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Diving into the Stories of Finding Our Wings, Part 3, an Interview with Cindy Villanueva

Tune in to the podcast episode below as Bre interviews her third guest and co-author (Cindy Villanueva) of the book, Finding Our Wings—now available on Amazon (link below)!

All month, Bre will be hosting co-authors from this book to gain perspective on their different contributing stories. In her discussion with Cindy, we dive into her story of resilience, strength, courage, and her ability to counter limiting beliefs with words of love and positivity—for herself and for others.

About Cindy Villanueva:

Cindy is the founder and principal of Knockout Marketing Strategies, a boutique marketing communications agency specializing in personal and corporate brand

strategy, executive speaker coaching, and employee communication and culture. She is the owner and 6th degree black belt master instructor of Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts, a mixed-martial arts studio in Austin. Cindy holds a bachelor’s degree in Management and Ethics from William Jessup University in California and an MBA from Concordia University Texas, where she is also an adjunct professor in the College of Business and Communications. She is the co-author of Finding Your Wings and is a frequent speaker on women in business and leadership issues. Cindy splits her time between Austin, TX and New Smyrna Beach, FL. She is the mother of four and grandmother of two.

You can find Cindy on IG or online at (also linked below): @KnockoutMrktg

Finding Our Wings Summary:

Despair, excruciating emotional pain, and loss—and yet glorious triumph. After an initial failed attempt to bring this book to life at the hands of a self-proclaimed business coach, this group of entrepreneurs felt as if their wings had been clipped. But what to do? Once again they embraced the lessons contained in this book—stories of grit, determination, redemption, and joy—this group of seven women followed their burning desire to let their voices be heard and now share with you the book you hold in your hands. They have taken their personal tragedies and transformed them into fuel for takeoff—for their businesses and their lives. Like the mythical phoenix, each of these women has endured her own flames of destruction and yet found within them a rebirth of new identity and the strength to rise. They offer you this collection of stories as a reminder of the light within you to overcome the darkness and reclaim your power.

Where to find your copy, and how to support, Finding Our Wings:

To purchase your Kindle copy, please click here. If you wish to get a paperback, please *also* purchase the Kindle version too, as that will help our ranking and visibility on Amazon. We want these stories to go as far and wide as we can, so we can help other women find their strength and voice, while also helping women who are in dire situations.

All proceeds from the Kindle and paperback book sales will be donated to nonprofit organizations devoted to ending the sexual trafficking of children and women. These organizations rescue and provide physical, mental, and emotional recovery so these women and girls can find hope and freedom again.

Check out this discussion in podcast form:

For more like this, check out our podcast on iTunes or Spotify! Now live on all major podcasting platforms.

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