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Why Taking Action Matters

Last week's episode was all about the art of letting go, releasing, allowing things to happen for your without resistance. This week, we're talking about ACTION. There is a big difference between letting go and releasing your attachment to an outcome, and not doing anything.

When I talk about letting go and stop resisting with clients, many will immediately jump to this next statement: well then I just need to stop doing XYZ.

A lot of us assume that letting go and releasing means doing nothing, sitting on your hands, and waiting for your wants to fall in your lap. That is not manifestation, that’s straight up magic y'all.

Releasing and letting go is not an excuse to stop going to work or studying because you think manifestation will bring you what you want without any effort.

The Law of Action states that you have to do something to achieve what you want. Manifestation is about finding that balance. Not doing too much that you’re in resistance and not releasing, and not doing too little that you’re not giving the Universe enough to work with to help you manifest what you want.

It is all about balance, balance, balance. Action AND letting go. Manifestation feels like a constant paradox because I’m a way... a paradox is balance. It is the yin and the yang.

To illustrate this concept for you, I’m going to tell you about my past week. I think it’s a good example of fighting control, not releasing, reminding myself that I’m out of alignment, letting go, and stepping into action.

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