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Feng Shui for Money

I’m pumped about today’s Fung Shui episode because this is the kind of topic that gets me jazzed. Fun fact about me, I LOVE de-cluttering, organizing, and purging. I was that weird kid that would help their friends clean their rooms because I loved it so much. I can’t get enough of it.

I’m sure there is some deep-seated connection here to my dad's hoarding, but let’s not get into that now... Cleaning calms me down and relaxes me when I'm anxious. In fact, Evan can always tell when something is wrong because I am buzzing around the house cleaning baseboards, the chandelier, fan blades, windowsills... Cleaning it my tell-tale sign of anxiety.

Naturally, shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Hoarders, Home Edit, all bring me a lot of joy. Recently, my grandpa passed away and I found myself cleaning and watching these shows AGAIN. After I was done cleaning, the house felt better. It's like some of my grief was scrubbed away. We usually keep our house pretty well organized and clean anyway, so when I ran out of things to do, I started looking into other ways to keep the energy flowing abundantly. I went into the depths of Feng Shui and started implementing some of the energy tips out there.

I’ll be honest, this is pretty new to me as of the past week so I’m still in the process of experimenting with it. That being said, placebo effect or not, the house's energy feels like it's flowing better.

Man, the 'houses energy'. Woo. If I heard myself 10 years ago... I would have laughed at myself and rolled my eyes. But I have come to believe there is something about a home’s energy. Even when I was a kid, there were people’s houses my friends and I would like to hang around more, regardless of the snacks, games, or parents. Some houses just FELT different. This was before I had any idea about manifestation, had any of thoughts on energy, etc.

Even now when I walk into someone's home, it either feels good, heavy, happy, sad.... Let's take my mom's house for example. After my parents’ divorce and after my grandpa's funeral, her house felt HEAVY. You walk through the door and it is oppressive. Even my older brother who is in the military, very skeptical, anti-spiritual everything was like "mannn.... I don't know what it is but I don't like being here". I'm just biting my tongue off to the side like I knowwww... weird, right?!

Now I'm always very careful about how our house feels. Is it inviting, cozy, does it simply "feel good"? I take great care to keep the house clean, organized, to air it out, to keep things around that I love, to cleanse the house spiritually, and even Evan will notice a change.

When I was cleaning this last time after my grandpa died, Evan was like "Can you do that purple bowl thing you do with the smoke stick? It just feels weird in the house.... something is off". I'm loving this side of him by the way. He hasn't ever cared about the spiritual stuff I've gotten into and he definitely doesn't engage with it either, so this comment was better than flowers for me.

Naturally my desire to find ways to increase your overall well-being, my passion for cleaning, and my drive to create an abundant lifestyle led me to today's topic. After hours of research for my own benefit, I was I inspired to create this episode because I knew some of y'all my might benefit from this info too. Because here is the beautiful thing, manifesting never stops. You don't get to put a timer on it and say "Yo, Universe... I'll be manifesting from the hours of 8-7 today". Nah.

You're always manifesting and the environment you live in can help you thrive or survive. Where and how you live can really impact your identity and make it easier or harder for you. And I'm not talking about whether you live in a mansion or a studio apartment, or what kind of designer shit you have, I'm talking about the pride you take in your space. Do you make time to intentionally create a space that you're proud of...? whatever that means to you.

A lot of today's info will tie really well into a previous episode I did about de-cluttering which was episode 5, so if you love this topic and want more, you can also tune into that episode for more.

Keep in mind, for this episode I researched a ton of information and there are different ideologies even within the world of Feng Shui. Regardless of whether the concepts were Eastern or Western thought, I didn't care.... I just took the tips that resonates with me the most. If the info spoke to creating abundance and got me excited, I included it. And on that same note, there are a lot of guidelines and rules that were discussed that I'm omitting because I don’t agree with them. I think ultimately intention matters more than anything else, so use this as a foundation and feel free to explore more about this practice for yourself to see what might work well for you.

Let's get into the most important Feng Shui tip and the three money centers in your house that will help you attract more abundance and wealth if maintained well.


The first and most important rule about Feng Shui, if you do nothing else, I talk about today, is to de-clutter. Get rid of things that do not bring you joy, that you do not use, that cause you anxiety to look at, or have sat in a pile without a home for too long. You know the homeless items I'm talking about... maybe it's that stack of towels in the laundry room that you don't know what to do with, or the stack of old magazines that you're not sure where to put and can't seem to let go, or the weird drawer that has everything from post-its, to batteries, to old ketchup packets, and chopsticks. GET RID.

Clutter DRAINS you of your positive energy and it makes the energy in your home stagnant and stale. This is why de-cluttering is the biggest and most important aspect to Feng Shui. If the energy can’t move, if it has nowhere to go, or if it is constantly generating negative vibes, the other tips I'll mention won't accomplish much. The energy, or the Chi, has to flow for these tips to be effective.

So, de-clutter. And once you do, here are the 3 main areas of the home to focus onto increase wealth and abundance.

The Kitchen

The first area to focus on for creating abundance is the kitchen. The kitchen, your table, counter tops, the inside of the fridge, etc. keep it all clean. Your kitchen area holds the hearth of the home—your stove. This space is strongly linked to your financial wealth AND your health.

The MOST important part to keep clean within the kitchen is your oven. Yep, that thing you probably cleaned once... or never. Not just the top of the stove, but also the inside and the warming drawer underneath that you probably use as storage space. If there is any part of the oven that is broken, fix it! In the world of Feng Shui, a broken oven is bad luck. In fact, there is so much written about the importance of having a really clean and fully functioning stove for financial abundance, that I stopped writing this episode to go clean my oven. I'll let y'all know how that turns out...

If you really want to lean into this oven theory, be sure to avoid using broken pots, pans, or utensils as you cook as well to ensure that you're not cooking with negative chi. And, be sure to use all of the burners equally instead of just your favorite burner. Any other top right burner lovers out there? According to Feng Shui, you should use your back burners just as often as the front burners to maintain a healthy balance of energy within your finances.

One Feng Shui expert I follow said she had a client that had a broken knob that experienced a lot of bad luck that totally flipped around once she replaced the knob. I don't want to steal her thunder, so I will try to find that story and link it for y'all in the show notes if there is interest.

Financial Command Center

The next important area to keep clean and organized are your money areas; the first money area is the room, desk, or table where you manage your finances. The second money area is the place where the Feng Shui map, or the Bagua, determines your wealth.

Let’s start with where you handle your finances. This area is your command area for your wealth. This is where you determine your past investments and your future purchases. Whether you pay your bills should always be kept clean and organized. And, do not keep old receipts and bills co-mingled with your finances. If you can, scan them into your computer and get rid of them OR create a binder specifically for old receipts and bills if you need them for taxes. But, make sure you keep it organized and looking good. You don’t want receipts and bills flying out of the binder, looking messy, and causing you dread every time you look at it. They create stagnant energy when they become clutter, so keep them clear of your other wealth.

Bagua Map of Wealth

Standing at your front door and facing your home/apartment/room, the back left corner is your money area. The Bagua map breaks up your home into 9 squares with each area of your house representing the health of a particular area in your life. There is a wealth corner, career, relationships, travel, etc. and the back left corner is the money corner! I'll include an image of this map in the show notes to help you locate this and other areas of your home. Here are some tips to help you generate abundance using your money area:

  1. Leave something purple on this area to signify abundance. If purple doesn’t match your decor, it can even be a piece of tape inside or a drawer or a purple dot drawn underneath a shelf. Feel free to get creative!

  2. Create a money bowl

  3. Place plants in this area to signify prosperity and luck.

  4. Keep this space de-cluttered and organized

  5. Keep this space clean

  6. If this room goes unused, the energy will become stagnant around your wealth. Find ways to activate this room and make it more usable and loved to increase abundance

  7. If this room is a bathroom, it is especially important to keep the lid of your toilet closed. Actually, you should do this with all toilets in your house because toilets are known in the Feng Shui world to drain positive energy. So, if your back left room is a bathroom, be especially careful to leave the toilet lid down to prevent a literal flushing of your money energy.

Now you know the best way to introduce abundant energy into your home—de-clutter and keep your money centers clean. There is a whole lot more to cover on the Feng Shui topic, but I hope this gets you started in the right direction. If you love this topic and you want more episodes like this, let me know and I’ll work to include more of these episodes in the future!

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and I will catch y'all next Money. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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