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Energetic Mastery | An Interview with Emily Perry

In this episode, Emily and I talk about limiting beliefs, getting in touch with your emotions, your intuition, the importance of emotional energy work, the healing effects of breathwork, and so much more. Tune in to the episode using the link below if you're interested in getting to know more about finding your purpose, healing your connection with your higher self, or releasing beliefs that no longer serve you.

Get ready to kick off your 2022 with a new perspective!

Topics discussed include:

· The Four Pillars of Yoga

· Embodied emotions

· How to work on limiting beliefs

· Recognizing your conditioning versus your intuition

· Building bodily awareness

About Emily Perry

With more than twenty-five years of experience in embodiment and leadership practices, Emily is the host of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, and creates courses, trainings, and retreats steeped in energetics, embodied manifestation, & soul-aligned strategy for heart-centered entrepreneurs. As a trained Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and as a Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork Teacher Trainer & Coach, Emily is committed to empowering heart-led leaders to rock their purpose.

Known for her down-to-earth approach as well as her unique insight & deep truths, Emily takes her decades of experience and study in numerous wisdom traditions and offers accessible and real-world-ready insight. Connect with her at or on Instagram at

Additional links to Emily’s social media, website, and book are located below.


Check out this discussion in podcast form:

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