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Turn Knowledge Into Wealth | An Interview with Kelly Campbell

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly E. Campbell, an author coach and creator of Instant Author Blueprint. Kelly is a lady boss after my own heart as an empowered woman with a unique ability to see each of her client's potential and their ability to create.

We talk about Kelly's journey as a career woman creating her own wealth, knowing when to own the title of "expert", teaching others from your own experiences, building a business from the ground up, how other women can change the trajectory of their lives, and more! Interested in learning how to become an expert? Want to know how to turn your knowledge into wealth? Love hearing stories about other women who created their own path to wealth?

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About Kelly E Campbell

Kelly E Campbell created the Instant Author Blueprint and Amazon Best Seller Coaching to help individuals embrace the power of their story, write and leverage their books for multiple income streams.

The Instant Author Blueprint is an 8-week online intensive training that helps individuals get the clarity and confidence to write & launch their best-selling books in 90 Days.

Kelly wrote her first book in 2016, when she decided she wanted to go from "part-time" speaker to full time “lady boss”.

After becoming an Amazon #1 Best Selling author, the phone started to ring with numerous speaking opportunities, media exposure, and higher-paying clients. Money plus opportunities came with ease because the book established my expertise. Kelly became obsessed with helping talented speakers, industry experts, and "would be" authors turn their passion into profit.

With 20 years' of Sales and Marketing experience and a gift for brand awareness, Kelly shows experts, like you, how to monetize their expertise, establish themselves as an authority, and build a six-figure income from their own books, programs, and services.

Connect with Kelly using any of her links below!

Topics Discussed

· Acknowledging your expertise.

· Turning knowledge into wealth.

· Owning your story.

· Kelly’s favorite manifestation stories.


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