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8 Ways to Increase Your Vibe

On our journey to becoming master manifestors, we need to be mindful of our vibration AT ALL TIMES. We're human, so we're going to experience moments of low vibrations throughout our days. A manifestation mindset does NOT mean that you never allow yourself to experience the downs. Instead, a manifestation mindset is about the ability to get back on track and increase your vibe as soon as you're ready, so that you can realign with the high vibe frequency that makes attracting the things you want, possible.

With that, let's jump into the tips I have for you that will help you increase your frequency so you can manifest your best MF life.

8 Tips to Raise Your Vibration

Express gratitude

Everyday think of 3-5 things that you're grateful for to get a shot of positive vibrations. If you're having a moment of disappointment, stop and remind yourself of all of the wonderful things you have. If you're really feeling low vibe and it is difficult to see the incredible things you have in life, then start with the little things. It took millions of years for us to develop into these intelligent beings that are capable of breathing air, experiencing touch, knowing love, and witnessing nature's gifts like sunsets, sunrises, thunderstorms, etc. Start with life's given gifts and see what else you can add to the list.

Get active

We know exercise increases endorphins, keeps us healthy, and promotes a good mood, but it ALSO helps us move out the bad energy. Have you ever taken a yoga class and heard about the areas of your body that store negative energies? This is why getting active is important! Getting your blood and body moving promotes the removal of this negative energy. Are you experiencing back pain, neck pain, shoulder tightness, etc? These are signs of stored negative energy caused by stress, anxiety, grief, and other negative emotions. Help your body clear this out to instantly feel more high vibe.

Show kindness

Be genuine and think of a way you can improve someone's day today; however, don't do this is you're ONLY doing it to increase your vibe. Be kind if it is in alignment with the kind of person you want to be and the vibration you want to have. The Universe cannot be manipulated, so you need to come from a place of love when doing this. How can you make one person's life a little easier today? People that truly change the world are those that do one small act of kindness everyday for someone else. Get creative and do something that makes you feel wonderful. This will help you increase your vibration instantly.

Go outside

Get your ass outside. You heard (read?) me! You want to increase your vibe? Go sit in a park, on a beach, or wherever your favorite spot is outside and breathe in the abundant life around you. Most of us spend 90% of our lives inside, so get outside and get connected with nature. This will help you get grounded and in touch with the source of the Universe.

Eat high vibe food

The food you eat matters. Where is your food from? What kind of life did it have before you consumed it? If what you're eating has a very low vibration, you will inherit this vibration on an energetic level. I'm not a vegetarian and want to refrain from judging people based on their eating preferencesand I hope you do the same. However, if you want to increase your vibration, stay away from junk food, alcohol, inhumanely sourced meat, or even mass produced GMO vegetables that have been laced with chemicals. All food has energy and therefore life. I don't care if the food you're eating is plant based or animal based, in my mind.... it is all the same source of energy. Make sure that energy is positive.

Use positive words

Words spoken are energy... and they’re thoughts created and identities written. Words manifest your reality too, so shy away from negative comments and words. This means not engaging in gossip, complaining, jealousy, speaking badly about someone, or even belittling yourself. Many of us, myself included, can't help but fall into the patterns of engaging in social self-deprecation. It reminds me of that scene in Mean Girls where they're all standing in front of a mirror pointing out their flaws. When Cady doesn't join in initially, it's clear they think she's full of herself. Do not allow yourself to fall into this habit and don’t let you friends do this either! If you have a friend group that expects this of you—find a new friend group.

Let’s get in the habit of correcting ourselves and our friends. Let's re-teach ourselves to speak love to ourselves instead of hate. Let’s not encourage or enable this kind of behavior so we can do better than what we were taught. This includes telling yourself what you "can't do". Change this narrative to focus on all of the wonderful things you "can do". Your positive words will speak your way into alignment with the Universe.

Drink water

Drinking water is incredibly healthy. Not soda, not tea, not coffee, not sparkling water.....just water. Consuming water daily with help brighten your skin, prevent wrinkles, help you recover from workouts faster, reduce your junk food cravings, AND it can even help reduce your menstrual cramps..... I know that is probably TMI for some, but I'm all about desensitizing the discussion around women's periods. We're 50% of the population and shouldn't have to be ashamed of this subject. Drink more water and help your period do the work more easily and comfortably for you. See the additional resources below to find a link that will help you calculate how much water your body needs a day!


Meditating is probably one of the most important things on this list....and for me, it is also one of the hardest to do. Meditation is the act and process of finding the frequency of the Universe and connecting with it. While it is challenging at first, you will be so rewarded once you're able to find this connection. After consistent practice, you will be able to find this frequency more easily, more quickly. But, it takes time.

Honestly? I'm still working to find this frequency, but if I'm being totally real with myself....I haven't adopted a consistent meditation schedule either. We're growing together....! I'm committed to making this a consistent practice with you. So, let's start making meditation a priority.

I hope you found these tips helpful as you work to realign your energy. If you participate in adopting these tips, please tag me on IG and FB @Modernmanifestation so I can see what you're up to!

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