React Less Manifest More

Today’s post is a continuation from last week: Stepping out of the sympathetic mode and into the parasympathetic mode.

When I decided to do todays episode, I initially wanted to talk generally about reducing negative reactions throughout the day, reducing your overall reactivity as a parasympathetic activation trick. But then I got really into writing about the major SYMPTOM of this uncontrolled reactivity—the impact of stress on your body AND your ability to manifest.

We’re going to talk about both today. Your physical body as a part of manifestation, tricks to activate your parasympathetic system, and all the little shit that goes on throughout your day and how you choose to react to it. I’ll say that last part again, how you CHOOSE to react to the shit that happens.

You manifest who and what you are, your identity.

Well guess what? The little things you do and experience throughout the day is a part of that—either a solution or a problem depending on what it is you’re doing. And your reaction to these things and how that affects your body, is a part of that.

I once took a course from Eckhardt Tolle who talked about the becoming non-reactive and how beneficial this is to stepping into the role of someone who masters manifestation. I let this idea marinate for a long time and it really didn’t click for me until recently.

Before jumping into my tips for engaging the parasympathetic system and reducing reactivity, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experience with living in constant sympathetic dominance.

I’ve been on a healing journey for years. For a while, I was trying everything. Every supplement, therapist, exercise, diet, etc. Trying to re-teach my body how to be and stay healthy. But I didn’t start seeing anything change until I found out about the parasympathetic system and how that impacts the body. All of my symptoms? Ya, they were connected.