Language of Your Money (Money Mindset Series Pt 3)

This week we continue our Money Mindset Series and our topic of getting into an energetic alignment with money. If you are new to my show, welcome welcome! This post is part 3 out of 4 to my money manifestation series. If you haven’t already, go back and listen to the first 2 episodes before jumping back into this one.

For the rest of my MoMa fam, thank you thank you for continuing to spend your valuable time with me! I love seeing how many of you are tuning in each week, sharing these episodes, and reaching out. It makes me feel so MF grateful to share your time with you.

So far in this series we’ve covered limiting beliefs around money and having a positive relationship with debt, now we’re going to talk about the importance of money literacy.

Having an understanding or and speaking the language of your money...I’m talking about having a general idea of how it works—your finances.

I’m not asking if you can go build a cash flow analysis in excel using shortcuts...I’m asking if you can have a general discussion about money—about equity, stocks, interest rates, revenue, net income, gross income, return on investment, etc.

Can you speak the same language as your money? And, how much time have you really invested in this relationship?

If you had a friend who spoke Japanese and you spoke English, and neither of you spoke the other language, how close could you become and how quickly? If that friend then made an attempt to learn English, but you made no effort to return the favor and learn at least a few phrases in Japanese, that relationship would feel one sided to the other person. And, to some extent, that relationship will be limited. It’s the same idea with your money.

If you want a relationship with it, you need to make an effort to speak its language, to at least try some sense of fluency.

So I ask again, how knowledgeable are you about your money? Remember what we said about respect for it. Are you showing your money respect by staying interested in it? Showing it care and attention by learning it’s language so you can communicate in flow? We all throw the word “flow” around as if it will instantly get us there...but what does that actually mean? Being in flow means connecting, understanding.