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What You Want to Know About Sex Therapy & Manifestation | An Interview with Susan Morgan Taylor

In this episode, I had an exciting opportunity to interview.....a SEX THERAPIST! Susan Morgan Taylor is amazingly insightful and full of great information for women (and men) seeking a stronger sexuality, spirituality, and femininity.

Press play below to learn more about tuning into the needs of your body, opening safe lines of communication with your partner, and understanding that sex is a gift that everyone can enjoy with the right tools and information.

How can you ask your partner for more during sex? How long does it take to get a woman ready for sex? Is masturbation helpful or harmful? How can women become more empowered through sex? In this episode, we cover all of these questions and more. Join us in this episode using the Podcast link below!

About Susan Morgan Taylor

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA is a holistic sex therapist, intuitive coach and specialist in women’s sexuality and feminine spirituality.

She is the founder and CEO of the Pathway to Pleasure Collective and podcast host at the Sex Talk Cafe Podcast where she is passionate about normalizing the conversation on sexuality while building a bridge between the sexual and the spiritual. Susan believes that we can change the world by how we have sex and make love and that this change begins with women. She created the Wake Up Woman! women's sexuality mentoring program as a way to empower women and couples around the world to restore intimacy, save their relationship and get back to love (without feeling like they have to self-sacrifice themselves to keep their partner happy!). More info at

You can find Susan on IG: @SusanMorganTaylor or online at Also, be sure to check out her free e-book (found on her website)!

Topics Discussed

· What is it, and why is sex therapy important for women?

· Why do we have the stereotype that women dislike sex while men love sex?

· What is the link between the sexual and the spiritual?

· What advice do you have for the person that believes their sex life is okay, but not great?

· How to communicate sexual needs with a partner.

· Do you believe in automatic sexual chemistry OR can this be learned?

· Susan’s favorite manifestation.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

For more like this, check out our podcast on iTunes or Spotify! Now live on all major podcasting platforms.

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