget to do when they’re trying to manifest, is to surrender. To allow the Universe to take control and work for you. To step into the identity of someone who always has things work out for them. Know that you come from Source, so a part of you has already experienced creating EVERYTHING that ever will be. How hard can everything else be at this point?

Abundance is your birthright, so go into flow.... release and live without resistance. You get to define your life experiences.

So many of us can’t seem to let go of the control. We want to have a say in the “how” or the “what” without having any idea what is best for us. We have to be patient, we have to trust, we have to let go.

If you feel like you’re doing everything right and you’re so frustrated because you’re not manifesting what you want.....this is for you. See what manifests when you surrender to the will of the Universe. When you stop fighting the Universe for control, you allow the things that are meant for you to flow to you without resistance.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

This is the missing piece in a lot of people’s manifestation journeys. Yes, set an intention. Yes, give it positive energy. Yes, visualize. Yes, feel into your ideal life. But don't forget to let go of the "how".

Like the Stanley cup loving gals say: Let go, and let god.

So many of us care too damn much. We can’t let go. We won’t let god!

Manifestation is a giant paradox. You have to ask for what you want, see it, feel it, give it energy, become it, but then you have to let it go, walk away, and know that the Universe is working on it for you.

Do not micromanage the Universe. If you’ve been going through manifestation practices and you’re not making headway, try letting go. KNOW that it is coming.

Act as if. Embody the identity of someone who already has what they're asking for. Then, walk with confidence until it shows up in your life, in a timing that works for your highest good.

So this is my lesson for you today. To let go. Allow. Get into flow. Step into creativity.

Have a great rest of your week!


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