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Language of Your Money (Money Mindset Series Pt 3)

This week we continue our Money Mindset Series and our topic of getting into an energetic alignment with money. If you are new to my show, welcome welcome! This post is part 3 out of 4 to my money manifestation series. If you haven’t already, go back and listen to the first 2 episodes before jumping back into this one.

For the rest of my MoMa fam, thank you thank you for continuing to spend your valuable time with me! I love seeing how many of you are tuning in each week, sharing these episodes, and reaching out. It makes me feel so MF grateful to share your time with you.

So far in this series we’ve covered limiting beliefs around money and having a positive relationship with debt, now we’re going to talk about the importance of money literacy.

Having an understanding or and speaking the language of your money...I’m talking about having a general idea of how it works—your finances.

I’m not asking if you can go build a cash flow analysis in excel using shortcuts...I’m asking if you can have a general discussion about money—about equity, stocks, interest rates, revenue, net income, gross income, return on investment, etc.

Can you speak the same language as your money? And, how much time have you really invested in this relationship?

If you had a friend who spoke Japanese and you spoke English, and neither of you spoke the other language, how close could you become and how quickly? If that friend then made an attempt to learn English, but you made no effort to return the favor and learn at least a few phrases in Japanese, that relationship would feel one sided to the other person. And, to some extent, that relationship will be limited. It’s the same idea with your money.

If you want a relationship with it, you need to make an effort to speak its language, to at least try some sense of fluency.

So I ask again, how knowledgeable are you about your money? Remember what we said about respect for it. Are you showing your money respect by staying interested in it? Showing it care and attention by learning it’s language so you can communicate in flow? We all throw the word “flow” around as if it will instantly get us there...but what does that actually mean? Being in flow means connecting, understanding.

This skill or fluency does not require a finance degree, certificate, or any sort of formal training. You can grasp the basics of money through endless free resources.

Spend some time on YouTube, reading articles, finding books, listening to podcasts…. on money. It’s not hard, but it might be new to you and that’s okay. We all start at ground zero. I've included some links below to help.

Again, you don’t have to go take any finance courses, and understanding money isn’t hard if you learn it in a way that works for you. There is so much free content on this topic online! Spend some time getting familiar.

Wouldn’t your friend be ecstatic if you all the suddenly learned some basic Japanese and could then get to know them a little better in return? Your friend would be thrilled! Your money will be too.

We all talk about wanting more wealth, but how many of us take an active role with it? I can’t stress this enough.... if you want to have a positive and respectful relationship with money...learn its language. Your money is always asking you what you want, it’s your turn to ask it how it works. Be a good friend and invest time with it.

Show your money care and attention. Work to understand it and it will open the floodgates of abundance.

To manifest more money into your life, you need to become your own personal CFO. You need to know how your money works for you. How it could work for you.

In addition to learning the language of your money, you also need to apply this to your own financial understanding. Become aware of your needs and educate yourself on your budget like a CFO.

How much money does your lifestyle require each month? How much do you earn each month? What are your quarterly and annual projections? Your net revenue versus your gross revenue? How in control of your financial picture are you?

Become an expert in your financial planning. Become proactive about it and watch it grow under your attention.

If you haven’t already, start by spending some time this month figuring out how much you need to have each month, and then determine how much you’re spending each month. This is not scarcity, by the way, money planning is a positive thing. It allows you to cultivate an understanding of and plan for your money. It’s being intentional, thoughtful, showing care. I’m not telling you to minimize where it is going in the process—simply to know the what, where, and when. Own this part of your journey and you will be coming from a place of being proactive instead of reactive.

Maybe you’re managing your money (which I like to say instead of budgeting) and realizing that you ARE out of balance somewhere. Now you have the ability to correct this imbalance! You can now operate from a place of knowing, of empowerment. You can’t correct what is hidden from you. And, avoiding it all together is only going to make things more negative for you.

When reviewing, you might be surprised! You could have a few memberships that you haven’t used in a year, or maybe you’re subscribed to too many streaming services and you don’t really watch that much TV, or maybe you just de-cluttered your closet and realize that you no longer want to have money set aside for your wardrobe.

Do you ever just stop and ask yourself where all of your money is going? Managing your money allows you to be mindful and attentive. It allows you to make empowered decisions and plans. It is so much more freeing and stress free when you know where you are and where you’re going financially. AND, you will be much less overwhelmed about money if you’re able to be proactive and make appropriate corrections or plans.

Not taking responsibility for your money is like walking out of your house without any plans, bags, or keys and hoping you somehow get to Italy. You might! But it will take longer and give you more resistance that you probably want.

The worst mistake you can make is procrastinating your money management and then looking at your bank account from a place of scarcity and hoping for the best.

Money management cultivates more abundance. Living in fear or avoiding your financial situation has you operating from a place of scarcity. Like, "Maybe if I don’t look it won’t be that bad"...(but it would).

I used to play victim to my own finances. I would avoid them all month until I had to pay bills and then at the last minute I would pay them and think something like “there goes that pay check!” Or “goes as soon as it comes”! I was stuck in a revolving door of scarcity and it’s all I focused on when I managed my money.... no wonder I struggled to manifest more wealth when I first began my manifestation journey!

I could manifest all the freebies in the world, and I definitely was, but I wasn’t manifesting more cash, money, wealth. I got free hotels, an Apple Watch, gift cards galore, random rebates, coupons, but I could not manifest actual cash for awhile. I couldn’t do this because I was playing victim. I was coming from a place of scarcity with my money.

I was operating in a world where I felt like such a fraud. Everyone around me was born into wealth and I was faking it until I made it. I was still buying my secondhand Michael Kors and Calvin Klein from thrift stores and there was a large part of me that resented the wealth of those around me for it. I had reoccurring thoughts like “if only I were born wealthy”, “if only my parents could have paid for my college”, “I bet they could afford Abercrombie and Hollister in high school”, “if only I XYZ”. Those limiting beliefs we talked about in part one of this series plagued me, but I also wasn’t owning my financial picture or planning. I was avoiding.

I was coming from a mindset of lack, lack, lack; operating from a place of scarcity. I hadn’t even stopped to take a moment to be grateful for any of it. How fortunate that I could buy secondhand Michael Kors. I fortunate that I could afford to fake it to some extent.

I didn’t manifest more actual money until I learned to let all of this go. And stopped letting my money problems happen to me. I took ownership of my thoughts and my money management and I assume the role of CFO. That was the year I made my first six-figures. And since then, I’ve made more every year I’m able to call myself a multi-six figure earner, a half a million dollar earner, on my way to becoming that 7 figure idea of wealth that I know is coming.

Learn from my mistakes, always cultivate a positive relationship with your money. Money management shows respect and care. It allows you to know and witness your wealth growing as you manifest more. Otherwise, you may not be able to see the progress you’ve made! So then you can’t celebrate it!

In addition to knowing how much you’re spending and receiving every month, what are your annual opportunities for spending? What tax bracket are you in and what are those implications? What vacations are you interested in taking? What are your investment goals long term? Plan for the short and long term goals. A real CFO is looking 1, 5, 10 years out....why aren’t you?

As an example of this, I’ve become much more aware of our budgeting for and planning of our upcoming taxes each year. Not only have I learned the ins and outs of paying our annual taxes, but last year as we paid our annual taxes, I noticed that we went up another tax bracket. Instead of being frustrated that we had to pay more because of our income, I looked at this as an opportunity to say THANK YOU.

I am so thankful to the universe and to my money for being in a place where I GET to spend that money. You might think that sounds crazy, but I’m genuinely excited! This tax is a direct representation of the great financial year we had. I’m so lucky that I get to pay those taxes because it represents something so positive.

I could have easily bitched and moaned about the “bill”, right? Or what I call “my outflow investments”, but that would have lowered my vibration and told money to stop flowing to me. That would have disrespected my relationship with wealth. Like I said in last week’s podcast, you can’t want the wealth, but hate the other things that come with it.

This brings me to my last point about money management which ties into last week’s topic. Your relationship and comfortability with giving money away, letting it go in flow. Are you truly living abundantly? Are you including a line item for giving in your monetary planning? How often are you giving? Have you planned or thought about an amount of money you would like to set aside each year for donations?

Living abundantly means being in flow and outflow, being generous, not living from a place of scarcity. In my mind, giving is one of the most abundant things you can do.

Anytime I give cash to people in need while driving or walking downtown, the people I’m with almost always have some sort of reason why they don’t like to do that...”I read online that x% of homeless people are frauds”, “I’ve read online that the average person makes XYX per year panhandling”, “they’re just going to use it for drugs and alcohol”, “I’ve read this, that, the other”. I.don’ My energetic connection with that person ends with my giving the money to them, and that is always a positive. What they use it for is their prerogative.

You’re welcome to disagree with me on this, but to me....very few in this world would ask to beg for money in order to survive. I’m not going to punish the few that have swallowed their pride to do this because of the percentage that are frauds. I know they could be frauds, but that doesn’t mean that they may need the money more than I do. They could have a home, cars, TVs, but if they’re still out there begging....they’re still in scarcity. Maybe they’re trying to stay afloat, have huge medical bills, have to choose between that home or their cancer treatment and pan handling is their solution. I don’t care. My generosity will give them a bit if abundance in their lives and maybe that is all they need to do better.

I once had to interview homeless people in college while working on a project in school. We were going to be redesigning the homeless shelter and giving our ideas to the actual shelter it was based off of once we were done, so they could use the ideas.

When I began the interviews, I had the same excuses as others as to why I didn't donate to homeless people directly. It took the story of one gentlemen to realize how important giving would be to me.

This gentleman moved here with all the remaining money he had to live with a friend. His housing accommodations fell through, and without an address he couldn't secure a job. He ended up homeless. He finally found a gas station teller that was willing to give him some money every day to sweep the areas around the pumps. He saved up his money for a hotel every now and again, but he always made sure to have money for his cell phone bill.

Out of all the things he needed to pay for...I asked him, "Why a cell phone?". His answer shocked me... he didn't want his son to know that he was homeless. It was important to him that his son was proud of him. By maintaining his cell phone, he could maintain the illusion that he was doing well. I was immediately humbled. I climbed off of my pedestal. I began to be a person who gave without judgement.

I say all of this to remind you that giving is never negative if you’re coming from a place of love and abundance. That is all that is required of you. What they do with the abundance you give them is not a part of your energetic exchange with is theirs.

And, when you really understand how to be in flow with money, when you give will receive more. You will manifest back what you put out into the world. To that end, do not give with the intent of receiving back because that is scarcity and that won’t help.... only give from a place of love and abundance.

Every year Evan and I set aside a very specific percentage of our money for non-profits and service organizations that we’re passionate about. We also set aside extra so that we may be generous in our day to day lives. I carry cash with me for homeless. I tip my baristas very well, every day. We always pay 20% or more when we order food, even if we pick it up ourselves...if we get a special service like a massage, energy healing, pedicure, then we tip well then too. And, I don’t care if I ever see that money again. I am coming from a place of love and generosity. And as a result, the paradox is that I know it will come back.

To Evan and I, it is so important to be generous with our money. It is a strong value of ours. It is a way for us to pay it forward. Even when we were struggling right out of college, we always knew we had something to give. Both of us come from families where giving was taught early on and we’ve made a conscious effort to continue this value in our marriage. We make sure it remains a priority by including this in our budgeting.

To me, nothing gets me feeling more high vibe than helping someone else. Nothing makes me feel more abundant. If you’re able to, surprise one of your regular service providers with a larger tip. Instead of $2 tip for your coffee, why not $20? $100? See how that person bursts with radiance when gifted. That energetic frequency, for a moment, is shared by you both.

There is a saying that goes something like this, “those who give, receive in return”. As you manifest more wealth, and even before, it is important to remain in flow. A part of that is stepping into the role of someone who in turn does good things with their money. You then get to help the Universe bestow abundance on other people. It may not move the needle much for you, but it could be a game changer for them. Allow the Universe to work through you when you feel inspired to give more.

To recap today, become a better friend to your money. Learn to speak its language and grasp a general understanding of how it works. Become your own CFO. Manage your money proactively and always be aware of the entire picture of wealth. Create line items for everything in your life, including giving. Those who give, receive.

Thank y’all so much for hanging out with me today! If you found this post helpful, pleaseeee please please share this post with friends and family.

I will catch y’all next Monday with the 4th and final part of this money mindset series. Until then, go out there and manifest some miracles.


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