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Step Toward Your Fear & Travel the World For a Year | An Interview with Kim Goyette

In this episode, Kim and I talk about her adventure with her family as they backpacked around the world for a year! Her worldly experience inspired her book, 'Just Plane Crazy! The Ultimate Guide to Affordable, Adventurous World Travel'. This book aims to inspire others to live their world travel dreams by stepping outside their self-proclaimed box and live a great story.

In addition to this book, we discuss how Kim and her husband (Scott) have started a business, Just Plane Crazy Travel, where they guide people every step of the way to help them manifest their desired adventures.

Topics discussed include:

· What was it like to travel with 2 other people for a year

· Kim's favorite travel destinations

· Tips for planning your own journey

· What advice does Kim have for someone considering long-term travel

· Building self confidence

About Kim Goyette

Kim Goyette is a yoga teacher, wellness coach, mother, lover of life and best-selling author of Just Plane Crazy! The Ultimate Guide to Affordable, Adventurous World Travel.

She enjoys all things nature, family, community, health, dance, rhythm, flow and freedom. As the owner of Meditation Mutha, her yoga and wellness business, Kim’s passion is creating meaningful retreat experiences where people have the opportunity to connect with themselves and others, expand their limiting beliefs and thrive beyond their greatest imagination. Her wellness programs take participants on a journey to achieve their wildest life visions.

Kim and her husband also own Just Plane Crazy Travel, where they assist people every step of the way to live their world travel dreams. Kim resides in Austin, Texas with her husband of more than two decades, and her daughter.

Find Kim on Facebook and Instagram or take one of her yoga classes on her Yoga with Meditation Mutha Youtube Channel. Visit to learn more about yoga retreats Kim is holding around the world and check out for an abundance of vital travel resources.

Additional links to Kim’s social media, website, and book is located below.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

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