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Prioritizing Yourself | An Interview with Jon Zieve

In this episode, Jon and I get into a conversation about healing, understanding our purpose, gaining clarity, and becoming an individual who prioritizes our own needs in an effort to show up better for others.

Topics discussed include:

· How gender roles can cause stress and play a role in our health.

· How can you differentiate between burnout caused by internal vs external cues (i.e. alignment vs. over exertion)?

· What are some tips to help heal your physical pain?

· What spirituality really is.

· What is Mindscan?

About Jon Zieve

After a 34-year executive career in sales, marketing and customer service, Jon has coached clients both personally and professionally for 6+ years.

He has certifications as a Life Coach, a HeartMath Coach/Mentor, a graduate of the 9-month HeartMastery program and as a Master coach with ProAdvisorCoach (PAC). He is certified in the MindScan, a proprietary assessment tool of PAC, which uses the Nobel Prize award nominated Robert Hartman’s, Hartman Value Profile (HVP).

Jon partners with entrepreneurs, professionals (financial advisors, sales managers) and executives whose personal needs feel secondary to serving others. He believes we can't serve others the way we intend, until we are in alignment with our personal needs (dreams and goals).

His clients don't believe they can prioritize their needs/dreams while at the same time serving others. They feel they would be letting others down and therefore believe they have to make a choice because they don't know how to do both, in harmony. Jon teaches them how.

Links to Jon’s social media, website, and additional info is located below.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

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