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Menstruation Cycle & Moon Phases | Your Connection to Intuition, Hormones, and Your Feminine Power

In this episode, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Cassandra Wilder, aka the Menstruation Queen. We dive straight into a topic that is considered taboo in most cultures and societies—a woman’s period, menstruation cycle, time of the month, our new moon phase, whatever you want to call it.

We learn how to more meaningfully engage with our cycle to gain a better understanding of our intuition. In doing so, you will also learn to develop a deeper connection with your own body while honoring its needs (rest, activity, socialization, sensuality, etc.).

A topic most like to avoid, Cassandra is pioneering a path for woman to own and celebrate their monthly cycles as a part of our femininity, our power, and our divinity.

How to track your period? How to sync your period with the moon phases? What is your period telling you about your hormonal imbalances? In this episode, we cover all of these questions and more. Join us in this episode using the Podcast link below!

About Cassandra Wilder

Cassandra Wilder is a Naturopathic Doctor and the leading expert in women's cyclical health and menstruation. Changing the way that women's reproductive health is addressed, she is pioneering an empowering form of medicine that focuses on true wellness and balance. She is also the host of the GoddessCeremony Podcast and travels the country speaking at retreats and seminars on cyclical health.

You can find Cassandra on IG: @MenstruationQueen or online at Also, be sure to check out her Free Balanced Period Bundle!

Topics Discussed

· Why the name, the Menstruation Queen?

· Tips for tracking and regulating your period.

· Hormone disruptors and societal influences.

· Workflow, in flow, despite a culture that caters to the male’s circadian rhythm.

· How to re-sync your cycle to correspond with the moon cycles.

· Tips for connecting with your intuition.

· Cassandra’s favorite manifestation.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

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