How Your Jealousy Can Help You

Let's talk jealousy. Is jealousy good or bad? Well, it depends. When used in a positive way, jealousy can be an intuitive indicator on your manifestation path. It can be a sign that you're on the RIGHT path.

And when I say jealousy, by the way, I am not talking about this in a romantic sense because I do not allow that BS in my romantic relationships. Jealousy and romantic relationships do not mix well.

I’m talking about jealousy that you experience as a result of someone else’s success or achievements. You might feel this when a friend gets a new car, engaged, a promotion, starts a successful business, or any other number of things that make you pause and notice jealousy.

According to psychologists, jealousy results from a feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, but I’ve found through my work that it is also a sign of missed opportunity and capability.

Jealousy can be a gift

And for that reason, and I’m sure most people wouldn’t agree with me when I say this, but I consider jealousy to be such a beautiful sign when you’re beginning your manifestation journey. I bet you’ve never heard of it referred to as a good thing, but here is why I think jealousy can be a positive indicator…

The beautiful thing about your experiencing jealousy means that you KNOW you’re capable of doing something, even if your ego tries to talk you out of it. The insecurity you’re feeling is more often than not because you know that you’re meant for something more, and you see someone else going after and achieving what you know deep down, you’re capable of, and what you want. It is a sign that your life is meant for something more. It is a step toward clarity.