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What is Priesthood to an Archeologist? | An Interview with Dr. Sarah Coxon

This week on the podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Sarah Coxon, an archeologist that ventured from science to spirituality as she sought a connection with the divine feminine.

Dr. Coxon shares her unique path toward spirituality after spending years in academia working on her PhD. As she searched for something ancient to answer her personal questions about spirituality, she ended up discovering a path toward priesthood. Dr. Coxon explains why it is important for each of us to explore our own path towards the divine feminine as a larger part of the human consciousness.

What is priesthood? When did women lose equality? How can we bring balance to the masculine and feminine energy within our world? How can you activate your divine feminine and reconnect with your intuition? In this episode, we cover all of these questions and more. Join us in this episode using the Podcast link below!

About Dr. Sarah Coxon

Dr. Sarah Coxon is an archaeologist turned yoga teacher, activist, author and business mentor for magical women. She helps women to live their dharma and build profitable, impactful, ethical & sustainable businesses. She is also the author of The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power & Divine Purpose, which is both a personal memoir and call to arms for any woman that feels trapped in a social cage that stifles her truest expression and longs to live an unapologetically fulfilled life.

Links to Dr. Coxon’s social media, website, and additional info is located below.

Topics Discussed

· How did Dr. Coxon end up transitioning from an archeologist to a sacred activist?

· What is a Priestess?

· Why did women lose our feminine power throughout history?

· How can we get back in touch with our feminine energy or intuition?

· Dr. Coxon’s favorite manifestation story.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

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