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Tales from a Published Author

In this audio interview, we dive into powerful conversations with Suhailah Waheed as she discusses her career journey as the founder of her own company, life experiences, and what inspired her to take the vulnerable step into authorship. Listen in for an authentic conversation from the perspective of a young woman breaking through her own barriers and manifesting her own success.

About Suhailah Waheed

Suhailah Waheed is a serial entrepreneur, fundraiser, philanthropist, and published author living in Austin, Texas. She began her career in the non-profit world consulting for and sitting on many boards around Central Texas. Before she was 30, Suhailah founded her own company, Giving Geeks, that supports companies and individuals looking for a meaningful way to increase their fundraising and social impact efforts through development conversations. Suhailah is also the published author of Tale’s From a Clothesline—a beautiful collection of poetry inspired by the vulnerable, authentic, and passionate stories of women through time.

Topics Discussed

1. The impact of Chadwick Boseman’s death on the Black Community in light of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

2. Suhailah’s book, Tales from the Clothesline, is a fantastic composition that describes the experiences of young women from adolescence into adulthood. She covers critical topics like self-love, worth, race, abuse, and family dynamics. Learn what inspired her to write this book, and what does she hope young women take away from it?

3. We're in an age of perfectionism and comparison where so many of us struggle to take the first step. Meanwhile, Suhailah took the first step and SELF PUBLISHED! Learn what inspired her to self-publish and what kept her going.

4. How long did it take Suhailah to compile her work and what was the hardest part of her journey?

5. What was the process of self-publishing like for a first-time author?

6. Why poetry was the perfect medium for the story Suhailah needed to tell and what personal stories inspired the title.

7. Interested in reading her book? Tune in to learn where you can pick-up your copy of "Tales from the Clothesline" today (also linked below).

How to keep up with Suhailah

Instagram: @Suwaheed

Tune into this conversation by clicking the below!

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