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Manifestation Best Practices | An Interview with Alyssa Dumas

In this episode, Alyssa and I talk about how we use manifestation throughout our everyday lives to encourage change so we can manifest things like promotions, pay increases, and so much more! Tune in to the episode using the link below if you're interested in getting to know more about different manifestation techniques, important things to work on, and how to address manifestation conversations with your spouses!

This episode will be a great refresher of topics we covered at the beginning of the podcast!

Topics discussed include:

· Manifestation tips for beginners

· How Alyssa used manifestation for a promotion

· Incorporating manifestation into your everyday activities

· The importance of limiting beliefs

· Encouraging manifestation practices in spouses

About Alyssa Dumas

Alyssa Dumas is an ADR Engineer/Mixer and a regular gal trying to follow the mindset path of manifestation to achieve her best life. She’s used manifestation to achieve different career goals, one of which being her current job in ADR at FUNimation (where she is on the team that records the actors for the English dubs of various anime titles).

Alyssa has also worked on her mindset when it comes to health, trying to help with her chronic illness, Crohn’s Disease.

Alyssa lives in Dallas with her husband and two kitties, Carmen and Salem, and is learning alongside everyone else listening to this podcast to help on her manifestation journey.

Additional links to Alyssa’s social media, website, and book are located below.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

Additional Resources Mentioned:

Twitter: @alyssadumas

Instagram: @alyssadumas_

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surkhab zahra
surkhab zahra
May 13, 2022

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